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  1. C++ Programming, strings
  2. C++ Programming Concerns
  3. shorting numbers
  4. C# plain text email flagged as MIME_QP_LONG_LINE
  5. beginning assembly language, need help
  6. How can i execute a .WSF file silently?
  7. C# name files incrementally
  8. C# and connecting to Vbulletin database
  9. Programming basics Q?
  10. philosophical question about C
  11. c# interfaces problem
  12. How do I locate and write to a USB port?
  13. Help with scanf in 'C' coding
  14. print text
  15. Dynamic DataGridView adding, problem with columnhiding
  16. Strings as integers - Exponentiation function
  17. Machine Code --help please!
  18. Resolved Sorting a Collection
  19. Resolved Which language for Math operations
  20. turbo c .computing average from set of numbers help
  21. Resolved searching the right algorithm ...
  22. Resolved C++ GUIs
  23. Resolved C# troubles with getter/setter of a List<T>
  24. Resolved C# and cols = string[][]
  25. Using functions in C++
  26. Illumination in 3D
  27. console window dissapear
  28. MATLAB - Resistors series/paralell
  29. C++ creating array of characters
  30. Getting angles to rotate plane to some normal
  31. Strings as Integers - Mulltiplication and exponentiation
  32. C++
  33. C++ jGRASP MinGW program running help!
  34. Accessing Remote Database from Windows Form APP
  35. Creating/Using of C++ Functions
  36. having problems creating loop
  37. I already know vi. Is there any point in learning Emacs?
  38. drscheme help
  39. How flex and bison communicate
  40. Problem with 7-zip command line
  41. Max, Min, Average of Number String
  42. help....
  43. need help to write pseudo code to display full date on taskbar
  44. Need help with Threading
  45. A problem with while looping
  46. Regular expression syntax
  47. .NET memory encreasing (GetBitmapBits)
  48. c and linux
  49. Prolog project ideas
  50. C++ Array stops when inputs 0
  51. Extracting pdfs
  52. exit confirmation in C
  53. I need C help writting a program
  54. Gaming engine vs modelling software
  55. I'm trying to learn the vi editor.
  56. I'm having trouble opening IDLE (Python GUI)- why?
  57. VB.NET Resources
  58. C/C++ - Reading a text file of numbers into single dimensional arrays
  59. Need Some Suggestions
  60. beginner progammer where do i start
  61. Need help on a program for class
  62. Need help fast
  63. Estimated Circle Area
  64. C# .NET Best Practices...please help!
  65. What am i doing wrong?
  66. Bitwise operations help
  67. changing right click properties in windows XP
  68. Timing Code
  69. Dr. Scheme Homework
  70. Resolved Batch script - recursing through folders
  71. C++ redefinition of class
  72. Reading tabbed variables from a file - c++
  73. remainder output
  74. Matlab N00b
  75. C++ Pass by value overwritten?
  76. Collections in VB2003
  77. Excel - Merging Rows query
  78. Antivirus Exclusion Detection
  79. If you would like to learn C but have NO IDEA about programming, I have your resource
  80. C noob requires assistance. Remember my username this will happen often!!
  81. I have no idea! Where to start@@!!!
  82. Add records from adoquery to listbox
  83. Resolved How to pass arrays of objects to function in c++?
  84. how to parse a url and split into parts
  85. C++ - linking errors (unresolved tokens)
  86. Batch file - storing results of exe command
  87. to get 10 output in each line.
  88. how to Use Windows API to grab content form webform fields
  89. Autoresponder for IM client
  90. simple algo
  91. hook problem
  92. Complete noob to programming, can't even install MinGW, help?!
  93. Issues with using ControlService(hService, CustomCommand) and VISTA/Windows7?
  94. script to pull data
  95. Efficiently kill a process
  96. Winrar goes RarRar Mad And kills 7 dead
  97. Resolved Edit Controls (WIN32 C++/ Not MFC)
  98. USB Drive - Control Access
  99. Why is the constructor of my Iterator class PRIVATE within my List class? [C++]
  100. Resolved Loop problem. :( [ Difficulty : Hard ]
  101. Easiest Compiler
  102. Should I start with Python language before Linux
  103. improve my code
  104. Never ending loops stops at EOF
  105. recommend good online courses for SQL, data controls?
  106. suggestions for first moderately ambitious application?
  107. Parallel processes in c++
  108. Have some questions about custom collections in C#
  109. Need help in do while..
  110. Open PDF in VB6 help!!!!!!!
  111. Mid point algorithm
  112. Resolved c# - WinForms, How do I create a 'VS properties style' window?
  113. VB: Opening a binary file?
  114. how to start programming
  115. Novice question about programming
  116. Web Crawler Project
  117. Best language for a project?
  118. C++ question
  119. Syntax error problem
  120. is there any other method to write Hello World?
