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  1. Regular Expression - Finding numbers.
  2. Lower Count In An Array
  3. Establishing Relationships Across MySQL Tables
  4. $user = $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'];
  5. paging recordsets
  6. Retrieving Info For Modification
  7. Adding a value in each row to find a total.
  8. Drop Down Menu using php
  9. PHP frameworks
  10. function of customers and admin in website,help me.
  11. Poll only working in main page
  12. strtotime + 3 days excluding weekends.
  13. Assignment Operator .=
  14. strings returning only one word???
  15. echoing an includedscript/switch
  16. Displaying PHP codes without DB yet
  17. How do you restrict people from voting?
  18. create a separate folders
  19. Which is faster?
  20. highlighting problem: shouldn't highlight one letter at a time
  21. error integrating buysellads
  22. Yahoo status bar gen.
  23. alternative to mail() ?
  24. checking phpBB status
  25. Retrieving and Updating Records in Tables
  26. Array not working
  27. Adding up mysql table values
  28. Validating drop-down menu
  29. ASP functions to PHP?
  30. calculation in php
  31. my search box isn't working?!
  32. regular express problem
  33. Which query is much faster?
  34. Select and upload multiple images
  35. Help with resource id problem
  36. ".htaccess"
  37. simplifying a whole stack of codes in for loop
  38. Displaying only the latest 2 rows of a table
  39. PHP link to seperate div in page
  40. Best Way To Learn
  41. Populating results query based on Selection in a drop down box
  42. Simple explanation for what the letters mean
  43. Send text message using external website
  44. Beginner ZEND resources?
  45. Weird "include" error.
  46. Help with select fields into database
  47. Finding value between two words
  48. exec without output
  49. ereg_replace, doesnt work for all smileys?
  50. Best PHP mySQL Security
  51. Seems simple file( ); array problems
  52. Getting Info From A Table And Put Into Select Fields
  53. Ventrilo Web Registration via a PHP Script?
  54. Help Please with this simple code
  55. Help preg_match()
  56. PHP Session Help, Please
  57. why isnt this query working
  58. need recommendations for a simple search engine..
  59. Any help on this wfCart system would be great
  60. links that only you can access
  61. Quick Class Question
  62. Checkboxes
  63. Help splitting this output across 2 or more columns
  64. Guestbook width problem
  65. Take data from website using PHP
  66. Txt based login with 3 different or more password file to search in or list ?
  67. Category/Comment format
  68. Self submit form problem
  69. Upload Permissions
  70. Is this right for making a php rss feed?
  71. Character encoding problem in Ajax request
  72. Switch commands, using 2 $do
  73. problem with php login page and mysql...
  74. Better way to loop sql data?
  75. 2 While loops, one doesnt work
  76. Form Mailer Help Needed
  77. Need help in index.php?act=login
  78. Identifying Google Bots and others
  79. htaccess help?
  80. Help with Echo statement
  81. echo javascript problem
  82. Header() problems
  83. problem with to select multiple items
  84. Login.php Error
  85. mail function didn't work in my local system
  86. php null values
  87. Am I setting up db for correct queries
  88. Formatting an Array to a table.
  89. PHP Image Upload Script
  90. Getting external XML data
  91. Meta Refresh with Query String
  92. Dynamically Changing Pulldown During Input
  93. PHP Syntax Similarities to Actionscript ---
  94. Adding ability to sort by file extension..
  95. Display record from database
  96. blue tracker
  97. function format_number
  98. Help using simplexml
  99. If/Else if seem to both be executing
  100. My form? Links and Code
  101. JDBC and PHP. How to connect, and are there limitations?
  102. Zend Framework - Which button was that?
  103. Web Service Integration in PHP
  104. Got an error after install
  105. Delete from old messages not working
  106. Tracking Page/Video Requests?
  107. Preg match question
  108. I cannot get this STR_REPLACE to work
  109. Dynamically filled select form
  110. converting DATETIME using strtotime()
  111. function not printing
  112. Setting Required fields
  113. Need help with crons!
  114. Modrewriting with dashes
  115. Whats Wrong? Error...
  116. conversion of xml to java code using php
  117. Get HTML ? Get VARIABLES and restore them?
  118. how to avoid multiples of 10?
