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  1. GD Polygons and Custom Coordinates
  2. testing locally on MAMP data not refreshing?
  3. echoing out datafield is blank?!
  4. dynamically change the write to text file name in php code
  5. Mysql update in php not working
  6. Auction site
  7. Profile data not changed after update
  8. Advice/help with MVC please?
  9. How can I change a value on my html template from a class?
  10. cURL Request in diff methods
  11. What does it take to build a cloud-based SaaS Web app?
  12. Resolved Advice with a class to load modules please?
  13. htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in
  14. PHP / MYSQL - Need a loop to return dates on calendar
  15. Need to place header at the top of our page
  16. hyper link using php
  17. pagination code - FIXED
  18. how to pass an variable thats an array to a function
  19. Need help
  20. trying to get pagnation to work - FIXED
  21. Product page - help needed
  22. Using MySQL and PHP to extract from a DB
  23. check table cell for data before using it
  24. How to sort array of directory names into order based on file value
  25. mail() change the recieved from text ?
  26. Delete image php and mysql by checkbox
  27. converting md5 password to sha256 with salt
  28. Need help getting SOAP / Web Services working
  29. Creating a search engine and linking blog posts
  30. Conversion input - mysql - PDO
  31. Help, displaying database content with button
  32. User posts not making it through to the database intact
  33. Error - Forbitten on Submit Form
  34. Issue with variables
  35. Opencart Question
  36. Need help with a couple of CSS styles on Zencart sidebar "Categories"
  37. Powerstack PHP 5 framework
  38. rename uploaded image name to time stamp
  39. Problem with loop and $i
  40. Inserting on Submit
  41. run php script multiple times with different variables
  42. Successfully changed the password but can not login
  43. Plagiarism Checking Tool Help
  44. code works, needs to be reordered?
  45. redirect brings up page with outdated information
  46. Ajax Php Contact Form
  47. Find Character, Select Currency Code
  48. user last login date
  49. If statement for get_the_author (Wordpress)
  50. Resolved [Wordpress] Page excerpts instead of post excerpts on homepage?
  51. Dumping Text File From PHP Script
  52. Resolved Algorithms & for loops
  53. large data file process
  54. PDF methods
  55. php to export to csv over ssl wtf?!
  56. php POST
  57. Help with converting page to MSQLI
  58. Resolved Pass the results of a query to another method
  59. PHP pull images
  60. Copy files from one folder to another
  61. Detect if link opened in new tab or window or direct url access
  62. Help with PHP form...thank you :-) (code)
  63. Echoing all images uploaded (max of 10)
  64. click on the button to run php code and echo result
  65. Error message on my website
  66. How to create a Form to Populate "Junction Table"?
  67. How do I edit a mixed html/php file in Komodo?
  68. Having problems with my PHP code -Beginner-
  69. fwrite entry limit.
  70. Blank response in XML WebService
  71. Need help displaying every other user
  72. Display code on page with colours
  73. insert mysql select query with php, empty variable?
  74. Consistency Across Sessions
  75. Payment from DB entered into loop
  76. Loading PHP file into DIV via AJAX
  77. vTigerCRM Backup and PHP Script -HELP
  78. Changes from MySQL 5.0 to 5.5 (show image with PHP?)
  79. Dynamically Created Due Dates from ONE db file
  80. comment's on security
  81. Querying two tables in OOP?
  82. How do I find out what 302 was used to get to my site?
  83. select value ofcombobox2 from combobox1
  84. How I can call restful web services efficiently
  85. Selecting the data between two date
  86. Resolved Posting values with dynamically created elements
  87. php & mysql error! help!
  88. Sorting and displaying a large member list
  89. PHP recursion vs. AJAX polling
  90. How to Structure OO PHP
  91. How to post to wall from website using facebook API?
  92. Resolved excel date format to sql date
  93. PHP Program Some Error
  94. Process Huge XML file. 250MB file
  95. How to Target a Specific PHP Element with CSS?
  96. New to this please give me some guidance
  97. API Responses
  98. Make strtotime have 00:00:00?
  99. Unexpected elseif PHP result
  100. Making URLs clickable
  101. SolveMedia captcha help..
  102. mail() and ini file
  103. Search query help
  104. Help! Syntax Error Insert query
  105. PHP math calculation for WooCommerce
  106. How to have index.php load different content
  107. premium script
  108. Zend Framework modular application and preDispatch
  109. Streamlining repetitive code
  110. PHP Form Validation Help
  111. auto email Please Help!
