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  2. installed PHP on Windows 2003 pages still not loading?
  3. PHPBB3 and Wordpress 2.7 Intergration
  4. Session start help
  5. How do I get rid of \r\n\r\n when editing text ?
  6. having sum trouble with session please help
  7. PHP mysql_fetch_assoc
  8. form coming up in actual email msg
  9. Joomla component help with adjusting layout
  10. how to loop this code
  11. Ip Problem
  12. Another date format question
  13. populate a list box with a sql result?
  14. Limit Reached
  15. Populating a drop down menu with table entries
  16. Get page TITLE without downloading the whole page?
  17. PHP Coding Help
  18. IF THEN Statement 'string'
  19. Need help!!Urgent...why my script is not working
  20. unable to save copy and paste!
  21. E-mail
  22. Database not updating !!!
  23. PHP/SQL News edit page
  24. Generating STATS for your pages.
  25. Appending to an existing table record?
  26. getting php code to do as i wish
  27. php: export pdf as image
  28. Pagenating Problem using date field,
  29. images below document root
  30. Adding 1 to a row
  31. I want to use and array as a table in some SQL.
  32. Checking if user is admin issue.
  33. Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  34. PHP Newbie - Please help!!
  35. PLEASE HELP why wont this script work
  36. Problem with joining two tables !
  37. schedule sms
  38. Edit files using PHP text area
  39. help needed looping a form
  40. Please for a question
  41. Does <input type='hidden'> have a restricted length ?
  42. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  43. How does one make navagation? (SQL)
  44. Date with Database Help
  45. Automatically Closing Bids(Ebay Style)
  46. query
  47. how do i add this to a database
  48. Make String Default Value inside UL until option is selected
  49. IF variable problem
  50. Trying to BOLD characters in string w/ preg_replace???
  51. php htaccess url loading speed
  52. how to append values to other php pages
  53. Help! with best database server for site!
  54. Is_Int
  55. problem with max() and arrays
  56. Help Needed With A Search Page
  57. Show Form POST data
  58. Variables sending in only some broswers?
  59. help on a multiple user interaction page
  60. endless look
  61. handling error codes
  62. AD LDAP Group Membership
  63. email address questions
  64. registration date added to registering
  65. check string for an array value?
  66. Use PHP to read a directory and create XML file
  67. Php nuke http 500 error
  68. Need Help Splitting A String Of Unknown Length.
  69. URL Get LINK ???
  70. json_encode() is not encoding properly?!
  71. help with zend studio WYSIWYG HTML perspective
  72. badword tester not working
  73. Testing for valid files on another server
  74. A simple code of PHP
  75. stupid thing!!
  76. Resolved Issue with IE failing to log in to php app
  77. Help pulling profile pic from MySpace 2.0 Profile
  78. SHA1 and random Salt
  79. progress bar
  80. cURL newbie, next problem. Please help.
  81. andromeda and dynamic flv player pagemaker. stuck...
  82. Resolved My first cURL, please help!
  83. uh session id hehe
  84. counting words ?
  85. How do I divide an array into multiple arrays?
  86. How do I find out number of users?
  87. OOP CMS-> Controlling functions etc
  88. Php Blog
  89. Implode?
  90. Duplicate entry issue
  91. Need Redirect
  92. Auto increment for id value
  93. Question about Randomizer (Noob)
  94. limiting the number
  95. Iterating Through Array
  96. Ajax photo upload, uploaded as a guest
  97. Novice - please help with my contact form? (ta and sorry!)
  98. Calling Forum w/ consistent header/bkgd
  99. php code request for the md5 coding in the vBulletin
  100. generate .xls file with UTF-8 encoding
  101. trouble in charsets
  102. Deleting Multiple MySQL Entries with Checkbox
  103. PHP Rotating Banner System
  104. Select Checkbox Executes Code
  105. Force download
  106. PHP Directory contents listing and then output as XML
  107. uh validation not going to good
  108. array from db
  109. setCookie & IE6 & P3P
  110. How do I display my session vars ?
  111. Form Validation?
  112. reporting user errors
  113. Set some sort of flag in my script
  114. Only one user to access a page at the same time?
  115. how to organize a php 5 project?
  116. PHP news/Blogging scripts similar to cutenews
  117. dynamic content in cms pages problem ??
  118. Help -Jibrish in PHPmailer
  119. database + table get merged?
