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  1. [UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY] Looking for partner with vBulletin and SEO Skills/Knowledge.
  2. New Social Web Project with investment backing looking for a Talented Coder.
  3. Looking for a few volunteers for nonprofit charity website
  4. HUGE Opportunity/New Social Network
  5. Seeking web developer for partnership
  6. Looking for Php/Mysql Coder/Programmer.
  7. Looking for an experienced PHP Programmer
  8. PHP/mySQL expert who loves the Mopvie/TV biz
  9. Partner on a dating website
  10. Looking for partnership with HTML/CSS | Wordpress developer.
  11. Looking for Web Coder, giving partial ownership.
  12. Looking For A Coder/Designer To Become Business Partner
  13. Ladder Script Beta testers
  14. Need a back-end (PHP/MySQL/AJAX) programmer partner for my website...
  15. [hard-sell request] Voluntary web developers willing to join a webapp project
  16. Building the worlds next Paypal
  17. Looking For Partner-Web developer
  18. Work for Equity: Web dev for LA based startup
  19. Partner with Network Solutions® - Earn High Earnings for Referrals
  20. Phinder: yet another PHP/AJAX file manager
  21. Looking for coders/partners for Game Connecting
  22. Graphics coder need (for Mafia Online)
  23. Looking for Website Coder and Graphics coder
  24. Gaming Webdesign
  25. Translation team
  26. Habbo Fansite
  27. Looking for Website Team - Long Term
  28. PHP/MySQL coder looking for a partner
  29. looking for a partnership to make program to work alongside internet search boxes.
  30. Is it possible to find a sales-director / partner here?
  31. PhP Coder Required
  32. PHP Programmer & Web designer Business Opportunity
  33. Looking for Marketing Partner (Software Product)
  34. Need help on Simple web posting code
  35. Need a professional website coder to create enterprise website that's going major..!
  36. Website Programmer/Devoloper Required
  37. New Advertising Concept, Seeking developer (MySQL, PHP, Javascript/Flash)
  38. Looking for Developers.
  39. Programmer Wanted for Web 2.0 Site - http://iSLCollective.com
  40. [UNPAID]Seeking Programmers/Developers For The Sims Online Project
  41. Puzzle Challenge. Programmer Needed.
  42. A revolutionary Freelancing site Idea [Looking for a group of experts]
  43. Hobbyist game creators looking for partners
  44. Coding partner for MMA style game?
  45. Web designer for long-term partership / merger
  46. Web Forums Idea
  47. Web Designer looking for experience wanted - internship - portfolio building - exper
  48. Need Investors for Advertisement Enterprise Site 100% Unique IDEA!
  49. Looking for a Team of coders!
  50. Looking for a serious partner (project manager)
  51. Established company seeking partners for a solid project idea [Gaming]
  52. Seeking Dedicated PHP Developer
  53. Requesting Programmer for Game/Paying in Royalties
  54. Established Site, Need More
  55. Looking for talent for business partnership or employment
  56. Looking for extra techie to partner up with a stealth startup
  57. new magazine for developers
  58. Social Music Platform Requiring Developer Partnership
  59. Need a partner-coder for a new MyBB skinning site project
  60. Opportunities in the creative sector
  61. New Idea! Need Web Devs Help!
  62. Java Scripter required
  63. Looking for eCommerce Programmer/Partner
  64. Looking for programmers....!!!!
  65. Technical CoFounder/Lead Developer
  66. Looking for Partner w/ Programer team with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery, HTML skills
  67. Whakka Needs coders!
  68. Development Opportunity with Design Team
  69. Need a skilled web developer in exchange for equity
  70. LF Partner for Colaboration etc
  71. Onine gaming site needs a paartner
  72. 3D Modeler and UDK Programmer(s) needed
  73. Looking for a partner (AIR AS3)
  74. Looking for competent java programming partner
  75. Looking for partners on growing social network
  76. Looking for Partner who is Experienced in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScripting
  77. Kollaboze.com Looking for Kollaboraters
  78. "Same thing we do every night Pinky..."
