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  1. when collide with it own
  2. Back Space code for calculator
  3. picturebox & vb timer
  4. need help in C++ tron game
  5. A Basketball League Schedule-Maker?
  6. C++ question about functions
  7. What is 999.vbs on a flash drive?
  8. Running vbscript from a c# Thread
  9. VB-Telephony programming?
  10. C# or VB6/net
  11. beginner C++ question on constructor syntax.
  12. Api
  13. Logging using streams.
  14. Crystal Reports XI - Creating delivery labels with different references
  15. Explain about static variable with a simple example
  16. Lab Assignment (Modifying a program to output 2 characters each time)
  17. Multi terminal
  18. Computer Science Degree HELP
  19. I released c++ facebook graph api client as open source
  20. regular expression
  21. notation and cases: Basic Algorithms Q
  22. OBJECTIVE-C is more close to C or C++ or C# or Java
  23. Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.
  24. VB .net GetWindowText
  25. .NET 4.0 Dynamic Keyword
  26. Dr scheme
  27. Best way to write a self executable .exe program for Windows?
  28. Visual Basic 2008 writing to file
  29. invalid conversion from int* to int. how do i fix that
  30. Syntax error (comma) in query expression in c#
  31. simple batch script needed
  32. VBA Run-Time Error 1004.
  33. modeling using finite difference
  34. Queues and MultiThreading
  35. Question about C++
  36. .NET Framework Index Error
  37. Reading a file for passing values to arrays. [c++]
  38. Resolved What is the correct way to write this?
  39. HttpWebRequest help
  40. Help on List [ C++ ]
  41. VB, Some Help Needed
  42. is it safe to pass type va_list as a function argument?
  43. XtremeBrowser The Ultimate VB Webbrowser
  44. binary search tree not declared
  45. Who Knows Visual Basics Programming?
  46. Rating Scale/Ratings System Program HELP!?
  47. find duplicate lines in multiple files
  48. vbscript help please?
  49. a.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  50. How to sync - Online and local IDEs?
  51. Resolved do while statement not working
  52. undefined reference to method
  53. Starting to learn programming from scratch
  54. request for member which is of non-class type
  55. iPhone Apps without MAC
  56. I have a problem with a C++ Char declaration...
  57. problem with code
  58. How to use the c++ cin.get(); function?
  59. VC++ : error C2059: syntax error : 'constant'
  60. Story Data File Into Vector
  61. vector help needed
  62. drag around screen
  63. Reading in string with spaces
  64. miniVector help needed
  65. Help with VB in HTA File
  66. Again mystry outputs
  67. output mystery
  68. What is the output?
  69. SQL Access 2007 VBA codering, syntax?
  70. C++ Palindrome Problem
  71. need to pdf-html converter
  72. Converting Hexa to Binary in Assembly8086
  73. C++ question
  74. how do i create a windows icon effect?
  75. combining two awk scripts into one
  76. Why are simple initializations giving me BUS errors?
  77. Creating a script
  78. GetCursorPos problem
  79. Reading Excel
  80. Security feature programming
  81. Modifying VB Script output to CSV (Easy I think)
  82. Which Do You Think is Harder: PHP or JavaScript?
  83. Dll Injecting
  84. Input output files
  85. Request Server To Send Data Again.....
  86. cant get length of array
  87. New to programming: Where should I start?
  88. picture boxes visual basic 2008.....
  89. Distress Call
  90. software(c,c++ or vb) for logging in
  91. Html tags
  92. What part of this code in txt file should I edit?
  93. Just a quick question
  94. Newbie question.......my mental block. Please help!!
  95. Open-Source/Freeware C# Engines?
  96. What's wrong with my C# code?
  97. Word to Excel
  98. Windows Service Stops after Logging Off
  99. GUI for server-client program
  100. problem with substr()
