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  1. how to avoid multiples of 10?
  2. Display last 5 Modified Pages
  3. My Mail Headers aren't working
  4. Sort a Numbering System with Dashes in It
  5. structuring a table in a while loop
  6. PHP GET id help
  7. Display error/thanks DIV after form submitted
  8. Sign-Up Form help/suggestion
  9. GD variable with spaces(" ") please
  10. Simple Forum
  11. php parse error
  12. php parse error
  13. UPDATE statement not working correctly
  14. Checking time/date for older then 60 days
  15. error include url
  16. Basic string question
  17. Solution, simple cart, Payment Gateway Api,
  18. Server configuration gives problem with am/pm
  19. save a page
  20. Insert contact form in website
  21. Using a Form to create a page or a list of outputs?
  22. Php Error ( Help needed )
  23. User Upload System (and more!)
  24. PHP and fetching from a relational database
  25. Question about Cron Jobs
  26. problem with mail function
  27. Remove part of a string using // as a delimiter
  28. Send SMTP Mail With Gmail
  29. Help with Chmod
  30. Flat file array, replace 3rd key value based on itself.
  31. reCaptcha - close but no cigar???
  32. contact form error
  33. Groupping one of the value multi assoc array using another as group factor
  34. preg_match? how to read within the td tags
  35. Generating the gradiented TXT with imagettftext, can't make it look smooth
  36. Set POST data manually in php?
  37. question about script programming please .
  38. Most secure way to check uploaded file size and type
  39. array default value
  40. drop down forum is only working once
  41. accessing variable value
  42. not recognising a variable?!
  43. IF statement in PHP?
  44. Curl + Cookies
  45. Problem with breaking lines(nl2br)
  46. problem with function readgzfile
  47. Sessions, Cache and Forms
  48. questions about using include() in php
  49. Calling javascript function in php
  50. Get a blog and forum to use the same account
  51. static html with php help!
  52. Uploading to another server??
  53. Junk appearing in variable via mail
  54. Run mysql file...
  55. Hit Counter Resetting
  56. Executing a php file from other location other than htdocs.
  57. Calling a class then echo'ing it in a function
  58. eDirectory (LEGAL)
  59. highlight a word in php
  60. eDirectory
  61. Hoping you dudes know what connect.php is =0
  62. Trying to change the value of a constant based on screen resolution
  63. PHP code help please
  64. redirecting page
  65. Filtering Categories
  66. PHP Login/Signup Form Script Issue
  67. Duplicating Results
  68. Array data to MySQL
  69. RESOLVED: Problem with a .jpeg extension where .jpg works OK in a PHP/ Mysql gallery
  70. PHP or CGI?
  71. Daily update to PHP page
  72. File get contents from RSS feed help required!Please
  73. php with Adobe Flex
  74. if else statement not working?!
  75. Escaping Strings Question
  76. Help with creating files in PHP
  77. Checking id in database for match
  78. Generating Images in Japanese >.<
  79. Php Form Issue With Migration To Php5
  80. Cms System/accounts Page, How To Create
  81. return strings within a string
  82. Generate Standings Based on Results Table in MYSQL DB
  83. dtree menu help
  84. Make array with txt file content
  85. implementing a website search feature using php
  86. Guestbook getting heavily Spammed!
  87. paging with for loop
  88. Shopping Area
  89. PHP Help with Drop Down Menu
  90. mail() header from: Always Changed to Server's Address
  91. problem with array storage in database
  92. Send Email with PHP
  93. playing with date function, IF Date is between..
  94. Question about DOS
  95. preg_replace causing to repeat
  96. simple way to remove double quotes
  97. Add additonal field to contact
  98. Rand Number
  99. phpBB and my computer! HELP
  100. PHP / NuSOAP array encoding
  101. Echo, Print or how to echo to screen?
  102. Please clairfy use of MySQL functions in PHP
  103. is sprintf or implode faster?
  104. PHP Paramenters
  105. New To PHP- Please Help
  106. Evaluating as FALSE... why?
  107. php parse date into seperate fields
  108. finding and replacing strings in database
  109. updating multiple checkboxes? DELETE and INSERT INTO
  110. Table Problem in loop
  111. different date format validations ??
  112. how they make pages like www.something.com/q=2312?
  113. Help needed with fixing url
  114. script help
  115. learning how php works
  116. IE Problem
  117. Variable parsing in strings
  118. Link Tracking
  119. How to tell php script to skip line 508 if the customeremail field is left empty?
  120. click on a button
  121. updating multiple rows
  122. Query doesn't add on
  123. adding an ORDER BY in my SQL string doesn't work?!
