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  1. Image Resize Squared
  2. user already exists error in php PDO
  3. Is this safe? How to sanitize?
  4. Converting mysql to mysqli -newbie.
  5. mysqli_error() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given
  6. getting data from database according to the user selection
  7. ecommerce payment module
  8. How to compare these 2 arrays
  9. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DNUMBER in
  10. Slideshow Images Resizing
  11. PHP Issue with Wordpress Ecommerce site
  12. Following a Shopping Cart PHP /MYSQL tutorial but got an error. Any ideas?
  13. Looping through a results set in OOP?
  14. Best php content management system?
  15. How to stop my PHP files being indexed
  16. Confused about Remote Test Servers
  17. Adding a div class
  18. Resolved Displaying data linked from two MySQL Tables
  19. iframe problem
  20. Applying two PHP functions to a piece of data
  21. Best way to compare input data vs database data
  22. detect native/stock Android browser User Agent string via PHP
  23. Resolved PHP foreach loop in SQL query
  24. SimpleXML & html entities = strange characters
  25. Placing MySQL data onto HTML webpage
  26. PayPal - IPN having problems
  27. What is wrong with this code snippet
  28. Quick help needed please!
  29. Algorithms for social networking sites?
  30. Easy help needed..
  31. OOP required for college-level social networking site?
  32. PHP & ajax (foreach loop)
  33. how to add ajax in joomla component page
  34. Adding directory of selected image to mysql
  35. Values won't take effect
  36. database empty query
  37. PHP simple shopping basket
  38. video playing
  39. PayPal payments to update database
  40. Logging a http post by a PHP script
  41. Basic OOP question
  42. inline echo sum of 2 variables possible?
  43. Having problem with resend form
  44. Problem with logging out
  45. Adding passwords to profiles via php
  46. Update or Delete profile in php
  47. php form not sending data
  48. Error in php coding please help
  49. Limit Concurrent User Access
  50. form cookie option
  51. PHP Motion Vs Joomla
  52. php contact form works but dont recieve email
  53. PHP Script issue (quiz script)
  54. Product table through to item listing
  55. date field problem in PHP form
  56. Question about the basics of MVC
  57. PHPMailer not working since Windows migration
  58. 2 or more marks in google maps
  59. A little help needed
  60. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  61. [PHP] Profile section help
  62. Pdo help
  63. CMS Shop - storeadmin
  64. Email
  65. Need to send data to sql from div which is dynamically generated with javascript
  66. Turning $_POST into $_SESSION??
  67. php form not sending email
  68. array
  69. scraping the data from website
  70. Problem Setting Sessions
  71. Additional inputfields by certain values
  72. Disable Checkbox
  73. Advice to a n00b pls - regarding PHP Framework
  74. How to setting up online store website using Magento
  75. php login help
  76. New game using php coding
  77. Creating PDF's
  78. PHP Framework
  79. Passing multiple variables from a dropdown menu
  80. Rename uploaded image
  81. pdo dynamic query based upon form values
  82. modify database
  83. Query is creating one record for every image attached to a row in for each loop
  84. Image displaying
  85. PHP/SQL dropbox stuck
  86. Checkbox Toggle
  87. empty directory: invalid argument for foreach
  88. Form not pullling over Data.
  89. Hide warning errors
  90. HTML / PHP form
  91. Conditional passing , but output is being skipped and returns a false result.
  92. Can't Figure out Error in Php/Html Form
  93. please help me on integrating paypal using paypal class files
  94. Gnerate a PDF file with PHP?
  95. Need with php loop submit
  96. Doesn't check existans
  97. Remove Random Record from Listing
  98. Resolved - SUPER Basic Cookie Not Working?
  99. How to add php values as defaults for checkbox and button fields in form
  100. Converting Anchor Tags To Nofollow
  101. PHP Multiple choice quiz script - confused with one thing!
  102. How do you use preg_match to find if it DOESN'T contain a string?
  103. Does everything have to be Database-Driven?
  104. Slideshow shows incorrectly while RSS Loading
  105. Add/subtract buttons?
  106. Resolved Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference
  107. How do I put a web page to indicate my website is under maintainance
  108. Alter Search Script to Highlight Search Terms in Results
  109. Displaying two items from same array - different key
  110. Undersating this class saving to database
  111. Creating Directory for each Section
  112. Merging simular php codes
  113. unable to pass php variable in script function
  114. Show all the week days and colored current week day
  115. Error: open_basedir restriction in effect
  116. Fix Line Spacing Paragraphs using PHP
  117. $_POST variable getting 0 in php 5.3.10
  118. $_GET not pulling anything
  119. Multiple videos not wanted
  120. Function no longer working / wont check if email already exists
  121. named arguments with sprintf
  122. Header() not working as i like
  123. Issue with displaying results using $count
  124. Resolved Cookies (Remember and Logout)
  125. dependant dropdown boxes from recordset dreamweaver php
  126. Parse Error When I try to Insert an IP
  127. Price of Precious Metals
  128. placeholder variables
  129. Problem stripping & string
  130. if statement syntax error
  131. How to add page title in url in a dynamic site
  132. Difference beween if() and try /catch()
  133. Is there a script that can intelligently and recursively search for certain files?
  134. bit of help to get this 'Sorted'!!
