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  1. Looking for some coders
  2. Looking for a Business Developer (Web Design/Development) (USA)
  3. Looking for a Web developer to join our team!
  4. Looking for someone to learn with coding with. PHP, MYSQL, CSS , Javascript
  5. Any Pro js / client side developer for partnership / JV ?
  6. Forum owners - Team request
  7. Back-end coder looking for front-end coder/web designer for a partnership
  8. Seeking programmer for state website
  9. Looking for designer
  10. Looking for team to help build a game
  11. Seeking programmers
  12. Content Specialist+Designer looking for programmer for Business Project Collaboration
  13. javascripter wanted for small project
  14. ~~ Looking for people ~~
  15. 3D Game Engine
  16. Looking for an experienced website developer
  17. **** ecig forum
  18. Help with update of deprecated meta search script PHP parsing
  19. developers needed for an open source, non-profit project
  20. Looking To Launch Products w/ Facebook - WP Plugin - Software Developers
  21. Looking for web designers and coders
  22. Learn it! <3
  23. cursetube.com search a coder and designer to make a new movie/picture tube
  24. Need experienced coders
  25. Game concept need developer
  26. Project partner wanted.
  27. Looking for Back End coded PHP SQL a must
  28. Search a coder and designer for a new game site
  29. Search second coder to filmbladet.se
  30. looking for some Talented individuals to work together
  31. Python Coder for Minecraft Control Panel
  32. Real Estate Online Business
  33. Co-developers sought for non-profit website: PHP(+Symfony2),Frontend,Design,Translat.
  34. Need a PHP/MySQL dev to create a small web app for me!
  35. Need a help with a project. Needing PHP and MySQL support!
  36. ECommerce Store PHP Dev Partnership - %
  37. Social Networking- Business Partner
  38. Looking for business partnership(s)
  39. I am looking for a web development partner
  40. Looking for help on projects
  41. I urgently need help in learning how to program
  42. Partner needed for browser based multiplayer crime game
  43. Project needs php Jedi help !
  44. livestream (web broadcast) TV Guide - An open, community driven project
  45. searching coder for network site
  46. Looking for web developer for art web idea
  47. PHP Coding
  48. For web video player programmers / developers
  49. Developer looking for designer to partner with
  50. Galactic conquest game, needs PHP/ASP coder
  51. Job Opening
  52. Simple Validator Class
  53. Offer from a Graphic Designer
  54. Competitive gaming platform needs - Back-end Web Developer
  55. The next BILLION DOLLAR idea??????
  56. Help needed with a Project
  57. Help Needed! Looking for Android and IOS developers!
  58. Looking for partnership with an experienced web-developer
  59. Needing a Coder for vBulletin forum
  60. need PHP coder to write functions for new website
  61. writer
  62. Partnership for solution
  63. Looking for a webdesigner and an illustrator for my browser-based MMO strategy game
  64. Looking For Development Team
  65. Seeking rockstar developer for partnership
  66. Developer needed for "simple" iOS game
  67. Need Team to finish " Million Dollar Frenzy"
  68. Coder wanted for mobile/tablet projects
  69. My big idea:
  70. Looking for a partner to build a Content Case Management System
  71. Looking to partner up for a unique website start up.
  72. Looking to form group for web idea
  73. Looking to Partner with Coder (Gaming Scene)
  74. Web designer needed
  75. Seeking web programmer/designer partner
  76. We are looking for teck-blogger!
  77. LF Designer for small golf tracker web app
  78. Seeking Voulenteer HTML5 or Flash Programmer
  79. Partner for Latin America business classifieds site-php css html seo 25% ownership!
  80. Looking for help with Mobile Application
  81. JavaScript or web related blog team.
  82. Browser Extension Expert Required
  83. Game developers Wanted
  84. Need help with small fixes on our community
  85. Seeking PHP Yii/Cake developer
  86. Looking for: PHP/Developer for web browser based RPG / Community game
  87. Creating a game from scratch (JOGL)
  88. interested in making a web app or site with someone
  89. need help for new website idea
  90. New Social Networking Site
  91. need coder for developing new website
  92. Java Script Coder For A Unique Social Network That Has Not Yet Hit The Market
  93. We are looking for a senior ASP.NET developer to join our team.
  94. I provide FREE Dedicated Server ($100/month worth) for Decent Project
  95. Programmer needed for iOS project
  96. Looking for Programmer for Startup
  97. Looking for serious partnership within the U.S for social networking website
  98. PERL Programmer interested in website partnership ?
  99. In need of a PHP developer for PPD!
  100. Programmars interested in equity partnership?
  101. Resolved Project recruiting!
  102. Need Programmers/Coders for gaming project
  103. A Startup People Want - Seeking PHP Programmer
  104. Group of Developer startup's looking for partner
  105. New social network!
  106. Web Associate Position
  107. Looking for coders to join our professional programming team! Earn money on work.
  108. Need help on fun projects
  109. Developer for E-Sports Related Project
  110. Looking for some Programmers/Coders to Build an Interactive RPG with me
  111. Javascript God Needed ASAP
  112. 3-way link exchange
  113. Looking for a hot shot developer!
  114. New Cloud Service Solution for mobile and web
  115. File Hosting Site
  116. free web host project
  117. Looking for Java Volunteer
  118. Websited Idea-Web Programmer- Troll Social Network
  119. Java Script Expert
  120. Someone Who Knows Good Java Script
  121. Looking for a great coder who has time
  122. Serious idea, Looking for partnership huge potential
  123. Developer/Partner Social
