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  1. Resolved XML XSL value-of
  2. using XML data in a HTML page
  3. rtl in xml
  4. Nesting of Elements?
  5. Table not showing??
  6. Converting excel data into simple xml format?
  7. Gap in site..not sure why..
  8. loading xml into an html page
  9. Atom RSS feeds: How do i pull out specific content?
  10. HTML class kickin' me
  11. New rule for XML forum
  12. Displaying XML with either html or PHP
  13. Reading RSS Files
  14. Store value of an xml element from many xml into an array
  15. Xbrl
  16. problems setting a variable in XML
  17. executing PHP within an XML document
  18. Change Output order of XML document
  19. Better / faster code
  20. xlink help
  21. warning: simplexml_load_file() error...
  22. XML, XSL, and AJAX
  23. xml link problems
  24. Resolved Xhtml validation error
  25. HTML + XML Simple Script
  26. XML Menu
  27. Referencing A Node, But Not Another Node in XSL
  28. Javascript & XML Problem
  29. Constructing queries in XQuery on the basis a DTD
  30. New to XML and completely confused. Any help welcome...
  31. Need To Download Files From An RSS Feed
  32. help with xml queries with x path
  33. Counting children
  34. xml newbie question - web development
  35. Combing two Xpath queries
  36. Please help (tatal noob)
  37. data island + browser help
  38. Characters remove {í}
  39. XML / PHP Problem
  40. Problems serving XHTML
  41. XPath select first child element
  42. XSL For Each Child Node
  43. Displaying XML Data on a web page
  44. td background image "no attribute"
  45. google news feed xml error
  46. XHTML+RDFa
  47. I donít get why RSS feeds and XML
  48. XML News Sitemap Question?
  49. Putting an image source in XML
  50. XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
  51. Learning XML: Using data for simple calculations
  52. swf smilies
  53. Variables
  54. xml from affiliatefuture.com
  55. Schema -- add maxlength to complexType
  56. Need help with a simple schema
  57. xml code for flv player - can't get flv files to open
  58. Validating an xsd
  59. IE7 Error: documentElement = null or not and object
  60. good software to set up RSS?
  61. questions beginning WML/WMLScript
  62. XSL Bug?
  63. Strange xhtml validation(w3c) errors
  64. How to reference external svg font?
  65. Firefox does not show my XML/XSLT output
  66. xsl:when test help please
  67. XSLT link interpretation
  68. XML load but don't shows
  69. Blank date export to excel fills cell with # symbols
  70. How to parse xml response not sure if right forum...
  71. Creating an XML file using data from an Ecommerce website...
  72. find value of 2nd attribute based on 1st
  73. xsl:choose
  74. parse XML and DTD
  75. Inserting video in XML file
  76. Invalid XML???
  77. Text Structure
  78. xsl:for-each
  79. XML help (noob here)
  80. New to XML - Please Help
  81. XHTML Validating Problems
  82. XML/XSL Eternal Loading w/Flash in Firefox only
  83. updating xml nodes?
  84. Help with XSLT variables & for-each loop
  85. XML parsing error? Repetition
  86. replacing nodes with XQuery
  87. Generating HTML pages from XSL:FO and XML
  88. XML Feed - Fatal error: Call to a member function children() on a non-object
  89. What does this error mean?
  90. Table via an xsl doc
  91. Embedding XML in HTML, reading it with Javascript?
  92. XML Schema?
  93. Validating the <ABBR> tag
  94. Placing a result in two locations
  95. New to XML - Help w/ Freight Quote API Please
  96. URGENT! XML IE7, Safari problem... encoding?
  97. XML error help?
  98. Export XML
  99. font problem in IE
  100. Creating button dont know how to change color in table
  101. Skypecast RSS Feed
  102. Need help XML parsing failed: syntax error
  103. HELP!!! with simple xml...
  104. Updating a page using XML & XSLT
  105. xslt caching?
  106. Firefox 3 does not support XSL
  107. Problem consuming webservice
  108. Need help with writing an XSLT
  109. need help ASAP! multiple <img> tags in CDATA
  110. xml tutorial
  111. xml base64 php
  112. Why use UTF-8?
  113. Position of Element using xpath
  114. XML DOM and Tables
  115. creating web service client/server
  116. How do I Read -> Modify -> Write an XML Document
  117. Transform Part of XSL Document?
  118. xml newsticker
  119. xml and asp problems please help
  120. XSL_handling special characters
  121. I built a website with a template, well meta search engine tags where get inserted ?
  122. Inline transformations
  123. XSL sorting info correctly, but not after link is clicked
  124. Is XML right for this?
  125. like XML but "improper" nesting allowed
  126. working with a big XML file Q
  127. How to reference transformed xml data back to original xml no matter what xslt used.
  128. rss feed from blogspot
  129. New to XML
  130. SIMPLE Q re GetElementByID
  131. Open Document Format and Office Open XML
  132. What Am I doing Wrong
  133. Confused on an "Expression Must Evaluate to a nodeset"
  134. how do I get the RSS readers to reload all the data it has so it shows correct date
  135. Putting XML into an Array with Flash (this.firstChild.childNodes)
  136. RSS feed pubdate - why might it render with an iincorrect pubDate
  137. Download not working, just turns into XML.
  138. Fax Cover uses XML -- want to customize it.
  139. using two XML files together? If then?
