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  1. PHP including and linking
  2. im wondering how to do .php?id=1
  3. Making Game. When you click on the map it is 10% chance you get a monster, how?
  4. decode html analogs of symbols
  5. PHP Date Difference Function?
  6. Help with a form processor.
  7. What is wrong with this?
  8. Convert File Extentions for Uploads
  9. Var = Var in UPDATE
  10. $_GET['page'] but in 2 folders
  11. check against 2 sql queries?
  12. What does <?=$something?> mean?
  13. displaying error messages
  14. Stop PHP from rounding up
  15. cURL/Fill in input values in backend!?!?
  16. String with hexidecimal in it
  17. Calculating a Countdown
  18. Image Upload c/w Resize & Thumbnail
  19. Php/Mysql Retrieve
  20. What is wrong with this currency code
  21. http_put_file
  22. Blogroll Error
  23. storing values from a URL into a string
  24. Deny another page's access
  25. case insensitive in array
  26. Doing if statements based on part of a string
  27. Trouble Bookmarking PHP Page
  28. Browser/PC Functions
  29. Error while trying code from w3schools.com
  30. gd displaying random symbols instead of png
  31. Server can't use/see what's after the .php?!
  32. Looking for PHP code to build a calendar from a MySQL DB
  33. Compute time difference / time_since
  34. PHP Gallery Script (There's alot info in the post)
  35. I have to add an image from a folder - IMG SRC the database
  36. replace space with &nbsp;
  37. what user information we can get via php scripts when visit website
  38. Delete a db entry after a certain amount of time.
  39. How do I fill textboxes?
  40. PHP page for add/delete email address to text file not working
  41. recursive array calculations
  42. How to read .NET DLL through PHP
  43. Problem with Sphider
  44. why isn't this database list page not working?
  45. can someone help me,plezz,urgent
  46. Deleting items that are checked
  47. PHP/MySQL character encoding
  48. regex replace
  49. Hotmail new message class?
  50. preg replace problem
  51. Problem with mysql and tables in a php user script
  52. Fopen, write, on file questons and problem.
  53. Help with image output, one image missing!
  54. syntax of sprintf
  55. Datagrid Order By
  56. Pagination Puzzler?
  57. how to process nested arrays from and to specified level depths?
  58. $_POST['submit'] not getting set
  59. Error and i don't understand.
  60. How would I create a form that uploads things to a webpage?
  61. can someone please check my code?
  62. PHP - script - help
  63. fopen() headache
  64. how to show details when passing ID
  65. Hiring a PHP coder with security knowledge. What to look for?
  66. how do i request.querystring in php
  67. Navigate script to specific web address
  68. If else
  69. MySQL data to PDF using PHP
  70. Need a calculator help!
  71. Echoing the 32 character session id
  72. NEED ANSWER! Don't know what is happening
  73. How to get total no. of rows in PHP. I'm not using mysql.
  74. Link New thread
  75. Having problems with split()
  76. not echoing selected date in db
  77. RESOLVE - array_splice problem.
  78. PHP SQL complex condition builder
  79. Booking Form Help
  80. How do I pass QUERYSTRING VARIABLES from page to page without a FORM?
  81. "Undefined index:" in form.
  82. Broken image when called from DB
  83. php mail validation
  84. How do websites that use no extensions work?
  85. Quick Question - Slow loading php
  86. PHP dynamic titles
  87. need an answer really quick
  88. image upload only 1/2 working
  89. Calculating the difference between two dates.
  90. PHP Login Script QUESTION
  91. Hiding embeded videos urls?
  92. AJAX and mysql_real_escape_string
  93. Integrating phpBB into my Website
  94. Quick Question
  95. Paginating
  96. looping problem
  97. GD and Force Download
  98. Rooting Or Indexing
  99. Desperately need help to fix this upload script
  100. design pattern for this case ??
  101. Please help, stupid here
  102. Need Help Getting Userlist Script To Show Pages Users Are On
  103. confusing search
  104. FORM - send image in different table then datas
  105. IF Statement Evaluates TRUE always
  106. script to show images in my message :P
  107. Viewing ALL threads.
  108. clearing textbox
  109. default image not working?
  110. securing form submitting to database
  111. Spam issue
  112. t_string error
  113. Help on inserting values into 2 tables at once
  114. $Row
  115. Sort (date & size) listing of dir.
  116. dmwr mx 2004:avoid bar to display or not non secure items
  117. displayin image in message when :) = image ... not working in script ??
  118. Adding Thread help (Forum)
  119. PHP Login/Registration Script
  120. using $_get will not work need help
  121. undefined index?
