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  1. Best coding language for games?
  2. suggetion
  3. New to programming. Also, totally lost.
  4. Automating cvs input
  5. ITAG Hackathon - Programming Competition
  6. startups solving huge problems!
  7. #VB ---- "Add to Cart" problem.
  8. Question to everybody that started with zero Javascript knowledge
  9. Windows Server 2012 Mime Type
  10. I'm making a programming language
  11. [Visual Basic 2013 Express] Trouble Converting string to int
  12. Harposcript
  13. Python Entire Course - Videos
  14. C# Cross-windows compiling on VS2012 and CSC .NET4 Compiler
  15. Guidance for a school assignment (Visual Basic)
  16. Drawing not updated when there is a conditional in the code
  17. Programming Help - Question from coding from scratch
  18. Laptop dying :(
  19. VB Program constantly crashing - VB
  20. Adding features to PRNG
  21. VoIP PBX development issues in C#
  22. Where the #@$% do i even start? <--- Absolute Beginner to Programming
  23. Basic Programming Help!!
  24. Beginner Coder with Class Project
  25. Knuth's subtractive random number generator. Which variables can be changed?
  26. Debugging C++ code(Displaying char string per character)
  27. Need help with this code!!
  28. Getting values from two separate CSVs for manipulating charts?
  29. Desktop versus Laptop PC for Programming
  30. Top 10 of the most profitable programming skills
  31. Which do you tend to use when writing simple code; block programming or high level pr
  33. CA: High level programming languages V Block programming environments
  34. Block programming vs High level programming
  35. Comparing High level programming languages to block programming environments.
  36. controlled assessment help
  37. Controlled assessment help
  38. Advice for website needed
  39. Computing Controlled Assessment
  40. What kind of coding is this?
  41. Search some Coder ill pay in Paypal
  42. Allegro Sprite Collison (Please Help!)
  43. Could I ask a favour from programmers?
  44. VB 6 final assignemnt NEED HELP!!!
  45. Need a suggested solution for creating PDF files from a template
  46. How to do Real time Monitoring of an API feed and call a function on an event?
  47. Software for car ECM or PCM?
  48. Problem in C....PLEASE HELP!!!!
  49. Beginning Programming
  50. C++ loops and questions
  51. Careers for programmers.
  52. Box-Muller: Python, R or Matlab
  53. A C programm to call an assembly function
  54. The top 5 live chat application for website
  55. Somewhat new to the subject but eager to learn Electronics Techie here
  56. visualbasic programing
  57. C++ Desktop Programs?
  58. C++ Shortcuts
  59. Kindly Help Debug a Dijkstra Algorithm (mostly done, need a nudge)
  60. How Can This Program Be Improved?
  61. Copy of C2F program
  62. Can you help to find shortcomings in a new programming language?
  63. wince ce 6.0 power saving issues
  64. Create a Batch file
  65. Some MS-DOS help.
  66. Using wget to download full size pics, not thumbnails, from RSS feed
  67. Hardlink Batch
  68. problem to draw second diagonal in c
  69. rewrite to include css rather than linking css
  70. What does this script do?
  71. problem to draw magen david star
  72. Establishing connection to server through Windows Mobile 6.0 app
  73. windows batch file to copy into subdirectories
  74. ETL project with JAVA
  75. Using for loop to generate family of graphs in MATLAB
  76. What workloads/problem would suit learning about optimisation & distributed systems?
  77. MQ4 no caching of information from internet directory
  78. [NEED HELP] Javascript Deobfuscated
  79. Nike link (pid and pgid) generator
  80. How Do I Stop This Character From Printing Out?
  81. Automate Link checker from batch file
  82. fork() question - c languege
  83. Needing a Desktop Tool For Leeching from Wordpress and DLE
  84. Threading
  85. Matlab: Editing lhsnorm() function for Latin Hypercube
  86. Issue with vectorizing code (Matlab)
  87. Need Advice On How To Procede On A Project
  88. Pre Launch program
  89. please help with delphi/pascal program
  90. Which one is Best laungage?
  91. SWGEMU needs Programmers
  92. Stop App From Running In Background!
  93. Customization work by TCL
  94. Where would i start with speach.
  95. Tcl/Tk Programming Problem
  96. Thank you for free manuals.
  97. need some help of my final project idea
  98. VB.Net Help Get data and split to listview from webbrowser
  99. ToUpper
  100. What language is best for a beginner in programming?
  101. Finding the error in this code
  102. Question about errors in XNA with M. Visual Studio
  103. Reading characters in from a text file in postscript
  104. A little help here
  105. Code Help
  106. Converting Strings to Dates
  107. Visual C++ 2008 CLR Project
  108. COBOL Homework: Single-level control break
  109. A few Questions - Let's see who can answer it all ;)
  110. Programming in C++ (Use Classes or not?)
  111. Doubts about c's fseek!
  112. Help with Weather API Project
  113. How can i make this code run in terminal plus some input boxes?
  114. mysql help
  115. Initializing List<>
  116. I need a program
  117. Best language?
  118. Looking for VB help - willing to pay
  119. Factory pattern expert advise needed
  120. Retro game QIX logic
  121. programs for blind children
  122. Excel date format from *m/*d/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy
  123. Iterator Method for Binary Trees in C
  124. Serial Communiactions
  125. Facial Recognition software?
  126. Looking for help with a project!
  127. LINQ to SQL WHERE question
  128. please help
  129. VBS Msgbox - make 3 buttons do different things?
  130. I need help with access 2010 VBA code
  131. Programming an app for Android tablet
  132. A Map with red/green and dates on the States
  133. Ripping a sound stream?
  134. tts based clock recovery for 192 byte transport stream
  135. Need Idea for Project
  136. Super Nintendo Software
  137. Error with Serialport in C#
  138. Regular Expression-DFA
  139. Vb6 := ???
  140. Reducing image size using VBScript
  141. where is the problem??