  140. XML contains HTML tags
  141. Can XML be used this way?
  142. how can i return sequence in xml
  143. getting xsl in xml to work
  144. XML..connection string.query of mysql
  145. doctype for Xhtml and SVG problem
  146. Include Javascript variable in XML
  147. Transform/Translate?
  148. XSL and Internet Explorer 7
  149. RSS Subscription
  150. no element found
  151. Link XSL, XML and HTML?
  152. how to insert data into xml file
  153. saving xml file
  154. xml and namespaces
  155. DTD Troubles
  156. Xml . XHTML
  157. W3c Soap Xml Standards
  158. Good XML/XSL Editor
  159. XML based Select form fields?
  160. Flickr
  161. XSL Group Results
  162. Looping
  163. How can i update an XML file with user changes
  164. How to format my XML according to this xsd ?
  165. An XSL question
  166. XHTML vs. HTML
  167. Comment out blocks of XML
  168. loading swf and xml
  169. submit information to an xmlfile
  170. ideal file size
  171. May use in HTML doc(DTD), XHTML(DTD) tags ?
  172. IE and XHTML 1.1, Firefox and XHTML
  173. using my google map in my API
  174. query to kml
  175. HTML tags in XML
  176. Split and Limit XML
  177. Split and Limit XML
  178. tag documentation
  179. namespace
  180. XML to Database
  181. XSLT Attributes
  182. XSLT and CSS
  183. XSLT Broken by document.writeln()?
  184. Escape Character problem
  185. XSLT Namespaces
  186. xml newbie question
  187. HELP!! tag uses GI for an undeclared element
  188. new to xml
  189. Populating HTML Form with XML Data
  190. Include multiple files in on RSS item?
  191. XSL Help
  192. XSLT news feed causing invalid XHTML
  193. How to view data in a TextArea with XSL ?
  194. How do I test for the position of an ancestor element in XSLT?
  195. Loading an XML file into an array with Javascript
  196. Attribute 'Start' is considered outdated
  197. Reading an XML feed
  198. XML and PHP error
  199. ATTLIST issue
  200. apply-templates Select=@*|node()
  201. Character sets and transmission
  202. XML an XSL - To Render a Drop-Down Menu
  203. PHP and XML
  204. Working of SAX
  205. xsl and <a href>. how to write this correctly?
  206. Advantages with XHTML
  207. Pass xsl parameter for IE (explorer)
  208. xsl param not working
  209. XML node selector
  210. Any tool to convert XSL-FO to Flash
  211. change the way RSS is displayed
  212. XML Children display in HTML- IE & Firefox issue
  213. Really weird Firefox/IE problem
  214. Inserting Nodes between Nodes
  215. Adding Attributes to all XML Nodes
  216. metalanguage and markup language
  217. Xml
  218. Placing XML database into category menu
  219. XML example
  220. XSLT Query
  221. XSLT Pages Won't Validate in XHTML
  222. htaccess woes
  223. xlink not working
  224. How can I use SAX API in this application ?
  225. Split XML Content
  226. how to express <select></select> in xml?
  227. How to Append new Child in XML.
  228. Is xml file generated before or after http request for it
  229. XSLT - Determine if element resides withing certain node.
  230. SOAP request and response
  231. XML & XSLT for rendering a javascript component.
  232. Emailing myself a RSS feed
  233. question related to amazon.com associates web service
  234. Creating sub sub menu with xml
  235. XML with Javascript
  236. Simple XML Slide show
  237. Open a XML file
  238. Export to word
  239. Mysql RSS feed - xsl stylesheet problem
  240. [XSD] Question on xsd:element -> name (Optional?!)
  241. XML parsing error validating a rss feed
  242. How to write xml from feed with php??
  243. XSL - Replace attribute ID's with names...
  244. XML or SQL filesize bigger
  245. Creating XSL file for RSS feed
  246. HELP HELP xml
  247. Flash XML <image main="image.jpg" />
  248. Image & XML
  249. [XSLT] Summing calculated values
  250. Using JExamXML with different XML parsers

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