  101. Looking to pay a proficient C++ coder with knowledge of Anti Cheat
  102. Resolved VB.NET Windows Service IO Issue
  103. undefined reference
  104. Looking For Visual Basic Bump Start
  105. VBS - SetFocus (BringWindowToFront)
  106. Absolute Begginer
  107. Having JVM as the only program running on a machine
  108. Sound Card Recording
  109. How to edit {} files
  110. Halp Please. Object-Orientated Pseudo Code
  111. VBA case
  112. Clarification Request: Object Orientated Programming
  113. How to code a very simple "voice recognition" application?
  114. Memory allocation in C
  115. Question about adding a space into a string.
  116. Problem in assigning value to 2D array
  117. Octal and hexadecimal numbers
  118. Changing an EXE's DLL Procedure
  119. Threading in XPCOM
  120. Linux Device Files
  121. Need help with SnapWindow or alternative to Direct3D/GDI for a screenshot tool!
  122. Basic C++ program help
  123. Does computer programming have alot of math involved?
  124. Scheme help needed
  125. How do you draw a line on a canvas in WPF that is 1 pixel thick?
  126. dvd autorun
  127. Psuedocode help please!
  128. Batch/Script Program that Creates Files
  129. A little advice please.
  130. c#.net FolderBrowserDialog on Background thread
  131. Overwriting Data in Excel from Powerpoint
  132. Read Word file with encoding
  133. How do you insert a child node in a TreeView Control in WPF C#?
  134. How do I use the OpenFileDialog class so that it opens on the Network area?
  135. I'm having problems with powershell
  136. Visual Studio 2005 Crashing when Debugging
  137. ColorDialog help Visual Basic
  138. Help with Pseudo code please
  139. File association and open
  140. Hi New to forums new to programmming some advice would be great...
  141. What is the difference between programming language?
  142. VB.NET Deployment
  143. VBA problem
  144. coding problem.. plzzzz help
  145. Problem with my code
  146. Help with a problem please!
  147. What is the best OS for programming?
  148. keep getting 'variable not completely bound' error-prolog
  149. How i create avtar game using C or any other language or tool ?
  150. Urgently need help for my simulation in VB.net
  151. undefined reference to a constructor
  152. How do I get around Inconsistant accessibilty error in C # ?
  153. Floating points
  154. C memory allocation
  155. find page number in pdf
  156. how to program serial mouse to work with linux or xp
  157. need book suggestions
  158. New C# Tutorial Starting Up
  159. Resolved Win32 Drag & Drop via Subclassing?
  160. Excel stuff
  161. How to make a application software which can use to swap two file names
  162. Job experience
  163. Help with visual basic
  164. Explanation
  165. 2d array - parallel lines
  166. deleting element from structure - VB.NET
  167. Declaring an array of linked list in C#
  168. Help please!
  169. C++ Program Help - 6 Stage Pseudo Dummy Pipeline
  170. 2d arrays in c
  171. Pseudocode help
  172. Need help with C++ Program
  173. Pattern Matching in C/C++
  174. Linux .BAT (shell) files, tiny problem
  175. ">Dynamic Resizing of Form Elements Relative to Form Shape in C#
  176. HELP is this right???
  177. Using Join with Unix
  178. Counting Bits from a FILE in C
  179. Property With custom SET not working
  180. Access Denied Visual Studio 2010
  181. I want to learn to program!
  182. Help!! Writing a program to put input in alphabetical order.
  183. No initilization
  184. How do I run my exe file?
  185. Simple C++ Loops
  186. Dependency Graphs
  187. Does the following Assembly Code Execute the given C code
  188. Student needs to interview Programmer
  189. LinkedList in C
  190. Resolved Compiling C Code on Windows vs Linux?
  191. Strange error when compiling?
  192. need help deallocating
  193. GCC commands to execute C file?
  194. Questions about applying into an entry level computer programming position?
  195. SetupAPI.DLL to HID.DLL
  196. .net vs. other platforms...opinions?
  197. Code Snippets
  198. Logging from serial port
  199. Is this a good career
  200. How do I convert a dec into a char...?
  201. VB ftp help
  202. C++ vs. Visual C++, Basic vs. Visual Basic, etc.
  203. Linking of Tree menu items with other Forms in C#
  204. Completely new to programming and coding: Where should I start?
  205. C syntax
  206. Need some help with shuffling strings
  207. Copying - Then afterwards your a Coder?
  208. Javascript vs. C++ vs. Visual C++ for basic applications
  209. Need help with programming language choice.
  210. VBS Script - Copy File if File Size is Different
  211. Delphi Component
  212. Simple .bat file question
  213. How do Focus systems work?
  214. Help ( C++) , Regarding Borland C++ Builder
  215. New programmer with questions.
  216. C programming - bus error
  217. Dynamic memory allocation in C
  218. Email Checking
  219. Getting input from within a conditional structure
  220. Find all combinations that add up to a specified number (subset sum)
  221. Python wx list database content
  222. Query with print screen, please help.
  223. Mutexes
  224. Is there a CSharp Function to Display Multi-Layered XML in a DataGridView
  225. C - Compiling a simple program under windows
  226. Using Windows Voice Recognition in your Program
  227. Converting BCD to Hex
  228. Convert String into long int
  229. (Visual Basic 2008) How to roll dice
  230. C -Linked List problem
  231. how to use my members automaticaly my rapid share account for downloading..????
  232. C - How do I return a string or a char pointer from my function?
  233. How many programming languages do you know
  234. Need help on what to do next.
  235. C - How do I print numbers with commas to the screen?
  236. VS2008 adding to %PATH%
  237. Reading in a serial port (C++)
  238. programming a simulator - method for accessing cache
  239. Consulting a Prolog file from a C++ VS2008 solution file
  240. Adding DLLs to VS2008 IDE
  241. C++ and Prolog (argc, argv)
  242. Algorithm excercise!
  243. visualBasic2008 bmi
  244. C++ char problems
  245. PL_new_term_ref error message
  246. Having problems with timers
  247. Finding Installation Directory of another Program
  248. C error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
  249. C - My compiler doesn't seem to know math...
  250. i wanna start programming

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