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  1. make gold decrease when people buy wood
  2. While Problems
  3. Issue with global Keyword
  4. Rendering Spanish accents correctly
  5. Help needed with Mailing List PHP script.
  6. PHP Script for User feedback.
  7. Help with listbox onchange event
  8. Looping through days
  9. Mailing List Creation
  10. Piece of advice needed for arrays
  11. need a regex for password validation
  12. PHP security needed for this send email form?
  13. Mod rewrite issue
  14. Do I need to use PHP for this?
  15. # of return records
  16. Megaupload Direct download Link
  17. Problem with file upload script
  18. between dates (noob question)
  19. images not showing with require_once
  20. Can't modify featured articles in wordpress theme
  21. The Prepared Statement Is Not Getting Set
  22. Faster way to list dir ?
  23. Showing an image
  24. Can Joomla 1.5 use PHP Includes as Standard?
  25. Curl not writing cookie
  26. file creation date copare user load date time...
  27. I get no error, but there is no data
  28. loading bar
  29. 450 characters and cuts off?
  30. Pligg Script Change Title Help Needed
  31. Better Database Search Method?
  32. XML XSLT and PHP AddType Question
  33. Resolved Don't had to page ???
  34. I'm Stumped
  35. Help with formatting my statement
  36. Getting fsocketopen() Error in cPanel API
  37. selectable time zone how?
  38. urldecode doesn't work?
  39. Insert/Update problem
  40. please i want live php viewer
  41. preg_match and ereg
  42. Can I grab disk space usage from cPanel?
  43. Can't get the mail() function to work.
  44. opendir('Y/m/d') ???
  45. Slashes being added without magic quotes
  46. MD5 doesn't work
  47. Help with modifying date/time in filename for a backup script...
  48. Flex code generator
  49. For loop and arrays
  50. Sessions not working...
  51. Filling in the inputs
  52. Looking for the reverse of pow()
  53. Move Image To Background
  54. Leaderboard Ranks
  55. Query DB and Table test
  56. How to configure Fckeditor for blog?
  57. Building a simple web forum with PHP?
  58. Using PHP to find duplication/removal of such?
  59. email error plz help
  60. How to determine the file name of a web page from another site?
  61. connection problem
  62. Display table from mySQL database
  63. If referring page was same domain, display alternative content?
  64. Remote host tracking
  65. PHP while loop
  66. how to check email exists in php
  67. Best way to combine a form with an external validation script
  68. Using Curl Correctly
  69. php last page
  70. Delete files older than x days old
  71. Regular Expression Search & Replace Example | Help Needed
  72. installing/failing at installing oscommerce
  73. what to look for?
  74. Flash XML + PHP
  75. Retrive date from db and change its format
  76. Security in PHP file uploads - advice??
  77. Drop down validation
  78. Implementing finished forum
  79. Expects Boolean?
  80. How to use $_GET to get info from URL with encoding?
  81. limit on textarea in php
  82. ACL Library
  83. Preg_split help needed..
  84. how to print syntex errors to page
  85. Checking to see if a session is still active
  86. Count records based on id - display along side?
  87. php update
  88. Monitoring authentication?
  89. Force "save as" dialog with download script?
  90. Problems with Register page
  91. displaying output using PHP
  92. New version of phpObLib released
  93. Submit multiple text fields as an array?
  94. Dymo labelwriter printer from within PHP
  95. Packing multiple files into one file. No ext libraries.
  96. PHP Frameworks - Update
  97. list box with mysql
  98. Resolved SQL pagination problems
  99. Baffled by printf
  100. Need Basic PHP script help! Thanks!
  101. Simple mysql query
  102. Grab token cookie for $token
  103. OOP and forms question
  104. Resolved PHP Show All In Array Problems
  105. how to send text using form post method when it has special characters
  106. Dynamically Generate XML
  107. php site - would like to add slideshow
  108. shopping cart example (learners)
  109. PHP upload form (newbie)
  110. foreach problem
  111. how to add e-mail verification to register
  112. how do i add confirm password?
  113. Page Refresh Keeps Inserting Form Data
  114. Categorizing data
  115. How do I process form checkbox array into mysql SELECT?
  116. Does Google index this gallery?
  117. deleting old session id and get new id
  118. save field input settings.... like login details etc....
  119. using php to transfer a file from one server to another
  120. One send mail works with attachment, other doesnt, please help
  121. Need to alter my "Contact Me" form, not sure what to do - help!
  122. Query to show one of?
  123. What is wrong with this query?
  124. insert data using radio button
  125. preg_replace for a url
  126. trouble connecting my MySQL
  127. help with php login script plz
  128. PHP to Parse Blog XML for Latest Posts?
  129. New to mod_rewrite
  130. Retrieving one value from a DB
  131. Exporting PHP multidimensional array into XML
  132. <?php get_footer(); ?> why not in line?