  120. Problem with "Undefined variables" in the form
  121. How do I call a script in the parent dir. ?
  122. Loading links into php includes?
  123. Need to show php output in the same file it sends output from.
  124. Need some PHP advice
  125. SQL syntax error
  126. php encryption help
  127. adding a email verification to my register script
  128. session issues
  129. How do I test for open session ?
  130. Defining an index ???
  131. How do I turn on error reporting ?
  132. please help me combine these scripts into 1
  133. Insert Into array?
  134. chaining method compatibility problem ??
  135. header already sent error
  136. How get rid of duplicate submissions?
  137. new to php/coding and everything
  138. Script Not working...
  139. Automatically incrementing a number every 24 hours
  140. Password code stalls
  141. Post not working
  142. mysql_change_user
  143. login system needs tweaking please help
  144. using include method to pass on session id in url
  145. checking contents of a string ?
  146. login script not working...
  147. how to create a discussion forum using php and my sql
  148. Help with RETURN
  149. Organised Crime Error
  150. Table Won't Work
  151. multiple radio buttons
  152. Please help! "Session Start Cannot Modify Header Information"
  153. Can't Get Any Form Functions to Submit
  154. Need a hand with shortening a text string
  155. IF OR Statement malfunction
  156. Correct = score + 1
  157. Drug Store Not Working
  158. Resolved Cannot use a scalar value as an array? please help
  159. How do I name a variable from the contents of a variable ?
  160. function variable initialization?
  161. Need Urgent Help!!!
  162. Little problem with mySQL insert
  163. design a specialized cms
  164. mysql_fetch_assoc
  165. Script timed out issue.
  166. closing mysql connections automatically
  167. creating "protected" properties after class instantiation?
  168. Prevent Browser Cache (in browsers)??
  169. Latitude and Longitude coding
  170. Shorten script
  171. add image widths
  172. Storing Session values
  173. advice for Zoom in
  174. Resolved Help with logic for singular/plural..
  175. Showing messages via Address bar
  176. Resolved Need help with session: if not logged in, go back..if logged in, proceed..
  177. array problems
  178. insert image
  179. Submit to Hidden UL
  180. php redirect menu
  181. Parsing URL, Saving Values to Cookie and more...
  182. displaying user errors on login page instead of using die function?
  183. PHP .txt file editor!
  184. PHP open a new window
  185. Problem with image upload
  186. Problem with Cookies
  187. Random php include file that switches once a week?
  188. Annís that is causing the page errors.
  189. Need help with resolving input content...
  190. Forum Post
  191. DAO generators
  192. Determine when a user exits site
  193. Non working script
  194. fields not populating.
  195. multi-error handling/reporting?
  196. Connecting to correct table in DB
  197. Frames
  198. Echo $keyword through mail not working
  199. accessing server using a mac
  200. Imagick - save thumb?
  201. Get the content length header
  202. Percentage Bar
  203. anyone have a good regex for converting UBB code to HTML and reverse?
  204. str_replace modules problem
  205. Form Won't Submit
  206. IP tracking
  207. Hashing Hex values with CRC32
  208. help and advice please RE: popup windows and captcha
  209. trying to find a session username in a URL
  210. Sessions Still Won't Start
  211. IF Statement problems
  212. Session Won't Start
  213. Having trouble protecting a page from people who are not logged in.
  214. Converting some code in a PHP script
  215. adding tooltips using css
  216. I need help related to Nuke Evolution
  217. Resolved mail() function not working properly
  218. Resolved Alternating Classes
  219. Random numbers in php
  220. Resolved Dang Parse errors
  221. How long will it take for me to learn php?
  222. Can I pass values to a form processing "action" page outside my site?
  223. How to use php codes in html page. plz help me. This may be a simple question to many
  224. how to get script like this one??
  225. Does size of PHP include file affect performance?
  226. Disable repeat URL submission
  227. Problem with file_get_contents($newhandle);
  228. Resolved Limiting Options To Users
  229. How to create HTML emails?
  230. sessions for login
  231. Resolved Not Displaying My Control Panel After Successful Login
  232. One drop down menu populates the other dropdown menu.
  233. Resolved Help me test my new captcha system
  234. Php Cookies To Sessions
  235. Limit download link per email address
  236. swf to image.. need help
  237. Extracting contents from a text file.
  238. New to php, need some help with basic script
  239. How do you handle tabs and new lines?
  240. e-shop system for printing
  241. Dropdown menus with MySQL db
  242. Shortlisting
  243. need help with count visitors
  244. Limiting Options To Users
  245. how to implement MODEL in MVC?
  246. unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING error
  247. Email with download link not working? Wont send Emails..
  248. how can i print the primary keys of table in ms access in php code
  249. using cookies
  250. New page

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