  124. Giving away our blog...Are you motivated to share your ideas?
  125. Looking for a great web developer with time for new project.
  126. Buy, Sell, Trade Broken Stuff Website Partner
  127. Needed: Helpers To Make the Best Gaming Forum Possible
  128. Video Trim Script
  129. A Web Designer For A Social Network
  130. Needed: Web developer for startup company in the social media & political space
  131. Web designer needed in melbourne
  132. This is not just another Media Query script!
  133. I need a Web Designer
  134. Need partner for future gaming forum
  135. everyvote.org global democracy facilitation platform video intro/design docs
  136. Small Dev. Team - Websites and Software
  137. Looking for a website developer
  138. Looking for help - Website - Diablo 3
  139. Looking for a front end dev with an Idea
  140. Looking for Php Coder.
  141. I don't know how to code.
  142. I am searching for 2-3 programmers. (save your favourite stuff at one place)
  143. Social Network Project - I need coders
  144. Need Partner
  145. Need PHP MySQL developer - partnership
  146. Anyone want to go in on half? :)
  147. Design in exachange for equity...?
  148. Heroku add-on testers wanted
  149. Looking for qualified Coders!
  150. Looking for coding buddy
  151. Looking for a web developer to join my project
  152. UK based PHP Developer
  153. Seeking Developers
  154. Hi, want to join my project?
  155. Seeking Web Guru/CTO to partner in growing company
  156. want to take on ebay/paypal or just sell a simple concept to them?
  157. Need Programming Partner / Pet Based Site.
  158. Looking for Programmer / Offer Equity-Share
  159. Need Project Partner (WordPress/Tumblr/PHP)
  160. Startup looking for partner and Looking to developer and CTO
  161. Do you believe me?
  162. I'm in need of someone who knows php for a website
  163. I need a website built from the Ground up
  164. Makin a wapforum script lookIng for buddy to help
  165. Project collaboration/ partnership
  166. Looking for Equity Tech Co-Founder for Novel Deal Application
  167. need projects or partners in ASP.NET/PHP
  168. Loan domains developing
  169. tester needed
  170. coder
  171. Seeking Programmer for website in NY. Can be paid cash!
  172. PHP & SEO work - paid on commission?
  173. Seeking a Graphic Designer and Web Designer
  174. Serious Project
  175. Coder for SAS model needed (monthly fee or equity)
  176. Partnership WANTED
  177. Business Proposition
  178. Seeking Partner for Item Website
  179. Partnership Wanted
  180. Seeking Partner for Existing RPG Game
  181. Shark Lake project looking for partnership
  182. Open shark tank project
  183. Startup Company - Programmer partner needed!
  184. [Partner] New Advertising Website will need Expert Coder from the US
  185. Back-end coded wanted
  186. Equity partnership opportunity for new website for London with fantastic domain
  187. Partner Wanted to Code Free Classifieds Site
  188. Junior Java Coders interested in Game Dev wanted!
  189. Looking for web designer to create theme
  190. Looking for a Programmer/Long Term Partner, to build a business
  191. Experienced coder needed, big project.
  192. new web development company
  193. watch youtube videos
  194. Unique project collaboration (VB+PHP)
  195. Interested In Partnering? Plenty of Possibilities!
  196. Wanted: Entrepreneurial Technical Genius for Fun Times and World Domination
  197. PHP Developer Wanted For Partnership
  198. Toyota Camry Specifications Table
  199. Build a site called Open Testimonial
  200. Gaming Ladder Script (Gaming CMS)
  201. Looking for Chat Room Dev Team Members
  202. Wanted: PHP coder
  203. Ill code for free!
  204. RoR Developer | Photography & Fine Art Network
  205. Looking for a Team of Developers (Voluntary Work)
  206. Marketing experiment: 1 mio visitors with 5$ budget
  207. Need a coder (Paid)
  208. Need coder/developer partner
  209. Seeking (senior web developer and avid bridge player) for website partnership
  210. Looking for java coders!
  211. Super Coder / Website Designer Wanted!
  212. need a coder for online game
  213. Want to hire Coder,c++,game bypass....
  214. Coder For Blog Needed! [Paid]
  215. web developer partnership.
  216. Read: Text-Based Mafia Game
  217. Need Php coder
  218. [PHP] Seeking partnership for project
  219. Coder Wanted (texted based mafia game)
  220. Yes another social website
  221. Looking for PHP/MYSQL coder
  222. SERP Tool Collaboration
  223. SantStudios Looking for all kind of coders
  224. New code out on FB. How do i make something like this?
  225. Calling Zuckerberg (or older brother)
  226. Looking for Programmer for New Innovative Dating Website
  227. Long-term programming opportunity: Anti-cheat design and maintenance
  228. WordPress Plugin & Theme Mods
  229. Work for equity opportunity
  230. Help with new MMORPG
  231. Looking for a good coder who has time.
  232. Social Network Project searching for volunteers
  233. Apple iPhone App game programmer / animator required for collaborative project Sydney
  234. Looking for graphics artist
  235. Seeking to partner with a Website Developer for a Social Marketplace website
  236. Online Hacking Game
  237. Looking for PHP partner
  238. Offering services
  239. Looking for AJAX and JSON scripter
  240. SHOWCLOUD.tv - TV-shows streaming: call to devs!
  241. PHP Devloper Wanted!
  242. Adult Video Tube Site Seeking Infrastructure
  243. Looking for wordpressdeveloper partnership to update widgets/plugins (NL)
  244. Searching Developer + Designer for equity (+ cash?)
  245. PhP coder required
  246. Social Network Project- Coding/Design Partner(s) Needed
  247. Web Developer looking for partner to finish a few projects
  248. Seeking coders for discussion and possible partnership on business idea
  249. Text-Based MMORPG Coder - NEEDED!
  250. Business

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