  79. Looking for php coding help
  80. Business
  81. Seeking amateur/beginning web developers/designers
  82. Gaming League looking for Anti-cheat software coder
  83. Looking for a webdeveloper to a great business opportunity!
  84. Programmer/Partner for startup
  85. Programmer for interesting website idea...
  86. Invitation for Open Source Project
  87. Expanding RPG Needed
  88. Looking For Talented Coder as Potential Business Partner for Website Idea
  89. I need a little help
  90. Creative and Talented?
  91. Seeking a Programming Partner for a Mushroom Pet Site
  92. Have an idea for a website.
  93. Looking to Partner with a Programmer
  94. Programming help
  95. Company looking for Php/MySQL programmer for permanent partnership
  96. Help? I'm new and need a coder?
  97. Looking for Developer / Programmer
  98. Looking for a php programmer to collaborate with me on some web projects
  99. Looking for a Programmer/ Developerfor internet venture
  100. Lookign for a php coder to work for free
  101. Developer/business-mind seeking established browser-based games
  102. Web developer needed for browser-based MMO
  103. web programmer sought as a partner to develp new ways to generte revenue from interne
  104. Need PHP/MYSQL/Javascript programmers
  105. Looking for coder
  106. Game development company seeking dedicated web developer(s)
  107. VB.NET Coding Partner needed
  108. Are you the one?
  109. Looking for PHP (Probably) Coder
  110. Coder in Vegas or Los Angeles
  111. magazine already online / collaboration
  112. Million Dollar Idea
  113. Looking for a Coding Partner for a new Project
  114. LF Coding buddy(s).
  115. Anyone?
  116. Looking for developers, designers SQA testers
  117. Need Programmer for PHP/MySQL/HTML/Java
  118. semantic ratings and reviews database
  119. [Looking for Partner] $$ To be made! [Must know PHP/MySQL]
  120. Online Video Game (Need Coders, Artists)
  121. Start up, looking for Flash Game Programmer
  122. HUGE IDEA..Missing Help
  123. Looking for a partner in forum licensing (coding)
  124. PHP Forum signature generation script
  125. Partner(s) wanted
  126. Looking for a partner building my company website
  127. NetworkTECH
  128. Control Panel to run Game Servers (ready or new)
  129. Coder
  130. Looking for talented LEAD DEVELOPER to PARTNER
  131. I need a good programmer to help
  132. Graphic designer seeks partnership with web developer
  133. Please help. Need coder
  134. Experienced Game Staff of all types
  135. Drupal based CMS - Collaborators needed
  136. Looking for Marketing Partner - Small hosting website - 50% commission on all sales.
  137. Seeking Additional Team Member
  138. Looking for partners - mutual effort
  139. Programmer (Java, Javascript, MYSQL) / Partner Needed
  140. coder for site needed
  141. Python Coder Needed
  142. Need PHP developers
  143. Looking for Brilliant Web Engineer
  144. php developer needed for partnership
  145. L>Partner[Web Developer, Design], GamerzChute.com
  146. Ad network site looking for partner
  147. PROGRAMMERS needed for social site!!
  148. Looking for a partner.
  149. Looking for a chief programmer
  150. Los Angeles Business Partner Wanted
  151. Video Animator/Graphic Design
  152. Graphic design business looking to subcontract web developer.
  153. Developer needed for Football/Soccer website
  154. Activities Booking Engine Looking for Co-Programmer / Travel enthusiast
  155. Designer needed for gaming topsite
  156. Innovative Web Hosting Service, looking for a second developer
  157. Help needed with gaming league website
  158. Established Website Already Receiving 1.1 mil page views/day, 330,000 uniques per/day
  159. Looking for partners for social network
  160. expand website.