  133. log into external account via PHP
  134. I can't get my Contact Me form validator to work with my code
  135. Creating Array Question
  136. Wordpress + vBulletin Login Box
  137. PHP MYSQL trouble getting correct data.
  138. Determining sql column specification in php
  139. Some good PHP books to read
  140. How to Read text Files from Computer?
  141. Destroying images doesn't free all the memory?
  142. Having trouble getting Recaptcha and Email Address Validator to work together.
  143. checking in two arrays ??
  144. Randomize content without displaying everything
  145. PHP BBCode Messing Up
  146. problem deleting particular record
  147. Retain information over a function
  148. please help - showing all images from an URL
  149. guestbook without using mysql
  150. working with double-indexed(?) arrays
  151. Help with PHP {if} code...should be simple
  152. Compare and Match Array keys
  153. Problem with dynamic form
  154. Please help with php form validation
  155. Creating Certificate in PHP
  156. mysqli_real_escape_string or addslashes
  157. how to find least unique value from a multidimentional array
  158. Pick a number
  159. Resolved Forcing a page break for printing
  160. Passing session variable through iframe
  161. Redundant Password Prompt
  162. printing out an array in a table from "file.dat"
  163. How do I make my "contact me" form send the correct email address?
  164. My host's problem or me
  165. file_exists($theData) question
  166. How do I set up an Auto Responser for my 'Contact Me' form?
  167. Showing all SQL fields, except a few?
  168. Checkboxs into Database
  169. upload... timeout?
  170. Updating Tables
  171. use mysql user table for auth lookup... password not working
  172. Preg_match assistance required
  173. Persistent Cookie as user authentication?
  174. session_regenerate_id performance?
  175. Including files .. getting errors (rare)
  176. Simple php code which will only allow users that are logged to be able to view them
  177. Displaying records from mySQL table
  178. If, line 5 of file test.txt = "color"..do...else do ...
  179. Theme system
  180. Creating Checkboxes
  181. Trouble with form creation
  182. problem getting variable from included file
  183. Oop
  184. help with parsing xml
  185. strtotime + 1 hour messes up year
  186. simplexml_load_file function help?
  187. strtotime reverting date to 01/01/1970
  188. help with radio button in php
  189. Can I add an update log to my site?
  190. Ternary Operator question
  191. help to display coloured text
  192. Got a problem
  193. Alternate row color ?
  194. stupid thing
  195. Getting output
  196. anyone work with Ultimate MySQL class from phpclasses.org?
  197. Break if no file found in directory
  198. Rich Text Editor Problem Retrieving Vars
  199. Movies DB - Searching by 2 actors
  200. PHP Rotating Image
  201. PHP - Editing PHP
  202. Hits by Month Using Timestamp
  203. Can Anyone help me to display product feeds on my website?
  204. array doesn't work
  205. Help with mysql UPDATE
  206. Having trouble setting up Email Form Validation
  207. Resolved Cross Directory Includes.
  208. PHP DOM and HTML Comments
  209. array question
  210. Query XML and Submit
  211. installin smarty
  212. help with complex search query
  213. MySQL/PHP - UPDATE Statement help
  214. Form works perfectly with Firefox but fails with IE
  215. PHP in my database
  216. Help get direct download link
  217. Refreshing an image
  218. Complex report...how to...
  219. my code has just stoped working ???
  220. Cats and Boards
  221. guest book spams
  222. MMORPG Game Glitches
  223. Php Help
  224. Random Number Help
  225. Admin Panel Help
  226. Print screen
  227. Php script for own content searching engine
  228. Best practice to manipulate time in php?
  229. Parse files and remove lines of code
  230. fetching part from url
  231. Need Help Alternating Row Colors for table, also need to put in Pagination and Sort
  232. T_paamayim_nekudotayim
  233. Information to be flashed in all the pages
  234. structure HTML output
  235. regarding use of exit
  236. While loop problem
  237. Need help using objects and a form to insert data
  238. Make Clean URLs Using PHP/MySQL
  239. Developing Inventory Software with (Assembleable) Pieces having problems
  240. inserting between db entries
  241. mail(): Multipart messages showing blank body in Yahoo
  242. image resizing in ie
  243. Get php include function to work on a wamp server
  244. experts advice on swapping users (sessions)
  245. Need help with php coding
  246. Secure auth/login system?
  247. Resolved Image URL mod rewrite
  248. Text Mover
  249. Getting specific values from table with PHP
  250. Can anyone recommend code to check if all my Contact Form fields have been filled in?

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