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  1. PL_new_term_ref error message
  2. Having problems with timers
  3. Finding Installation Directory of another Program
  4. C error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
  5. C - My compiler doesn't seem to know math...
  6. i wanna start programming
  7. Problem solving approaches
  8. Usage of win_exec/2 in Prolog (Windows)
  9. DirectX Surfaces and Bitmaps
  10. old C++ textbook from 1998
  11. Serious help.
  12. How to get into the Programming field?
  13. Reload settings from user profile for Firefox and Opera
  14. How do I parse information that was printed to the command line by another program?
  15. Language Selection
  16. what is computer programming?
  17. C warning: useless storage class specifier in empty declaration
  18. C - Warning: statement with no effect...
  19. I have a noobtackular question for you! How do I interject a #define into a function?
  20. Simple C shell, doing different things?????
  21. Need help getting this function to work properly
  22. C - malloc error and an implicate declaration all in one, yay!
  23. Just decided to start computer programming today...
  24. Solution to C programming exercise ??
  25. Simple Program, Need help though.
  26. how will i create this program
  27. Resolved C - What to do about this warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
  28. lost trying to write a compiler in c++
  29. vi editor
  30. Resolved C - Freeing a long string is giving me an error...
  31. Anyone Know how to program a casio?
  32. convert C to PHP
  33. error: no matching function for call to
  34. Best Language For Parsing?
  35. BFS/DFS resulting in segmentation fault
  36. C++ math problem
  37. vb.net textboxes issues?
  38. VB6 Application with DB2 sql.
  39. Having Trouble Understanding A Tutorial
  40. Visual C++ 6.0
  41. search engine using vb6.0
  42. What language could be the best to do this in?
  43. Dos & Ram
  44. C: Stepping through a multidimensional array is giving me a problem...
  45. Designing a 3D graphics Engine
  46. Programs will not run in NetBeans
  47. My first game
  48. Convert CStringArray to CString &
  49. how to link forms in C#
  50. [C Lang] how does fprintf to a debug file solve a core dump?
  51. kill-code?
  52. Simple GUI programs. Best path forward?
  53. explain this cast....
  54. Visual Basics file downloading
  55. COM Exe fails to register on Windows 7
  56. Report card 75% done
  57. i want to learn
  58. Does anybody know what type of code this is?
  59. Question about MAIN function in C
  60. Pretty much a total newbie
  61. Looking for a project? Game Development
  62. Question about printf and scanf.
  63. D programming
  64. OpenCv in c++
  65. payroll program is 99% complete just need u to help mi single out a error
  66. Iphone App Development
  67. Backup Scheduling - Bouncing some ideas
  68. Help with C.
  69. Need help with dev- C++
  70. execvp in C help
  71. Excel Help Combining 2 duplicate lines
  72. delete operator (C++)
  73. Pass By Reference, in C++ in Ubuntu Linux
  74. Need a programmer - Kids Software
  75. Is programming for me?
  76. assembly: division procedure
  77. Young Programmers Group
  78. Doubt about char in C
  79. mysql data input software
  80. How to use unicodes in C/C++
  81. I had an idea, wondering if it's possible
  82. Text app to replace characters
  83. Ammendments to c scheduler??
  84. Fortran Compile
  85. Pls I need help in writing to file in this program
  86. Visio 2007 shapesheet w/data link handling
  87. Create a .sys file
  88. Gecko and a problem
  89. way to a fork a number amount of times?
  90. Function to calculate factorial WITHOUT looping
  91. c++ win32 application
  92. Simplifying algebraic expressions...need some tips
  93. C++ Multiple Windows
  94. A Simple Cipher
  95. Building simple scheduler in c
  96. trouble reading in file from argv and assigning parts of file for later use in code
  97. Regular Expression
  98. Excel -changing Range of Cells Depending on List Selection??
  99. Help in this Visual Studio 2005 Code
  100. Opencv help??
  101. Lost Newbie - Seeking Professional Help!
  102. FFT Bit Rearrangment,Any idea ?
  103. Searching an open file
  104. Print service
  105. computer noob needs a script :D
  106. C++ template class -- won't compile
  107. How to compile a program?
  108. C: Matrix SVD code
  109. C++ Calling Multiple Recursion
  110. VB - cannot create activex component
  111. UNION Query help...
  112. [REQ] Tips for first C# program
  113. C++ Two Dimensional Arrays
  114. In Need of an Automatic Text Retrieval Program
  115. C# Comparing 2 instances in a txt file
  116. Audio Recorder Help.
  117. VB System.OverflowException (Help Please!)
  118. BASIC help, Checking for a whole number
  119. Changing desktop background.
  120. save filename in gconf
  121. C++ Search Array for Number of Instances
  122. VB 2008 help with Arrays
  123. Visual Studio 2005 Issue
  124. Beginner Array Troubles
  125. Find character position in string?
  126. How do i copy one string INSIDE of another.
  127. VB GUI Question
  128. How do i make a program print a specified file?
  129. C help with 2-dimensional array
  130. C++ String Manipulation
  131. regular expression
  132. Beginner Help
  133. keyboard buffer location
  134. programing alternitive
  135. Resolved C# Help (Getting Data from void to Main void)
  136. Visual Basic array functions
  137. [C Lang] Can I pass a statically initialized array to a function?
