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  1. CGI Script to play an mp3 on click
  2. Messenger server client
  3. See if you can figure this one out
  4. help please
  5. location for specific type of search script
  6. Modify
  7. just a question
  8. Help!
  9. How much can a variable will hold?
  10. Looking for a free CGI Business Directory
  11. Question on Unix
  12. Using ="$ENV{'REMOTE_HOST'}"
  13. Excluding a range of numbered files in Search
  14. Cgi Forms
  15. script for calculating holidays and time off etc
  16. CGI email script
  17. newbie: print a logo to html page using cgi
  18. Premature end of script headers:
  19. sending a variable to a page
  20. New and need some assistance please
  21. First timer needs help with CGI information
  22. publish-time conditionals in mod_perl/Mason?
  23. Downloadable/Uploadable script
  24. Filehandles problem
  25. Sending perl generated html page to file + on web
  26. Change server side include based on day of week
  27. Looking for a good Cgi Forum
  28. - "Urgent...deadline tomorrow!"
  29. Perl on Windows.
  30. Calling subs in a cgi script
  31. cgi help
  32. Perl Editors
  33. installation problems
  34. email script
  35. Forms ????
  36. Image adding to gallery by users
  37. wget problem
  38. Is there a script that one can use for
  39. How Do I Limit The Number Of Characters?
  40. email forms - bcc?
  41. HTML output w/ variable! please help!
  42. perl debugging HELP!!
  43. retaining login info.
  44. Form handler problem
  45. Data between scripts
  46. Perl Sessions / Cookies
  47. HTTP_REFERER from a CD?
  48. Login&protected area scripts
  49. Read HTML from URL problem
  50. Need Help with Forum Script
  51. improve on this pattern match?
  52. Concatinate values to make date
  53. columnar data -> table
  54. Executing a (CGI) perl program from another one
  55. Question regarding perl script naming convention...
  56. Image Sorter
  57. Two Questions - Time - Apache!
  58. Tables and Forms
  59. SSI Includes inside .htm Perl Template Files
  60. Need help!! with cgi bin
  61. Must be smokin' the heavy stuff...
  62. How do I run a Perl program?
  63. Exec PLEASE HELP!
  64. SOAP::Lite question
  65. How to email attachments?
  66. removing '.' and '..' from readdir
  67. Session IDs?
  68. Horseland training script help
  69. "Rate an Artilcle" Poll Script --Anyone have one?
  70. Content Management
  71. Using CGI::Session
  72. how to read contents of a folder into an array?
  73. Hanging Perl Scripts
  74. How to create an Access DB
  75. form to save an html page
  76. question about SOAP::LITE
  77. Internal server error
  78. Mailing List/Form Processing
  79. executing .exe files from cgi or perl
  80. Image gallery with u/l possibility for users
  81. Guestbook CGI needed! Help!
  82. SENDMAIL program problem
  83. Help with setting up a Forum.
  84. Help with ImageMagic module
  85. Not sure what or how to do this
  86. send HTML email with pictures
  87. gather data from pop-up
  88. Looking for good cgi script! help!
  89. how to use the send mail prg.
  90. Application error w/ nms formmail...help!
  91. How do I change Perl '$date' format??
  92. How to insert CGI Script Result into HTML?
  93. sending email on Win32
  94. cgi form processing internal error
  95. uninitialized value in concatenation (.)
  96. spaces in perl scripts
  97. Charts
  98. Send mail code not sending e-mail
  99. time spent viewing site for paid email
  100. timer for paid email
  101. Newfile How
  102. running python cgi on PWS.
  103. taking the first, say, 200 characters
  104. A simple place/replace script
  105. Do you know any Perl 5 free online tutorials?
  106. How do I choose to either delete or have e-mail sent when editing guestbook entries?
  107. Seeking: news displayer with ability for reg. users to comment/rate
  108. mysql & cgi help!
  109. missing . in variable
  110. Can't locate iConfig.pm in @INC
  111. Is there are site search script like this?
  112. reading file contents into a textarea
  113. Perl Offline
  114. Upload File Script...can't find the file once the form is submitted
  115. I only wanted to be able to look at photos enlarged on the fly
  116. How can I send notification to sender on cardsite
  117. E-Cards CGI cut and paste?
  118. Why Malformed header in 9 lines of code
  119. Log in script
  120. help with this counter, please...
