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  1. how to run php
  2. Slow script termination after fopen http
  3. How to read binary data send using post method
  4. how to calculate
  5. Problem with mysql query
  6. Encrypting a number
  7. Is there an equivilent of global.asa
  8. Grabbing Lat & Lon from Google without Javascript
  9. Replacing
  10. Finding where POST came from
  11. Updating Two Files At Once
  12. Resolved error with listboxes displaying no data on form load
  13. PHP Parsing Links
  14. Time and date
  15. cant edit or delete posts
  16. gallery2 database structures
  17. closing tags from opening tags using regex
  18. What are "select statements"?
  19. [Help]Changing Variables
  20. User Registration and Password Protection Software - Need Recommendation
  21. Do you see anything wrong?
  22. inputing date into a database from listbox values
  23. Resolved If statement Help
  24. Problem executing mysql query
  25. Pretty URLs without Mod_ReWrite
  26. bulk emailer
  27. How to make the form generate fields for user input
  28. Input MUST have "text"
  29. Selecting number of rows for each category?
  30. Postgres Dump Problems
  31. allow only numbers to be entered into db
  32. Looking for a little clarification about loops.
  33. Need Advice: PHP Aggregator (Where to Start)
  34. Resolved is it possible to auto fill a list box with a list of countries??
  35. Turn & into +
  36. Using Wamp - mySQL, auto-increment
  37. Creating a Game
  38. How much (x)html/css knowledge should I have before learning PHP?
  39. What PHP editor to use
  40. array to email...
  41. 非常爱好php编程
  42. br2nl function not working.
  43. $_SESSION syntax question
  44. Which "charset", "DTD" & "encoding" to use all the time?
  45. page access limit
  46. substr
  47. Storing a form in a string
  48. Resolved form validation help, only checks 2 out of the 3 error checks
  49. Preg_match_all working well in PHP4 but not in PHP5
  50. Creating PayPal Add To Cart Buttons
  51. Your Session Has Ended!
  52. good php image upload script?
  53. showing latest member!
  54. Don't know what its called
  55. Editing PDF in PHP
  56. need help with mod_rewrite
  57. returning a value to a form if it has been compleated incorrectly?
  58. Comparing dates returned versus converting with strtotime
  59. replacing outdated global variables
  60. Learning and Installing PHP
  61. for next loop echo month names 'M'
  62. mysql_fetch_array() error
  63. regular expression 6digit - 6digit
  64. Resolved News archive code showing too many months
  65. Remember me function with PHP Sessions?
  66. Ajax & PHP
  67. String Manipulation
  68. problem in selection
  69. Best Approach printing this?
  70. won't insert values into mysql that contain a '
  71. Image Not Coded Right
  72. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /buy.php on line 33
  73. Free Availability / Booking Calendars
  74. Problem With Choosing Skins
  75. Two tables query but insert only into one
  76. odd or even
  77. Reading from the database to display the data
  78. Passing php variables into a JavaScript array
  79. (Probably)Simple array question
  80. Load text to webpage to match laoding photos
  81. help with store front application...
  82. I have a variable which is numbers and operators (43+34) how do I perform it?
  83. Insert break
  84. serialize strange behaviour
  85. able to make connection but no result back from db
  86. Where to learn more
  87. Help regarding multiple sites/folders on one server
  88. ajax 'caching' style problem
  89. Image cropping script [cropcanvas] returns problems on a PHP5 hosting server
  90. recording clicks on an email link without a form?
  91. file not found - what am I missing?
  92. Grabbing a date value?
  93. Collecting Blog Network Data and Displaying on site
  94. user generated profiles
  95. How can I create file into a separate folder?
  96. PHP Extension info
  97. Sum total of repeating table
  98. I could do with some advice on adding records.
  99. Need a quick hand fixing some code
  100. No output at all for manage form
  101. strange input in request form
  102. Combining two scripts
  103. looking for php file upload script
  104. How to open excel sheet in browser using php
  105. Problem With Skinning
  106. how to access mysql db in othersystem
  107. how to find an email in a string
  108. Trying to add View/ Add Comment link under content item
  109. Editing Members Login Info
  110. Problem with INSERT INTO query
  111. Automatic HTML Creator Help
  112. SQL syntax error
  113. Best way to Store this data
  114. getting dynamic post values
  115. How to : MM/DD/YYYY validation with php ?
  116. Cron problem
  117. cURL and IRC
  118. submit page doing nothing.
  119. Error With Skinning
  120. Need to know which message board is better?
  121. map php or otherwise.