  112. tool for page performence and page load
  113. Does "force resize" chew up bandwidth?
  114. php to read a csv file and display it
  115. What is the best way to handle if statements?
  116. Please help to var_dump debug in php
  117. inserting sql output rows to excel file
  118. session question
  119. how to make this login php script more secure
  120. PHP Form (display submitted data)
  121. User and Client ID dynamically added to database
  122. Working with Categories & Sub-Categories
  123. Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated
  124. PHP/MYSQL query result iteration with additional task
  125. Display sign-in form only once
  126. SQL Column as link
  127. PHP - Extract and print from MySQL
  128. wordpress widget
  129. How can I make a link out of this...
  130. Resolved xmlToArray function not working - generating errors and breaking code
  131. Simple secret code validator
  132. I do not want email address validated
  133. if( eval('$var >= 5') )
  134. How do you shuffle arrays? (i.e. between $arr1, $arr2 or $arr3)
  135. XML Coding to MAKE XML Feed appear on Page
  136. pagination for order by price issue
  137. Creating Coordinates on a background map using MySQL
  138. simple form question
  139. Contact form mail php file
  140. simple noob trouble
  141. Best way to encrypt data in php
  142. help me ziparchive
  143. ISP Banned Pages
  144. Import / replace variables from external file
  145. Resolved PHP mysql update row syntax error
  146. Resolved Error 1064 - Query works when copy and pasting
  147. Php Problem
  148. remove id index number from database in php
  149. Basic PHP Question regarding | am guessing tables ?
  150. Chronforms PHP custom code issue
  151. create row on per timing
  152. Regarding fsocket in php
  153. check user in database
  154. need script to copy unsecured folder of other site
  155. Display Posted By [Username]?
  156. Php feed help please
  157. Image Resize Squared
  158. user already exists error in php PDO
  159. Is this safe? How to sanitize?
  160. Converting mysql to mysqli -newbie.
  161. mysqli_error() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given
  162. getting data from database according to the user selection
  163. ecommerce payment module
  164. How to compare these 2 arrays
  165. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DNUMBER in
  166. Slideshow Images Resizing
  167. PHP Issue with Wordpress Ecommerce site
  168. Following a Shopping Cart PHP /MYSQL tutorial but got an error. Any ideas?
  169. Looping through a results set in OOP?
  170. Best php content management system?
  171. How to stop my PHP files being indexed
  172. Confused about Remote Test Servers
  173. Adding a div class
  174. Resolved Displaying data linked from two MySQL Tables
  175. iframe problem
  176. Applying two PHP functions to a piece of data
  177. Best way to compare input data vs database data
  178. detect native/stock Android browser User Agent string via PHP
  179. Resolved PHP foreach loop in SQL query
  180. SimpleXML & html entities = strange characters
  181. Placing MySQL data onto HTML webpage
  182. PayPal - IPN having problems
  183. What is wrong with this code snippet
  184. Quick help needed please!
  185. Algorithms for social networking sites?
  186. Easy help needed..
  187. OOP required for college-level social networking site?
  188. PHP & ajax (foreach loop)
  189. how to add ajax in joomla component page
  190. Adding directory of selected image to mysql
  191. Values won't take effect
  192. database empty query
  193. PHP simple shopping basket
  194. video playing
  195. PayPal payments to update database
  196. Logging a http post by a PHP script
  197. Basic OOP question
  198. inline echo sum of 2 variables possible?
  199. Having problem with resend form
  200. Problem with logging out
  201. Adding passwords to profiles via php
  202. Update or Delete profile in php
  203. php form not sending data
  204. Error in php coding please help
  205. Limit Concurrent User Access
  206. form cookie option
  207. PHP Motion Vs Joomla
  208. php contact form works but dont recieve email
  209. PHP Script issue (quiz script)
  210. Product table through to item listing
  211. date field problem in PHP form
  212. Question about the basics of MVC
  213. PHPMailer not working since Windows migration
  214. 2 or more marks in google maps
  215. A little help needed
  216. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
  217. [PHP] Profile section help
  218. Pdo help
  219. CMS Shop - storeadmin
  220. Email
  221. Need to send data to sql from div which is dynamically generated with javascript
  222. Turning $_POST into $_SESSION??
  223. php form not sending email
  224. array
  225. scraping the data from website
  226. Problem Setting Sessions
  227. Additional inputfields by certain values
  228. Disable Checkbox
  229. Advice to a n00b pls - regarding PHP Framework
  230. How to setting up online store website using Magento
  231. php login help
  232. New game using php coding
  233. Creating PDF's
  234. PHP Framework
  235. Passing multiple variables from a dropdown menu
  236. Rename uploaded image
  237. pdo dynamic query based upon form values
  238. modify database
  239. Query is creating one record for every image attached to a row in for each loop
  240. Image displaying
  241. PHP/SQL dropbox stuck
  242. Checkbox Toggle
  243. empty directory: invalid argument for foreach
  244. Form not pullling over Data.
  245. Hide warning errors
  246. HTML / PHP form
  247. Conditional passing , but output is being skipped and returns a false result.
  248. Can't Figure out Error in Php/Html Form
  249. please help me on integrating paypal using paypal class files
  250. Gnerate a PDF file with PHP?

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