  119. Display last 5 Modified Pages
  120. My Mail Headers aren't working
  121. Sort a Numbering System with Dashes in It
  122. structuring a table in a while loop
  123. PHP GET id help
  124. Display error/thanks DIV after form submitted
  125. Sign-Up Form help/suggestion
  126. GD variable with spaces(" ") please
  127. Simple Forum
  128. php parse error
  129. php parse error
  130. UPDATE statement not working correctly
  131. Checking time/date for older then 60 days
  132. error include url
  133. Basic string question
  134. Solution, simple cart, Payment Gateway Api,
  135. Server configuration gives problem with am/pm
  136. save a page
  137. Insert contact form in website
  138. Using a Form to create a page or a list of outputs?
  139. Php Error ( Help needed )
  140. User Upload System (and more!)
  141. PHP and fetching from a relational database
  142. Question about Cron Jobs
  143. problem with mail function
  144. Remove part of a string using // as a delimiter
  145. Send SMTP Mail With Gmail
  146. Help with Chmod
  147. Flat file array, replace 3rd key value based on itself.
  148. reCaptcha - close but no cigar???
  149. contact form error
  150. Groupping one of the value multi assoc array using another as group factor
  151. preg_match? how to read within the td tags
  152. Generating the gradiented TXT with imagettftext, can't make it look smooth
  153. Set POST data manually in php?
  154. question about script programming please .
  155. Most secure way to check uploaded file size and type
  156. array default value
  157. drop down forum is only working once
  158. accessing variable value
  159. not recognising a variable?!
  160. IF statement in PHP?
  161. Curl + Cookies
  162. Problem with breaking lines(nl2br)
  163. problem with function readgzfile
  164. Sessions, Cache and Forms
  165. questions about using include() in php
  166. Calling javascript function in php
  167. Get a blog and forum to use the same account
  168. static html with php help!
  169. Uploading to another server??
  170. Junk appearing in variable via mail
  171. Run mysql file...
  172. Hit Counter Resetting
  173. Executing a php file from other location other than htdocs.
  174. Calling a class then echo'ing it in a function
  175. eDirectory (LEGAL)
  176. highlight a word in php
  177. eDirectory
  178. Hoping you dudes know what connect.php is =0
  179. Trying to change the value of a constant based on screen resolution
  180. PHP code help please
  181. redirecting page
  182. Filtering Categories
  183. PHP Login/Signup Form Script Issue
  184. Duplicating Results
  185. Array data to MySQL
  186. RESOLVED: Problem with a .jpeg extension where .jpg works OK in a PHP/ Mysql gallery
  187. PHP or CGI?
  188. Daily update to PHP page
  189. File get contents from RSS feed help required!Please
  190. php with Adobe Flex
  191. if else statement not working?!
  192. Escaping Strings Question
  193. Help with creating files in PHP
  194. Checking id in database for match
  195. Generating Images in Japanese >.<
  196. Php Form Issue With Migration To Php5
  197. Cms System/accounts Page, How To Create
  198. return strings within a string
  199. Generate Standings Based on Results Table in MYSQL DB
  200. dtree menu help
  201. Make array with txt file content
  202. implementing a website search feature using php
  203. Guestbook getting heavily Spammed!
  204. paging with for loop
  205. Shopping Area
  206. PHP Help with Drop Down Menu
  207. mail() header from: Always Changed to Server's Address
  208. problem with array storage in database
  209. Send Email with PHP
  210. playing with date function, IF Date is between..
  211. Question about DOS
  212. preg_replace causing to repeat
  213. simple way to remove double quotes
  214. Add additonal field to contact
  215. Rand Number
  216. phpBB and my computer! HELP
  217. PHP / NuSOAP array encoding
  218. Echo, Print or how to echo to screen?
  219. Please clairfy use of MySQL functions in PHP
  220. is sprintf or implode faster?
  221. PHP Paramenters
  222. New To PHP- Please Help
  223. Evaluating as FALSE... why?
  224. php parse date into seperate fields
  225. finding and replacing strings in database
  226. updating multiple checkboxes? DELETE and INSERT INTO
  227. Table Problem in loop
  228. different date format validations ??
  229. how they make pages like www.something.com/q=2312?
  230. Help needed with fixing url
  231. script help
  232. learning how php works
  233. IE Problem
  234. Variable parsing in strings
  235. Link Tracking
  236. How to tell php script to skip line 508 if the customeremail field is left empty?
  237. click on a button
  238. updating multiple rows
  239. Query doesn't add on
  240. adding an ORDER BY in my SQL string doesn't work?!
  241. Mail from cron jobs/browser
  242. paging through results
  243. problem with capture text information from website
  244. Simple Regex problem :(
  245. Trigger an Error404 with PHP
  246. string comparison
  247. using string functions
  248. dynamic variable names in a for loop
  249. html tags getting printed in <textarea>
  250. Which is faster?

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