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  1. Tired of "headers already sent error?" here's a work around.
  2. How to display popular posts sorty by day, week, monthly, all (1 post)
  3. filename substring checker
  4. function to add st, nd, rd or th after a number.
  5. Array of 140 universal HTML colors
  6. Restore a demo database php mysql cron
  7. Checking if a user already exists
  8. Free Codeigniter & Bootstrap 3 Validation Contact Form Setup
  9. CygnusCrypt - letter scramble encryption
  10. Connecting to a Database with Video
  11. Easy Captcha Script
  12. [Script] How to Upload files to FTP Using PHP
  13. Useful PHP Image Uploader
  14. A most useful page.
  15. javascript tells php
  16. Easy Captcha script.
  17. Mini encryption engines.
  18. Maintenance Mode
  19. how to submit combine value of checkbox and textbox
  20. Fun with Printable-Puzzles (Revisited)
  21. Build a monthly HTML calendar with php and the bash shell cal function.
  22. Javascript Alert
  23. Retrieve Data from an Array the OOP Way
  24. Public Holidays in England and Wales as Julian Days
  25. Screens credit card transactions frauds
  26. Alphabetical Pagination That Uses Mysqli API
  27. Basic PHP Functions
  28. One Stop Shop: MySQL Abstraction Layer Class
  29. Switch between local and live
  30. php list images in directory
  31. WordPress 3.4.2 Exclude Category From Posts
  32. Get last folder in directory array
  33. google translate (no payed api)
  34. Deleting comment/forum posts without an admin panel
  35. FFMPEG Mini Library
  36. Real Time PHP Currency Converter Function
  37. Asynchronous GET/POST Requests (PHP5)
  38. Pipe bounced email!
  39. Formatting code for display in HTML
  40. Login echo array
  41. Named colors select box php
  42. Password, Salt, any length Random string Generator
  43. Multi-upload Script
  44. multidimensional_array_rand() - same as array_rand but for multidimensional arrays
  45. Passing Variables In a Hyperlink or Alt or Title ect.
  46. Using shell access.
  47. readable_implode() - adds the word "and" before the last array element.
  48. Nav bar - disabling current page link
  49. Check for spammers using stopforumspam.com database
  50. Multiple uploads with a single selection.
  51. 52 Playing Card Deck Random Hand Draw (7-Card) [With Images]
  52. InternetSecure Merchant Direct cURL PHP
  53. Wordpress plugin for add/edit/delete/listing records
  54. Upload Error Processing
  55. Find data 'This Weekend'
  56. Sample Javascript DOM code for Pagination
  57. A flexible GETTER Class.
  58. caret (^) to pow() function
  59. Online PHP Generator
  60. MySQL Connection
  61. Function to retrieve remaining time from two timestamps
  62. Simple MySQL PDO Wrapper
  63. How To Generate Random Passwords With PHP
  64. Checking an incoming IP against banned IP classes.
  65. Find File in Search Path with Permissions
  66. Checking Input Number Values
  67. EasyTPLR Script
  68. Check MySQL version
  69. my take on a better print_r() and var_dump()
  70. print_r wrapper
  71. New Website Hitcounter With Images
  72. OO Gallery based on a directory
  73. Image Cropping/Trimming and Resizing Tool (PHP & GD Library)
  74. OOP Calculator [Mac] (What you think about that code ?)
  75. [Mac]Simple PHP OOP Bank Class
  76. PHP MySQL class
  77. Password Validator
  78. Using Google Map V3 - Example of GPS Marking
  79. Quick Tutorial
  80. URL Lengthener
  81. Class: weight
  82. Secure minichat without mysql, javascript etc. Pure 100% PHP only.
  83. BBCode Parser
  84. Free Scripts - PHP Street Validation Commercial or Residential?
  85. PHP Scripts
  86. File Sender Script
  87. Date and time validation
  88. YouTube-to-MP3 conversion - PHP class and script
  89. MySQL Classes
  90. Usint Imagemagick identify to build a javascript array with PHP.
  91. Social Bookmarking!
  92. Yet Another Database Class
  93. Send SMS code
  94. CSV merging
  95. basic file upload class with validation
  96. Email Address Validation
  97. IP Address Validation
  98. First GD Experiment
  99. IRC Channel Bot
  100. Plugin includer
  101. Encryption Cypher
  102. ACTObfuscator - Open Source Free PHP Obfuscator
  103. MP3 upload form
  104. IRCBot (Dinkbot)
  105. Add ending slash
  106. Short URL Api Using bitly,isgd,hexio,digg,trim
  107. how to explore a directory with the php
  108. [tutorial]How To convert units of measurement from one unit or system to another