  122. Check file hash?
  123. Button to Delete a File
  124. PHP/MySQL Training
  125. Could somebody add something to this code?
  126. Regex issue
  127. Resolved Quick php question by a newbie
  128. Photo Gallery
  129. Cron Job problem
  130. How to make those guestbook things.
  131. Get URL function for photo sets
  132. New to PHP, I got some idea's.
  133. ssh under apache using php
  134. sorting problem
  135. ReGEX Help. Find RSS Feed In Source.
  136. mod_rewrite Question
  137. converting countdown function
  138. Secruity Problem
  139. Manually clearing session vars
  140. Need Some help I Am Stuck
  141. not a valid MySQL result resource
  142. google translate
  143. Multi-Lingual Character Encodings problems
  144. Rediculous question about IF statment...
  145. APC graphs and stats differing
  146. Redirect Users to personal pages
  147. Getting the referring page in IE
  148. How to make display next record after x seconds ? HELP!!!
  149. create custom extension for php problem
  150. Using multiple includes
  151. echo/print a TAB character.
  152. OK, something that is way beyond me...any takers?
  153. mysql returns a false value why? and how do i fix it?
  154. Need Help
  155. Making User Access Pages, But It won't work
  156. Can't Call Variables Set In Parent Class
  157. Can I limit the amount of text shown?
  158. help using mysql
  159. php script not functioning
  160. Setting up a login page and having it authenticate on each webpage
  161. Alternative to database
  162. PDFtk help
  163. login form not login in
  164. type hinting on function return
  165. mkdir and uid
  166. Question about fetching RSS with PHP - Help!
  167. WordPress theme issue
  168. Insert NOT working.
  169. Helpless php/mysql
  170. free php encryption class or include file
  171. Strange spacing with output
  172. how to enable php_mcrypt.dll on web host
  173. PHP form validation problem
  174. functions to get user info through the browser..
  175. Pull from mysql edit and update
  176. Using MD5 and Passwords.
  177. regexp for lua string
  178. Wordpress - Making an existing CSS/HTML layout into a Wordpress Theme
  179. Making a link in a table
  180. PHP Template, PATH_INFO or Apache problem with this code
  181. Rewriting My If Statement
  182. 1 php file for menu/navigation on whole site
  183. echo text compared to echoing a variable...
  184. How to remove users from mailing list
  185. Getting values matching field numbers
  186. Help - Login?
  187. Define a class within a class?
  188. DOMNode->textContent
  189. Resolved If a user does not enter an integer, an error message is displayed.
  190. Change all instances of a word
  191. Resolved Displaying content after my layout change
  192. why can i only post on certain topics within my forum?
  193. Please help fix Captcha php script that worked
  194. emailing a list!
  195. CSV Importing
  196. Resolved Includes and variables
  197. Problem with first PHP script
  198. Login Script Not Registering cookies...Please Help!!!!
  199. Failing to Install - Mac OS X
  200. X and Y of image must not be more than 100
  201. php documentation
  202. simplexml weirdness - need another set of eyes
  203. No output except for table tag
  204. Resolved Help with loop
  205. Using PHP to read directories
  206. Returning Values
  207. [HELP] [PHP+SQL] logging paypal donations
  208. Formatting Date Script
  209. Weird performance issue
  210. Quote problem
  211. How to use sqliteCreateAggregate inside class
  212. Script Not Cooperating
  213. params->get call to a member error
  214. php mail() to sms gateway
  215. Problem with this code for denying access by IP
  216. Avatars
  217. Is this right?
  218. Resolved If No Value Do Something Else
  219. PHP Sessions help!
  220. Resolved SimpleXML and "&"
  221. Im having problems getting my forum to work online, is ok on my localhost?
  222. How can i make my current script do this...?
  223. Resolved PHP Image Display Only one image displaying!!
  224. DOM and saving server side W/PHP
  225. Get MAC Address From User
  226. need suggestions for php/mysql dvd app
  227. Good Ol Warning: fopen failed to open stream Permission Denied
  228. Script Won't Show Up
  229. PHP Calendar Help
  230. How to sort files by DATE?
  231. Syntax error problem
  232. Resolved Random Image Script .... PHP help for refresh!!
  233. users online
  234. pulling out of db by date AND status?
  235. SimpleXML and Namespaces
  236. what are the best way to run php in within another php ?
  237. PHP With ODBC Database
  238. putting html into a database
  239. Posting issue
  240. php @ ?
  241. Need a contact form script with attachment
  242. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ECHO
  243. Resolved Is array_walk faster or is foreach faster? ~4 questions.
  244. laying out text, and more
  245. Dates.
  246. function for filtering against xss...
  247. Can this code in an if statement be shortened?
  248. Clicking 3 buttons in no order
  249. How can I retain information the user has inserted into a textfield after refresh
  250. How to multiply two textfields and display the value

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