  138. Help, i'm a complete noob...
  139. Create a grid in Visual Basic
  140. Best programming language
  141. Fixing a string for SQL query
  142. Questions for someone with experience as a freelance programmer.
  143. 0x86 assembly - floating point rounding
  144. C program stopping at a printf()???
  145. problem using TADOConnection in Builder 2007 C++
  146. Access webcam in Windows
  147. Conditioning programming needed
  148. 2 VB Questions
  149. scanf() in C --don't know why this doesn't work
  150. How to get the path of my .exe C++
  151. food intake calculator
  152. Windows Application, Create SOCKS5 Server, No GUI
  153. Optical Character Recognition in C or C++
  154. Resolved Encryption help in C++
  155. Help Plz
  156. breakpoints-invalid
  157. dreamweaver page creator
  158. help drschme
  159. Need some help with C++ program
  160. Monitor Power Off in VB6
  161. Can you point me in the right direction please?
  162. de compiler for .exe file??
  163. Fortran 95 help 'inconsistent usage error'
  164. Python, other languages...ideas?
  165. Store a rand() into a variable?
  166. Help Needed!!
  167. Implementation of hash table
  168. Bash Script
  169. Trying to remove circular dependency.
  170. Help with variables in C
  171. i need help
  172. Modelling a sensor network in MATLAB
  173. Where should I start?
  174. MCTS practice question - adding objects of different types into a linkedlist
  175. c# Reading from registry
  176. Command Button Problem
  177. C language - Help with Mandelbrot
  178. Language Recommendations For Newbie Programmer?
  179. How value_type of map class is used?
  180. May have Eclipse plugins installed for the same job(same language) but different bran
  181. rounding whole numbers in C++
  182. C# splash screen help
  183. Help with Sentinel Loops
  184. Cache simulator - how to find victim
  185. What is Indirect Addressing?
  186. Assembly, programming interrupt service routines
  187. C++, Learning the basics, have question about constants.
  188. can't fetch vector -> pointer -> object -> method using *iterator->method(); (C++)
  189. Learning C++ with Dev-C++, Have basic questions
  190. Good books on programming for a beginner
  191. VB 6.0 Help not sure of the problem using RC4
  192. Where to start
  193. I am getting incorrect output for data calc.
  194. Make your own Atari 2600 games
  195. what's wrong in this?(IXMLDOM)
  196. C Sharp Variable Editing Problem
  197. identify component,vowel,numeral or special characters
  198. Request: Source code of MultiXTpm Application Server
  199. Choosing a Language...
  200. C++ classes questions.
  201. Basic Help
  202. Run an executable with arguments from an HTML mail message
  203. Reading and writing from the same file
  204. malloc() w/ array pointers
  205. The Euclidean algorithm
  206. CASIO Calculator Programing language?
  207. Problem with C Strings
  208. C++ Operator overloading
  209. Need some tips to optimize my code...
  210. C++ ? Compound Monthly interest
  211. Expression Evaluator in C++
  212. C++ question
  213. craps game, final issue
  214. C++ Programming, strings
  215. C++ Programming Concerns
  216. shorting numbers
  217. C# plain text email flagged as MIME_QP_LONG_LINE
  218. beginning assembly language, need help
  219. How can i execute a .WSF file silently?
  220. C# name files incrementally
  221. C# and connecting to Vbulletin database
  222. Programming basics Q?
  223. philosophical question about C
  224. c# interfaces problem
  225. How do I locate and write to a USB port?
  226. Help with scanf in 'C' coding
  227. print text
  228. Dynamic DataGridView adding, problem with columnhiding
  229. Strings as integers - Exponentiation function
  230. Machine Code --help please!
  231. Resolved Sorting a Collection
  232. Resolved Which language for Math operations
  233. turbo c .computing average from set of numbers help
  234. Resolved searching the right algorithm ...
  235. Resolved C++ GUIs
  236. Resolved C# troubles with getter/setter of a List<T>
  237. Resolved C# and cols = string[][]
  238. Using functions in C++
  239. Illumination in 3D
  240. console window dissapear
  241. MATLAB - Resistors series/paralell
  242. C++ creating array of characters
  243. Getting angles to rotate plane to some normal
  244. Strings as Integers - Mulltiplication and exponentiation
  245. C++
  246. C++ jGRASP MinGW program running help!
  247. Accessing Remote Database from Windows Form APP
  248. Creating/Using of C++ Functions
  249. having problems creating loop
  250. I already know vi. Is there any point in learning Emacs?

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