  142. Resolved VBS If else not working
  143. Max element in matrix
  144. How to use Functions?
  145. Can we return Two variables?
  146. use of regular expressions
  147. why wont my C++ code work?
  148. Сan you help me? What kind of code do i have to know to do so?
  149. How to Create Shapes in C++
  150. [Raptor] Employee Production Worker Program
  151. Help solve the question in a language C #?
  152. AI, learning as you use it!
  153. C++ Programmers hard to find
  154. Getting length of lines from text file Ansi C
  155. Find minimum value in first column,maximum value in second column,average in third
  156. [VB NET] - Calculating days into weeks
  157. understanding abstraction by specification
  158. c# - streamwriter and datagridview
  159. Idea for sticky thread
  160. Three Dimensional Arrays
  161. C question Amicable numbers
  162. Assembly arrays
  163. Theory on Real Time and Automatic Sound-to-Text Transcription
  164. Dimensions of an unknown matrix
  165. Have no clue where to start
  166. PC interface for Elevator Monitoring System
  167. Which programming language should I learn?
  168. Nooob^3, looking to develop something within
  169. Reading inputs separated by asterisk
  170. C# Windows Application Multiple Forms?
  171. Array help in C++ (Not looking for direct answers)
  172. Questions About Programming "Lifestyle"
  173. Need assistance with 7seg multiplexing.
  174. Maths behind calorie converting
  175. My k-means implementation in matlab fails
  176. help mee
  177. Microsoft Visual Basics questions
  178. XNA Logic Error, spriteBatch.Begin(); Must be Called
  179. legal question
  180. Why do professionals talk so much about debug time?
  181. IP addresses???? What?
  182. Good way to learn programming?
  183. Creating Unicode Chars
  184. Generating random numbers in C
  185. Advice needed on potential project
  186. Speech to Text Mobile Application
  187. Need help with a vbs script
  188. Windows 7 API Implementation
  189. Regex expression help!
  190. Assembly program crashes with push command
  191. New to the Forum
  192. C++ Noob: DiceGame making each dice roll random
  193. Please let me interview YOU professional
  194. Rectangle Program
  195. Prolog
  196. Program that writes itself?
  197. Use Hi slider to create WP Slider Plugin, but get a install problem
  198. How and why do you use sketches and diagrams?
  199. Storing and accessing a version number in memory
  200. How to Learn a Programming Language
  201. x86 assembly program not adding up correctly
  202. Kinect with Skype for Win8 and Lync2013
  203. Monitoring Cron Jobs
  204. Looking to Start my Journey in Code - Intro Post
  205. Development Environment
  206. Is there any scope for Java?
  207. SmallBASIC problem
  208. Coding/programming school advice needed
  209. Newbie: Need help with netbeans, assembly language
  210. New software project(s)
  211. GNU GDB GCC disassembler linux unix ubuntu ... ideas?
  212. How to make short adventure game?
  213. Which platform to use for .OBJ files ?
  214. What is the current lanaguage in B.S. Computer Sci curricula
  215. Identify This Code?
  216. Web developer job - Micromanagement and harrassment
  217. what language should i learn?
  218. windbg using batch file
  219. Uwinpro CISCO course to take?
  220. Newbie Promgramer/Coder help and advice needed
  221. 10 Most useful opera widget
  222. StoryBoard - View Controllers
  223. Programming / mathematical problem
  224. Linking forms in C++
  225. mousePressed() parameters don't seem to work.
  226. [problem] where do i start.
  227. Why would loading a XAML file fail on a brand new, unaltered Silverlight project?
  228. can I have a silverlight control inside an ASP.NET project ?
  229. search for files that don't contain specified string
  230. Creating a HTML doc that once opened looks at 4 locations over my c drive
  231. LF Programmer for script wrapper
  232. Resolved try to solve the 8 queens problem
  233. Help on how to start learning computer programming
  234. can't get by uac even with signed certificate
  235. Skip objects and go straight to data structures?
  236. How can I read PS3 Controller Values over bluetooth to a pc?
  237. C++ or C# or Python
  238. Need help with a Linux Project
  239. Best way to dual boot
  240. Help Computer Sci Curriculum
  241. Image tagging technics - local file no HTML5
  242. Why wont it add up? What am I doing wrong?
  243. Can someone help me with this batch file?
  244. Help with Lua game...
  245. Complex Predictive Aiming Formula, need converted to code
  246. How to work with visual interface in C++?
  247. How to resolve flex2gateway 500 errors?
  248. C++ "expected a type specifier"
  249. Big program for sweaty menu's
  250. Storing Arrays and Recalling Them

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