  135. Purpose of flush, ob_flush, etc.
  136. image retriving problem
  137. download link resume capabilites problem
  138. Sending post data encoded as multipart/form-data
  139. searchable database with images
  140. Making php run faster on windows.
  141. Can't get PHP to connect to MySQL
  142. Help about comparing data from tables.
  143. Using PHP to parse an XML feed and commit to MySQL DB
  144. Getting all of the input names and values from an html document or page
  145. how to check which question is selected
  146. PHP and HTML Code
  147. Which Language is Best for Security Purpose?
  148. Adding Dynamic Map To Website
  149. Upload file problem - Google Chrome
  150. Class->function()->variable whats wrong?
  151. Unable to write to a remote ftp using php
  152. Coding Best Practices - Presentation or Data Layer?
  153. To limit to most recent entry when query looks at two tables
  154. Invalid UTF-8 start byte 0x92 in solr
  155. Adding GD watermark fails.
  156. Where do I start?!
  157. Check database for identical entries before submitting
  158. How do I secure XAMPP?
  159. Sending total of calculation in my Email Form
  160. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/a3763404/public_h
  161. What's wrong with this code?
  162. How to remove leading 0 from date
  163. How Do I Use The Following Code?
  164. Adding Numbers to Each Result - Can't Figure it out!
  165. Registration PHP and AJAX
  166. Need Help - if there is no veriable then how to show an error message
  167. sending email to users for forgotten password
  168. Php fopen/fwrite reading and adding text
  169. kind help will be much appreciated
  170. PHP Form getting spammed despite javascript validation
  171. Resizing Images
  172. How can i make online user display service with php like that?
  173. How to automatic databackup in Mysql?
  174. how to make tv guide in php?
  175. Php file attachment arrives as Zero kb
  176. User registration PHP and AJAX, the start page
  177. MYSQL table backup using PHP script error
  178. Help update databse after form while loop
  179. Copy site to new domain.. Having trouble
  180. Dj center
  181. Code not working?
  182. scripts not detecting android mobile
  183. Help with variable scope
  184. mail script to show browser info?
  185. PHP Web Form to CRM Dynamics 2011
  186. Insert user in good db, but check blacklist db first, help
  187. keep the data in the text field
  188. task management appln in PHP
  189. Forum signin help
  190. Forum help
  191. in_array gives Wrong datatype for second argument
  192. Mysql date showing zeroes
  193. Form problems
  194. Resolved PHP problem
  195. Replacing string inside a $_GET variable
  196. PHP: A "Rank" System
  197. Pick x number of rows from mysql table and display with php
  198. PHP Login System Help
  199. Need help with array_unshift used w/ two dim array
  200. PHP registration form issue
  201. Help with new PHP version
  202. Searching for matches in multidimensional array
  203. Need help with php form submit
  204. submit div content to html2pdf page
  205. Repeat countdown sat to sat
  206. Displaying BLOB Help
  207. How to use if (!isset($report)) {
  208. Problem writing my rss feed with php
  209. Resolved Call out a stored procedure in php
  210. Resolved Displaying set of records based on url parameters
  211. Adding PHP code into HTML script
  212. Finding certain files in a directory
  213. How to use query from another function within same class
  214. Help with a redirect page passing dynamic parameter results forward
  215. Mysql insert with php not working
  216. One comment box multiple inputs
  217. Creating new page on submit
  218. Block arraynames so users can't use them
  219. Social Website Profile Picture HELP!
  220. Forums Help
  221. $cookies_string
  222. Proper way to construct a complex if and else statements
  223. A few questions
  224. Form / variable help req.
  225. Expiring database sessions on browser close
  226. Arrays returning same result - Help!
  227. My login script are not working
  228. Page creator for users
  229. Login script not functioning properly, does not take $_SESSION variable?
  230. How to get the error message from the captcha field in form box
  231. Extracting Details from a form to Email
  232. Creating Zip Files on the Fly
  233. Changing Table Layout and Prepared Statements
  234. how do I echo the # of comments from database??
  235. Problem with Highlighting Section Tab for Article
  236. How to: Php script that runs another script every x min.
  237. Forms for multiples users based on their user level
  238. getID3 and echo thumbnail?
  239. Actor ID and Name
  240. php detect when file is finshed scan again
  241. Notice: Undefined index
  242. My php code doesnt work, can anbody solve or revise this code please?
  243. Help, sending data to database ... please...
  244. Allow Space in Password?
  245. extracting data out of a url
  246. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  247. How do I paginate searched items?
  248. Uploading Larger Files locking up script
  249. Dumb question about isset() and empty()
  250. Register Form code not working correctly

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