  124. Mail from cron jobs/browser
  125. paging through results
  126. problem with capture text information from website
  127. Simple Regex problem :(
  128. Trigger an Error404 with PHP
  129. string comparison
  130. using string functions
  131. dynamic variable names in a for loop
  132. html tags getting printed in <textarea>
  133. Which is faster?
  134. trying to make a login
  135. Can I control which url is bookmarked?
  136. Why is 30 == $var "dumber" than $var == 30?
  137. posting a form, can i do this?
  138. to merge two code
  139. question about integrating google checkout
  140. Payment stuff
  141. How to print something according to date's name and number of month ?
  142. Inserting stuff into MySQL; which is better?
  143. Odd Loop behaviour
  144. need to upgrade PHP4 to PHP5 but what are the pros-cons ?
  145. Dynamic CSS With PHP
  146. Checking if string is serialized method...
  147. Echo Print Statement White Space
  148. Dropdown list dynamically populated
  149. Sql Array
  150. Magic quotes and regular expression
  151. file_put_contents:Create new file on Server
  152. How do you get a single line of a text?
  153. secure function - mysql_real_escape_string
  154. execute a php file while closing any browser
  155. disable "Back" button on browser
  156. Menu x 3 problems?
  157. problem in conversion of XML
  158. else if with includes?
  159. URLK Links, preg replace help
  160. Play Sound when navigating with TAB key
  161. php include unreliable
  162. Upload from URL
  163. PHP Problem
  164. salting passwords
  165. Help needed to tweak finished script...
  166. multiple INSERT INTO using checkboxes
  167. Regular Expression Doubt - Position of hyphen inside [ ]
  168. Shopping cart script help
  169. importing config requires a path, gotta be a better way
  170. check tickbox (loop) and INSERT INTO
  171. Counting IDs from database?
  172. Comapring times/dates
  173. Problem with mysql_fetch_assoc
  174. rotate.php & includes
  175. On Apache Server
  176. MySQL Timestamp Months and Dates
  177. problem with display one image from the website
  178. PHP Windows or Linux
  179. html to bbcode
  180. Help with echoing a session variable
  181. site mirror
  182. Problem building a php/Mysql photo gallery
  183. Quick mySQL syntax question.
  184. php maths calculate persent
  185. How to stop a php page being accessed before filling in a form
  186. Hosting Sites?
  187. str and ereg _replace wont work
  188. Not able to open PHP application from remote location!
  189. Mod Re-Write
  190. looking for a news system?
  191. Turning an array into a string
  192. database if found stop output
  193. Serial port
  194. results not displaying
  195. problem with capturing images from website
  196. Redirecting
  197. php that starts a different page upon completion?
  198. displaying a picture in my shopping cart
  199. How we can get the temperature of a city with PHP from a free feed ?
  200. Where to start?
  201. error supplied argument is not a valid MySQL[solved]
  202. tutorial help (hopefully easy)
  203. $_SESSION Question
  204. PHP/MySql not passing all updated fields
  205. how to make the script tab in?
  206. Very big question, what do i need to learn to create this site
  207. GET POST problem
  208. Language Translation Problem
  209. Learning functions and need a little help
  210. Php Endlass Loop why??
  211. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  212. creating php secured page
  213. Embedded content types
  214. Sorting and archiving
  215. what is this: $this ->
  216. keyword tracking help
  217. Help with AEF code
  218. Need Help Simplifying Script
  219. Count Records/rows
  220. You can enter the website every 24h
  221. problem redirecting
  222. Error performing query
  223. while loop displaying hyperlink[solved]
  224. help with utf-8 BOM's and smarty
  225. loop not working, please help?
  226. problem with xml usage
  227. Problem with .htaccess
  228. CAPTCHA with PHP
  229. Php While Loop not Working
  230. Help With Redirection
  231. School Software
  232. Can't fetch MySQL associative array
  233. mail() function doesn't work
  234. curl_multi_exec() limited to 213 requests?
  235. First web application help
  236. Use of undefined constant title
  237. [PHP] Headers error
  238. [PHP] Multiple array query issue or Confusion
  239. How can I dynamically display date of next service?
  240. Organize PHP-code
  241. mail generated in php at a time
  242. list keywords in checkboxes?!
  243. php basic math fails
  244. How to create Vandermonde matrix
  245. best way to do multiple updates, I think?
  246. Multiple forms post once
  247. Help a Novice on php query errors
  248. how to convert time stamp into hexadecimal values or bits
  249. sql not working in for loop
  250. My cleaning function

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