  121. Resolved about pointers
  122. Convert decimal values to integers
  123. C#: Thread.Sleep(3000) executes too soon?
  124. Python
  125. C or C++ code help (NFA RECOGNIZER)
  126. Issues when placing functions from template class into seperate .cpp file [C++]
  127. How to get a head start on this?
  128. OOP Design Help
  129. Program for C++ compilation
  130. Finding a way to access CURRENT_USER registry as a LocalSystem Service [C#]
  131. i don't get it
  132. Towers of Honnai
  133. Searching an array for a string - help please
  134. I can't think any more
  135. novice coder seeking help for reading from program
  136. Having some problems understanding OOP concepts (C#)
  137. Help! Fast
  138. Problem with C++ installation
  139. Open Gl problem
  140. Im stumped please help
  141. Replacement for NetShareGetInfo to get Share Path [C++]
  142. C#: A field initializer cannot reference the non-static field, method, or property...
  143. Procedural Textures - anyone interested in collaboration
  144. Who remembers hypercard?
  145. Lazy to correct error... lol
  146. triggering another program to run using serial port
  147. Evolution-Every one post here
  148. serialization and deserialization
  149. Reverse Engineering Anyone?
  150. Is C+ a language?
  151. What language should I learn for audio/video?
  152. Program idea/request: change opacity of another running process to 0%?
  153. C# Frequency Detection
  154. set_new_handler error
  155. creating threads in C#
  156. Communication between running application and service [C++]
  157. Install Script Tutorial
  158. Create Tabbed MDI Interface
  159. C# - How do I overwrite a parent method?
  160. which program to use to create online random draw
  161. Copy the selected text to clipboard automatically
  162. Visual Basic List Box Glitch?
  163. Changing content within a page
  164. pointer error
  165. class and objects
  166. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID...failed
  167. List.Sort(compare_function) - term does not evaluate to a function taking 2 arguments
  168. Please explain the output of this simple C code
  169. Mathematical operations in C+=
  170. Why my operator<< overload doesn't work and prints out a memory location? [C++]
  171. Declaring arrays in C++ and C#
  172. VB.NET restore mysql database table
  173. Create a trial app
  174. Math & Physics
  175. String Parsing using known delimiters? [C++]
  176. [C/CPP] Can this be done? Replacing words..
  177. Delphi Help!
  178. How to create a static map that is only loaded once? [C++]
  179. Paradox.... HELP!
  180. Converting a string to a command?
  181. Help with complex printing macro
  182. GUI -> Excel -> GUI
  183. How to call a class member function via function pointer in map [C++]
  184. SDL Surfaces
  185. why wont it work
  186. arrays
  187. Resolved ERROR in program.... i cant understand
  188. accelerated c++?
  189. ftp login vb script
  190. C#: Make sure a process is running by its Directory.
  191. I'm confused...pointers
  192. Calculated Fields in Paradox
  193. expected unqualified error problem
  194. Best intro book on programming logic/structure
  195. Need help with webBrowser control
  196. why does it close?
  197. Windows forms app deployment
  198. I have a question of how floating point numbers work
  199. from where i can learn joomla
  200. Where to start for a career change into programming?
  201. writing text files with vb
  202. how to program this c# program please ?
  203. pdf to xml or to string in c#
  204. Resolved help me
  205. Command line: Using asterisk to select all files inside quotes for a directory name
  206. Update access database file online
  207. Create an algorithm for the selection sort,
  208. Can I pass a NEW object into a function by-ref & without a delete? [C++]
  209. help plz to finish code
  210. Simple Data base question from non-programmer....
  211. Multiple Recursion
  212. I want a tutor guide in my career :P
  213. Lua scripting for a beginner (myself)!
  214. Send Pics directly from camera to web page
  215. C#: Alternative to a webBrowser
  216. Vehicle Navigation DVD Help- I'll Gladly Pay for Your Efforts
  217. MS Access 2000, VB module invalid qualifier
  218. C++ Scopes
  219. Multiple records from multiple rows in a single edit field Delphi
  220. a question about integers
  221. [Hardware + Software][C++ or C#] USB Fan
  222. Need help - Assume I know nothing.
  223. Pc builder wants to learn coding /programming
  224. Block users from typing non-digits CIN [C++]
  225. VBScript Random file selector
  226. question regarding calling a 'make' target more than once.
  227. serial port to poll on request
  228. Return array from function
  229. Map Editors for Warcraft 3 TFT
  230. Online compilation
  231. Need some help for a quiz program
  232. How do the MS explorer windows work?
  233. I'm having problems comparing numbers in my code...
  234. Communication between applications / Datagrid
  235. i need to know what this c code does.. please help me...
  236. Best book on C++?
  237. Spreadsheet in to HTA using VBscript
  238. Please help a noob(you were one once also)
  239. Program To Boot Before Windows
  240. PictureBox click event issue
  241. Where to start with game development
  242. serial port problems
  243. Richedit page break, please help
  244. How to FLUSH the user input CIN stream? [C++]
  245. Heap Corruption issues using calloc/realloc [C++]
  246. Need help with variable names...
  247. Python/C/C++ or similar program question
  248. Which is better
  249. Visual Basic ICO
  250. Visual Basic String Shifting

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