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  1. Looking for a web designer
  2. Web designer for my template
  3. Web master wanted
  4. game images
  5. CodeInstitution
  6. Android And IOS App Development
  7. Looking for Perl or Python Script Developer
  8. Excel spreadsheet project
  9. need a tracking script willing to hire
  10. Looking to hire experienced freelance Wordpress designer
  11. Need a code to get email when a button is clicked on my website
  12. Multiple drag and drop textfields withing html canvas tool
  13. Multiple drag and drop textfields withing html canvas tool
  14. i need a bot
  15. Finding Nginx and Perl Developer
  16. Re: PHP coder needed, easy work.
  17. Need a coder for making 3d menu for web
  18. Looking for people for a projekt :)
  19. PHP script to use saved DB info to manipulate a webpage
  20. Time sampled web scraping into database
  21. Seeking freelance & motivated javascript writer looking to make a quick dollar
  22. Simple Scraping Project
  23. spelbladet.se search some feedback and hints
  24. Custom Magento Development
  25. Paid: Facebook page
  26. Custom Magento Development
  27. Booking system
  28. Wordpress Responsive Theme Required
  29. Please Help!
  30. Make a referral link and paypal payment for sidebar
  31. looking for a coder [PAYING]
  32. Need Help; .JS/.JSON, Easy Update/Fix. Will Pay!
  33. NEED HELP: Java script, wsdl, Soap, MSISDN
  34. Call Me Back Today
  35. Call Back Request Form
  36. Javascript that returns a random number, from a PREDEFINED list of number.
  37. Order Form and Conformation pages needed
  38. Simple website (Html/Css maybe javascript)
  39. Need coding help
  40. Text based mafia game
  41. Search a Java/Html/Css/php coder for a article site
  42. Car Dealer PHP/Database needed.....
  43. PHP/Jquery CSS color editor / selector
  44. Co-Registration Landingpage
  45. PHP Image Processing and GD
  46. Webcam html page
  47. Looking for Php programmer
  48. Write anti adblocker script
  49. Paid Job - Simple JSON api implementation
  50. Wanting assistance creating a Mobile APP
  51. Sprites needed. Pay involved.
  52. I Need help tracking software installs + user value
  53. 2 wordpress plugins - Paid Job
  54. Multi Forum Hosting Script
  55. Website suggestion needed
  56. Require a comprehensive form to be built for user submission.
  57. Female Gaming Community
  58. PHPFox Development Project
  59. Need help with a small php project. Willing to pay.
  60. Make Web Site Functional
  61. Custom script needed - I pay via PayPal
  62. Twitter radius search using current location
  63. LF someone with good knowlede in scripting WILL PAY for project
  64. making a mac replica of an .exe
  65. Hotel Booking Help
  66. Resolved Will pay $200 for help today - Urgent!
  67. Custom Firefox Addon to be developed
  68. Coder needed, HTML, CSS
  69. CHARITY HELP NEEDED: Annotations & Videos Uploading Features for JWplayer (Free AD 4u
  70. Twitter bootstrap template needed
  71. PHPBB - need to show forum threads on home page (Index) when forum has no subforums
  72. Can anyone make an aimbot for uberstrike that will work on a mac
  73. Phpbb theme needs bugs fixing
  74. pay per click management services in Delhi
  75. Need an embeddable widget
  76. psd to drupal
  77. Template Customization, Image Upload Hex, More...
  78. Cookie-based page anchor/bookmark script needed
  79. PHP work on ecommerce site wanted - will pay
  80. Personal Portfolio Site
  81. talent calculator
  82. 2 PHP/XML Scripts
  83. Help installing oauth
  84. Help : Tiny Login Script
  85. Looking for addon maker
  86. PSD to HTML & php script integrating
  87. Open several images inside one image
  88. Program photo editing
  89. Simple? Mozilla Add-on
  90. Redesign/functionality job (wordpress) 400$
  91. Tweak Affiliate Script
  92. Search Engine
  93. Coder required to write a PayPal Subscription code.
  94. User Registration & profile management
  95. User Registration and profile management needed
  96. Experienced Coder needed.
  97. User Registration & profile management
  98. Simple PHP Order Form
  99. Volusion Store - Product Review
  100. Volusion Store - Shopping Bag Feature
  101. Coders required, PHP, HTML (Basic Design Layout)
  102. help with an app store
  103. Looking for PHP programmers.
  104. Gaming Ladder Website
  105. high scoring on website
  106. help with my website..