  161. Program idea; need help seeing making it happen
  162. Join our team today!! And be a part of history!!
  163. Ruby on Rails developer
  164. PHP Coders
  165. Facebook game creation talent needed
  166. Coders with a know how of Web Browser Development to partner the Advent Lite project.
  167. Developers/Designers needed to partner on developing new iPhone and Web apps
  168. VB Programmer Wanted - Lifetime Opportunity - Could be you!
  169. PHP coder/partner for a niche inside opportunity!
  170. Programmer 4 Portfolio Optimizer Web App
  171. Sr Web Developer Looking For Partner!
  172. New Start Up
  173. Web Designers & Developers needed
  174. Business Partner
  175. Fully Vested Partner Needed
  176. I need help with my script (profitable opportunity)
  177. Social Network Coder Needed
  178. Partner webmaster needed for a website about morality
  179. Seeking Coders for MMO Expansion of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
  180. Looking for experienced coder who lives in the NYC Metro area
  181. Partner of freelancer job site.
  182. Seeking PHP coder
  183. Art inspirational website
  184. New Website that Will Dwarf Facebook
  185. HypedSound: Social Music Platform Seeks CTO
  186. Game Engine Help
  187. Need Ideas and Partners
  188. Need webdesigner n' developer - Partner
  189. Looking for coder new or old
  190. Succesful Online Business Looking for Web Designer Partner
  191. Looking for a Partner in business
  192. Collaboration with a Developer.
  193. Seeking Programmer for TBSRPG Project
  194. lookinng for web designer
  195. Need partner to sell my services
  196. Fantasy League Website PHP/MySQL
  197. JV in a very lucrative website
  198. Need programmer for Web-Game.
  199. Webhost Looking for Partners (Web Designers,etc.)
  200. Learning PHP and want to boost your resume? Interested in working in a team?
  201. Seeking programmers to work with on an online business game
  202. Seeking two partners for online gaming project
  203. Secondlife Marketplace Script
  204. Looking for a JavaScript Developer
  205. Legal Form Software - Resolution Pending
  206. Seeking Web Developer/Designer (Amazing Design Skills)
  207. Looking for designers, coders, programmers and writers!!
  208. The Next Million Dollar Idea !!
  209. Know-it-all web developer/programmer needed...
  210. Denver, CO JavaScript programmer needed
  211. Looking for programmers who are willing to do a start up or do freelance work.
  212. Seeking Partner to Make Serious Money
  213. [Progfit Cut](PHP) Programmer Wanted
  214. Small Web-development team looking for partners
  215. Creating petsite - looking for coders
  216. Hiring Programmer for some work
  217. im a US Resident looking to partner with Writers
  218. Job in site maintenance for php developer
  219. Forum Networking Project
  220. Php Coder Developer needed
  221. Looking for Web Designer Partner
  222. Browser-game developer wanted
  223. Looking for a PHP coder
  224. Coder needed for browserbased game [javascript, php, ...]
  225. looking for a partner to develop MMORPG
  226. Web Developer needed
  227. Simple script required
  228. Web designer wanted for a profitable JV
  229. Pokemon Site project
  230. C# Programmer for RTS Game
  231. Looking for a partner web designer
  232. Looking for Partner for Mobile Advertising Company
  233. Developer/Designer partner needed.
  234. CSS / PHP - Wordpress Developer
  235. Harvard Law Entrepreneurial Venture
  236. Need developers
  237. Collaboration on a Volunteer Site against cyber bullying, war and crime.
  238. Start up collaboration
  239. Seeking very competent web designers and CSSers
  240. Collaboration Consortium Volunteer Project for new website platform project
  241. Looking for a PHP programming partner
  242. Coding partner needed
  243. 'Cloud' of Development
  244. Does anybody know how to code or design in web development?
  245. Hardware Graphics
  246. PHP & MySQL page creation
  247. The Synergy Project (Video Explanation)
  248. Startup game company needs PHP/SQL developers.
  249. Looking for a web coder/designer for a trade community.
  250. Seeking PHP/SQL codewriter

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