  121. Time based includes
  122. Renaming files before upload
  123. flash form
  124. sendmail not processing completely
  125. An easy form handler
  126. subscribe me
  127. Need help with uploading script
  128. ceil function?
  129. perl array and looping question
  130. I need a sample
  131. GD::stringTTF
  132. CGI question- Illegal division by zero?
  133. Perl Binmode()
  134. Help with Sendmail/formmail
  135. flock() stopped in the middle
  136. Premature End of Script Headers
  137. Simple form script
  138. Send a form as an html formatted email
  139. Getting paramters from HTML form
  140. Trouble with Guestbook Script
  141. need hlep with my "remove" script
  142. user pre-authentication
  143. formMail w/ multiple subjects?
  144. Can one CGI monitor outcome of another CGI?
  145. Dynamic date in title bar - how is this done
  146. Cgi question
  147. 500 Error Messages
  148. Aiee!
  149. Mail Question
  150. pro bono request - Bird db
  151. Sorting special characters (with accents, etc)
  152. call cgi w/o leaving page, then writing something back to page.
  153. Calling CGI from a frame and Displaying results in another
  154. script for logging to a file from html form
  155. WebBBS
  156. cgi script not working
  157. Installing Perl on Win98
  158. Question with regular expressions.
  159. uploading a file with a form
  160. problem with perl ??
  161. Searching inside a string
  162. imap cgi module...
  163. Online users with CGI or Java script
  164. Post mail Question
  165. How do I insert HTML code into formmail confirmation page?
  166. Shopping Cart
  167. Upload image PHP - CGI
  168. CGI banner rotator links not working....
  169. how to implement autoresponder?
  170. Sendmail / CGI confusion - help needed please
  171. Perl Compiler?
  172. email form help
  173. Help on installing
  174. How to safe russian text in a CGI textfile
  175. running Perl/CGI Scripts on standalone computer
  176. Hiding .txt files
  177. HTTP_REFERER: want to reflect where the user came from.
  178. How to call a CGI script within HTML
  179. CGI for membership sites
  180. E-mail script that thanks with person's name for subscribing?
  181. Forking Problems
  182. modding a script..
  183. How exactly do you chmod files?
  184. GCI help how to figure out where the data is going
  185. newbie trying to learn question
  186. Removing a line in a data base
  187. Using .htaccess to parse CGI output for SSI
  188. Queston for the books,, Time managment
  189. Want to purchase a script but ...
  190. Routing e-mail based on which box is checked.
  191. Address like "http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/script.cgi/var1/value1/var2/value2"
  192. Access oracle dbase
  193. Path
  194. Cookies Expiration Date
  195. questions in multiple pages???
  196. topsite scripts in cgi/perl?
  197. Local Site Search Facility Needed Please
  198. how do i test my own perl script?
  199. Path problem
  200. Cookies Write and Read
  201. help with a pipe seperated file.
  202. Help on installing a cgi script
  203. server side link monitoring
  204. writing to a php document
  205. problem to exec a local command
  206. E-mail form script
  207. SEARCH problem
  208. Perl DBI - MySQL question
  209. Pattern Matching Help
  210. Flat Data base
  211. Explanation of usage of fork() in Perl please
  212. Guestbook CGI help
  213. Chat Help
  214. SSI for making a random Header
  215. download and installation iis 5
  216. Help on checking for a Win in Tic Tac Toe
  217. Copy file command?
  218. Perl & Mysql
  219. Newsletter
  220. Sort order in mail form
  221. Newbie help - Reading files into script
  222. Uninitialized value problem
  223. looking for script
  224. Content-type: application/binary and setting file name
  225. NeoMail
  226. Perl Format and carriage returns
  227. ftp using cgi script
  228. Need help on quiet a big challange
  229. Simple Problem
  230. allow localhost/ip-address and deny all with htaccess
  231. HTTP Cookies? how to write them?
  232. Checking Usernames in a DB file
  233. personals site cgi problem
  234. My Form CGI doesn't work, please help
  235. Looking for scripts
  236. Simple Banner Rotation script not working
  237. FormMail will not send
  238. site search script
  239. Passing Variables.....
  240. Script being called
  241. Anti Leech
  242. Signup/Login Members Script
  243. using javascript in a shtml page - help?!?
  244. CGI Wrestling match
  245. Perl CGI Login/Password Scripts
  246. Can someone customize a script?
  247. File Fiddling Foulup
  248. Requiring Pages
  249. Another newbie
  250. Replacing Text

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