  107. Need script/program [Paying!]
  108. C++ Progrqammer Needed ASAP!! [Paid Job]
  109. Photoshop Web Mockup
  110. Project involving PHP, SQL, and Javascript
  111. Basic database system needed please. Needed Urgently. Will pay immediately
  112. Need Java Script Written for Website features
  113. Need help with a small project!
  114. Need a website mack-over and some new add-ons
  115. Help needed 10% of all profit will go to you forever!
  116. Need a coder for a new website
  117. Looking for a coder!
  118. Any designers good with CSS layouts ?
  119. Looking for a coder
  120. looking for a 'simple' private messaging system
  121. Direct Integration with Worldpay for eCommerce Site
  122. Dragon Wars - Need Programmer To Complete Nearly Finished Java Game
  123. payment calculator
  124. LPG fuel calculator
  125. Xenforo Forum Mod
  126. Need help in Singapore
  127. Looking for someone to create a mobile CSS file for my site.
  128. Need a coder for a few project multiple program skills needed.
  129. need a webdeveloper to make a site
  130. Proxy Voting
  131. Looking for Junior Programmers (PHP,HTML, MySQL, JavaScript and AJAX only)
  132. New Web Site Project - Immediate Start
  133. shopping site modification
  134. Paid Forum Posters Needed
  135. search engine script
  136. Barter- your coding for...
  137. Looking for a good Web developer/programmer to JV with
  138. Full websign
  139. Need a program to read an encrypted txt, apply a cipher, and return an uncrypted txt
  140. PHPBB ucp.php Help
  141. Looking for good, dedicated coder.. need to know php!
  142. Need coding to retrieve and compile external data
  143. Website Design Project
  144. Need A ShopperPress - Premium Press Wordpress Site updating
  145. Looking for a WordPress developer
  146. Rss to Facebook wall posting script
  147. Easy 30$ do to little PHP
  148. Site design/layout , logo as well ?
  149. [[WTH]] Experianced Javascript Programmer
  150. need a script php, curl
  151. Looking for someone that can make a RNG unrandomizer if possible.
  152. ZipTimeTracker.com beta testers
  153. Looking for Projects
  154. PERL Coder
  155. Need Paypal shopping cart integrated into current site layout
  156. Need Coder
  157. Freelance job: Add features to site (mysql+php)
  158. HTML targeted data to XML (Excel)
  159. PHPfox module creation/adaptation/fixes
  160. Looking for a Programmer for Wordpress
  161. Copy and rename dir from form submission
  162. Team Ranking Page
  163. Need someone to make an html register and login
  164. Custom Pop-up for our e-commerce store
  165. programmer who is good with Amazon
  166. Need a coder for an avatar forum.
  167. Small project: Backup application
  168. Will pay for a form.
  169. Need Help with Photoshop logo design [ Willing to pay ]
  170. IPN Paypal & Shopping Cart Integration
  171. New Project
  172. Coding Job Required: Web hosting form service:
  173. MySQL Programmer
  174. Custom tag filter
  175. [PAYING WELL] Forum Bot and interactive forum Images [PAYING WELL]
  176. Seeking Web Designer for Wordpress eComm dating website
  177. Help with auto video embedding php script
  178. Resolved PHP Programmer needed to compare CSV file to MySQL Database $50
  179. PHP/MySQL Programmer Wanted To Work Existing Project.
  180. Signature Generator
  181. Talent Calculator Script
  182. [BUY] Need to develop a MMOCC
  183. Jquery & Ajax
  184. Help Finishing my Site
  185. smarty php, java, sql php melody web programer needed
  186. Need help with Yahoo! Drag & Drop Utility
  187. I pay someone to write me a script related to aggregation models
  188. Javascript CSS Rollovers - Job Opportunity
  189. Google Checkout
  190. Project: Fleamarket Booking Tables
  191. Auto Torrent Downloader And Poster Bot
  192. Payment System!
  193. Looking for someone to create an Anti-Cheat
  194. E Tickets
  195. Web quiz maker
  196. PHP/MySQL Programmer Wanted To Work Remotely On Existing Project.
  197. web designer needed
  198. Building a social networking site from scratch or using a social networking script?
  199. Looking for a java coder
  200. need a programmer to create application server
  201. I'd like to pay for a script please
  202. Javascript rewrite.
  203. PSD to HTML.
  204. Framing Company Looking for Programmer
  205. Flash player that records
  206. Resolved Thanks *****New CMS ecommerce website
  207. PHP/MySQL & API Programmer Needed
  208. Web analytics Service
  209. automating desktop software on windows please
  210. New Website Needed
  211. PHP/MySQL Coder - Reaction Page
  212. Javascript Project: Introductory University level
  213. Javascript Paid work for anyone interested
  214. Article Scraping / Spinning / Submitting
  215. Basic web developer / long term / small to medium jobs
  216. Web Developer / Build a WORDPRESS from PSD
  217. Need develop for PTC/war game idea...
  218. Paid Forum Posters Needed
  219. ASM / C++ coder need for a private work
  220. webform plus logging
  221. Looking for php programmer
  222. Convert FLASH site to HTML
  223. Web Developer needed
  224. Flash Coder Needed ASAP
  225. Programmer for Startup
  226. Algorithm design - C coder
  227. Need a Flash Widget made ASAP
  228. need pop up to display picture and contact info on map
  229. I need a money hungry programmer
  230. vBulletin Skin Coding Project
  231. Advanced number generator computer applicatoin
  232. Web Designer Needed
  233. Need Website Designed - Please Help
  234. Need Android Developer
  235. Need help setting up Zend FW & PHPDocumentor (on Shared Hosting Acct (Hostmonster))
  236. Need help and cooperating on iOS and Android app
  237. Cakephp Expert coder for Agriya Script
  238. Game Ladders Online
  239. Live chatbox or ticker solution required
  240. Program that records gameplay stats (pc)
  241. Resolved Looking for someone to solve Jquery Slider that cannot be seen in IE, Chrome & Opera
  242. Small Healthcare website needed
  243. script to check for new posts on forum topics
  244. Setup method to send a receive xml data via https post
  245. Wedesigner needed!
  246. Need CSS Guru (WordPress)
  247. Webdesign,HTML wanted
  248. Need a site coder and designer
  249. flash and php integration
  250. Need Program ASAP

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