  122. How do i assign a database record to a variable?
  123. only show records for the user logged in
  124. why i could not print value?
  125. Database Abstraction
  126. backend in MVC pattern ??
  127. how I restrict the upload speed for FREE USERS
  128. Recursive Remove Question
  129. What does this error mean?
  130. File upload issue
  131. Unique_array not outputting
  132. understanding encryption
  133. question about validation and sql injection
  134. Will this curl snippet work with most web host php configs?
  135. Parse error: parse error, unexpected $?
  136. Can anyone help with this tell a friend script please ?
  137. trouble starting apache at home!
  138. any way to get UPS service availability for a zipcode?
  139. parse error for emailform
  140. Non-static method X should not be called statically?!
  141. a different pagination but it does not run
  142. It is automatically inserting slashes in front of " ?
  143. Can someone simplify this error_reporting code?
  144. Nesting ifs with specific values taken from mysql
  145. error in mySQL
  146. I'm getting a Parse Error that I just can't figure out
  147. refreshing page
  148. validating email address not working
  149. error please help
  150. session of username, Firstname is blank
  151. Using $_GET method in an iframe?
  152. MySQL syntax error???
  153. store username and use in protected pages to display
  154. redirecting a page when wrong user and pass
  155. Syntax error for PHP HELP!!!!
  156. unexpected $end
  157. PHP error I think not sure (regards php forum and php chat room)
  158. else...else...if
  159. PHP: Possible to have it open Firefox Window TABS?
  160. Quick question about "mt_rand(Start,Total);"
  161. Banner weighting ?
  162. Stats Tracking With Image
  163. php to javascript
  164. Help getting started with a PHP app...
  165. session problem
  166. frustration!!!
  167. Help with changing font of image generated by php
  168. language .best way.
  169. Help!
  170. help with form
  171. PHP question or not?
  172. A few questions - abit stuck
  173. click link and insert into db
  174. Increasing Session length
  175. expecting ','?
  176. Disabeling login / Setting login = always true
  177. Array help
  178. headers already sent error.
  179. list database contents
  180. url rewrite regex help ??
  181. form validation using php
  182. 'Secure e-mail' form?
  183. How IPB Shortens URL's
  184. Store (and then retrieve) a variable in Drupal/PHP page
  185. PHP MediaWiki Bot
  186. problem with code - beginner need help
  187. PHP eding another PHP file
  188. learning php
  189. eaccelerator files goes where ? &
  190. MySQL phpmyadmin or no?
  191. big problem with array and global switch
  192. Securing a database
  193. validating textarea using php
  194. adding a space between records?
  195. echo a link
  196. How to stop round() displaying result as exponential
  197. starting PHP - basic help required please
  198. Character set problem, can anybody guide me.
  199. common database sharing?
  200. Calling Remote Flash Game URL Using CURL
  201. Please Help
  202. users online script trouble
  203. Level/If/Else Help
  204. RegEx to remove everything but numbers
  205. Multiple Form Processing
  206. Cookies...
  207. formating question
  208. Free PHP/MySQL hosts
  209. Newsletter unsubscribe security
  210. Problem: Page url and date is printed automatically when i print a page.
  211. comment area
  212. Best way to extract database array
  213. CHMOD'ing a file when uploading it?
  214. How do I Submit data without form?
  215. PHP error in Apache error log -Advice needed
  216. time deletion
  217. Rewrite a url in a string http://www. ???
  218. Pull information from google news feed
  219. $_GET with value of 0?
  220. zip a file and stream
  221. Sign Up and Log In Forms
  222. My PHP gallery not working, problem with explode.
  223. blob image problem
  224. Detecting colors in an image
  225. how to record that some emails have been read
  226. Exploit Please Help
  227. Form upload issues - won't work on larger files (not sure why)
  228. problem positioning..
  229. php + ajax username check
  230. moving value to other page via link
  231. Value not returning
  232. Array Values in function
  233. Query not retrieving more than one value from a field
  234. escape wiht <<<EOF ?
  235. File upload issue
  236. Hit counter on thumbnail problem.
  237. Only Display a certain amount of words with a View more button after how?
  238. How to Combine Multiple HTML Page together?
  239. cant get my echo to work
  240. Find The Location of Website Users
  241. restricting access
  242. Live Price Changes :S
  243. login not working :S
  244. Single & double quotes problem when using AJAX inplace editor
  245. adding user as a friend
  246. Deny certain email domains?
  247. calculation
  248. Urgent help required !
  249. "Save as" dialog box
  250. Unregistered SESSION Variables

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