  109. Array generator.
  110. sanatise code
  111. PHP Class Loader
  112. Pagination Functions
  113. Chained Select Boxes using PHP / MySQL / AJAX
  114. EASY Form Validation + EMAIL
  115. auto fill database
  116. EASY Form Validation
  117. Invoice printing
  118. Update multiple rows in MySQL with checkboxes
  119. show database data one by one
  120. Custom Array Function
  121. php find a prime
  122. Easy Registration/Login system
  123. Retrieve ID of newly inserted record
  124. HTML Header Script
  125. Vertical text with PHP
  126. Add proper ending to number (st, nd, rd, th)
  127. Strip URL Function
  128. mressf function
  129. Verification before changes
  130. Hide your Files location , Hotlink
  131. JSI; JavaScript Image Conversion Functions
  132. Forgotten Password script - SIMPLE!
  133. Extracting a specific folder from a Zip on the server
  134. Accept Terms of use button.
  135. Pagination Functions
  136. PHP Game Corner [Need feedback and testing!]
  137. Easy User Comment
  138. func.displayCode.php
  139. unicode entity reference convert
  140. Simple Account Generator
  141. User Authentication Script For Vbulletin
  142. Image Textifier...
  143. Mr. Thumb ( Resize Class )
  144. MySQL Database PHP Class
  145. Square root script
  146. retrieve list of images, folders and docs on server
  147. remove comments from CSS
  148. Find all duplicates in a mysql field
  149. while to foreach array
  150. Recursive Directory removal
  151. Very Smart Swear Censoring Script
  152. PHP swearing smart censor
  153. Website Template (PHP OOP mixed with HTML)
  154. PageRank Calculator
  155. Simple Administrator Control Panel
  156. Folder Viewer
  157. PHP Prime Number Generator
  158. Youtube Video Information from URL
  159. PHP Smilie Function
  160. String Formatter with regular expression.
  161. Dynamic rotated text
  162. Pagination for beginners
  163. PHP function not validating
  164. Getting only the fields and data types you expect from a POSTed HTML form
  165. Private Message system
  166. Basic Text Class
  167. PHP Driven Percentage Bar
  168. needing feedback on contact form
  169. PHP5 Pagination
  170. Control a YouTube RSS feed with PHP
  171. Simple Hit counter
  172. Ban Ip Script
  173. PHP: Tell A Friend Script (very basic)
  174. Decoder for chunked transfer encoding
  175. Error backtrace
  176. Pseudo Global Variables using an Overloaded Singleton class
  177. Will it go through the Green Glass Door?
  178. "Moving" calendar
  179. mysql datetime reformat function
  180. This forum is JUST for sharing a completed PHP snippet. Questions go in the PHP forum
  181. Data Collections: [Doubly]LinkedList, Stack, Queue and PriorityQueue
  182. GPC Stripping Tutorial
  183. Fighting SPAMs With PHPMySpamFIGHTER
  184. pagination in php
  185. Security: PHP Login Info Checker (Login Cracker)
  186. Security: Php-Brute-Force-Attack Detector
  187. HTML & Text E-mail Made simple
  188. Two functions to live by
  189. Simple Template System Tutorials
  190. inlude() addon feature - finds the include file no matter where you are
  191. Cookie Fix
  192. Simple Shoutbox
  193. Super Simple Bad Word Filter
  194. Class for handling image uploads
  195. $_POST and $_GET variable setting
  196. Get Keyword Person Used on Google To Find Your Site
  197. squares
  198. Simple password generator
  199. Captcha
  200. Form Validation Class
  201. [CLASS] userControl
  202. Age calculation function
  203. Easy string matcher, commented.
  204. Simple spam removal.
  205. Uploader for newbie coders. Commented.
  206. Drag on BAT file
  207. File uploading problem in PHP with AJAX
  208. show page load time
  209. Image gallery display and slideshow viewer
  210. Dynamic Visitor Counter Sig
  211. Form Builder
  212. Guest Book - No Database
  213. Broadband Speed Testing
  214. Stock and currency quotes from Yahoo Finance
  215. tutorial - simple survey using pear DB
  216. Code Extensions I Always Use
  217. See if member is new within last month
  218. Generating more efficiant SQL
  219. Function to force download at certain speed
  220. Date of birth function
  221. ToMetric()
  222. Dynamic class extending.
  223. Database class / PHP database extension bridge.
  224. Database Class
  225. php MySQL online generator
  226. image validator
  227. Date MM-DD-YYYY ==> 24th June 1983
  228. random image
  229. 404 error page header showing as 200 status
  230. Comment class
  231. (Non-obvious) Email address validation
  232. Connecting to an IRC server with PHP
  233. Simple Log In Page, No SQL or Cookies.
  234. PHP 4 and 5 compatible source highlighter
  235. Send Email Function
  236. Read Directory with Class
  237. create time range by minutes, secs, or hours
  238. SimpleXML Object to Array
  239. inStr Function
  240. PHP Captcha revisited
  241. PHP File Upload that sends email to person of choice depending on upload directory.
  242. Build a plugin system into your application
  243. Caching with PhP
  244. Menu Class - Automatic Menus Using PHP
  245. Tab Image generation (version 1)
  246. PHP JSON Class v0.5
  247. generic calendar class
  248. MPTT Class
  249. Credit Card Class
  250. Color gradient function

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