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  1. Javascript or PHP for my maths programme?
  2. how to make a mobile operating system.........??
  3. COM vs TCP/IP interprocess communication
  4. SMS Server?
  5. Help!!!!!!!
  6. VB 2008 information into Access 2007
  7. Want to close an open application with VBS
  8. easiest programming language?
  9. VB - Creating a macro in excel
  10. Assembly language help
  11. Whats wrong??
  12. Help! switch command is being ignored.
  13. Hello World bootloader
  14. Resolved Having a problem with a Handles clause & WithEvents in VisualBasic.
  15. C++ help Programming Beginner Assignment
  16. Writing a Boot loader
  17. Pointers after program closes
  18. Researching for Project, Need Help
  19. Basic Object Creation Loop
  20. help in music program
  21. IBM Lotus Quickr Tasks Issue
  22. how is this for my first program?(15 years old)
  23. PLEASE HELP!! C Make MinGW GTK/GTK_+
  24. services - what for?
  25. Script Breaks at Same Spot Referencing File Not Found - Help!
  26. Best Language And O/S For A PC Pro Music App?
  27. Resolved copy directory - segmentation fault
  28. help with url to filename vbscript
  29. tcl tDOM tree traversal
  30. Active Directory
  31. Computer Science Subjects
  32. Beginner Question
  33. Please help! High-Low guessing game
  34. how can I modify this script?
  35. Delphi 6 Chart
  36. Code Block vs xCode - C++ development on Mac
  37. Problem with url for web page monitor
  38. Which language is best fitting?
  39. Computer Science degree?
  40. What parsing script language is this?
  41. Page creation
  42. Job Management Program Advice
  43. about stdiostream.h and strstream.h
  44. about no matching function for call to
  45. Assembly help...
  46. Geometry Math ?
  47. What Should I Start First ?
  48. Help needed
  49. Script Code Help Needed
  50. Coding a language dictionary process. Industry experts please read.
  51. Which programming language
  52. C++ (cin and myFloat or myInt) What is it?
  53. C++ Duplicate Search problem
  54. A Mistake in a Book
  55. VB.NET: MD5 raw bytes?
  56. Dd/mm/yyyy
  57. Help Please
  58. Programming Language Inquiry
  59. Batch file
  60. 2 questions about C#
  61. Should I move on to Objective -C ????
  62. detect duplicated programs
  63. can C# do this?
  64. Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Express
  65. Can simple compiled C++ programs work on a Windows smartphone?
  66. can a C++ program use a bitmap file?
  67. How do i get into Programing?
  68. Teaching myself programming.
  69. Compiler fail
  70. Selecting a specific part of a file
  71. integration with ccAvenue/BillDesk Indian payment gateways
  72. Generic Forms in vb.net query
  73. how to convert char letters into integers
  74. Books for programming
  75. How to learn Objective-C?
  76. C# or other .NET language, Or Java?
  77. Visual Basic : How to make this code Shorter?>
  78. VBA UserProperties add and assign problem
  79. Mars Elevation Data - help with data tables
  80. Is it too late for me to start a coding career?
  81. Simple program run vbs question
  82. Which Language?? Dynamic dialog box over 3rd party app
  83. using onPaint
  84. New to Web Applications and programming entirely...
  85. Speech recognition
  86. C#: Network stream read til end!
  87. XCode - Buttons and Labels
  88. Heap/Stack test, any ideas?
  89. c# - mouse position
  90. C - Reading in multiple files and writing out
  91. Need a lil help
  92. Maths Help
  93. error: expected expression before 'int'
  94. future of game programming
  95. Code for a simple program
  96. Resolved What kinds of computer programming careers are there?
  97. Starting Up: Advice for a New "Programer"
  98. Language to use for Coding an On-Screen Narrator
  99. Writing an Injection Script?
  100. What are Variables?
  101. Need help with a task in assembly!
  102. Cpu Flags?
  103. C++ Array Confusion
  104. DIfferent kinds of sorts.
  105. VB.net If Then Statement
  106. Software Test Cases
  107. purpose of a function
  108. VNC2 *Viniculum II / C support needed*
  109. linked list
  110. [SOLVED] Seg fault with libusb_get_device_descriptor()
  111. Error after trying to run Ada program...
  112. Favorite programming language?
  113. i Need this porogram
  114. [SOLVED] Is anyone here familiar with libusb?
  115. Help with Battleship Program.
  116. C++ build problem
  117. Linux C++ Serial Port
  118. [Pascal] Difficult task of matrix
  119. Program Crashes on Run
  120. How is PropertyChangedEventHandler used?
  121. i need help in my rubiks cube project
  122. Take whole number user input, display 2's complement representation? (in C or BASIC)
  123. Console Mouse Input in Assembly Help
  124. Newbie Requires Help!!!!!
  125. VB code to search through all worksheets in a workbook
  126. N-Queen's problem
  127. help on C on Windows needed desperately
  128. How do OSes or processes know which IP packets belong to whom?
  129. specific random numbers
  130. C# ffmpeg
  131. help running windows form on command line & other stuff
  132. treasure map
  133. change startup items in 7 and vista
  134. Why wont my quicksort work?
  135. what is your Favorite programming language?
  136. I need help in c program?
  137. Anybody know any...
  138. hello! programmers?
  139. Software Developing
  140. how would you answer this question[CODE]
  141. Combine 3 bat files into one.
  142. Using arrays in programming
  143. a pyramid for you ladies and gentlemen...
  144. In C++ How can I tell the difference between integers and characters?
  145. c++ program not responding
  146. Input Capture
  147. Mouse Dictation Program
  148. Test Plan & Test Case-Help!
  149. Issues with TSP solver.
  150. What is assembler in computer programming?
  151. Help with an app which redirects webpages.[C#]
  152. Automatically open a browser window
  153. Whats going on
  154. How do I write a program that uses another program?
  155. Programming in Low Level Languages?
  156. Need some direction on how this screen capture works
  157. Help needed
  158. C#, C++ Issue on App Launch
  159. Can someone help me convert this program to C++
  160. Resolved Horsepool string matching c++
  161. Assembly Langage and Memory Pointers
  162. Resolved C: How do I mallocate a string array?
  163. COBOL Bookmark Collection
  164. Curl troubles: How do I install it on windows?
  165. C: simple malloc() questions...
  166. Disassembling DLL files
  167. C: CURL problems... Am I passing the variables wrong?
  168. Resolved how can I view the underlining asm code of c
  169. Advice on what language to use?
  170. Resolved How do I pass a char * from a function to a string array in C?
  171. XOR Checksum in C
  172. Beginer help
  173. Phone Book Graphics Edition
  174. Resolved How do I read html from a website in C?
  175. Word VBA File closing
  176. Word vba
  177. CTRL+F program
  178. Need some C++ help
  179. Need help counting stats in game
  180. Batch file -> Compare strings
  181. Traveling Salesman heuristic anyone?
  182. Hi Everyone
  183. where do I start in creating software for Windows?
  184. How would this be coded?
  185. How much would something like this cost?
  186. Professional Help
  187. Can a computer program do this?
  188. ASCII code for H is 48 in hexadecimal. What is the ASCII code in decimal for K?
  189. Computer programming?
  190. Not even One programmer . . .
  191. Specific engineering software - which programmes are best?
  192. Urgent!! need explanation for code in vb 2008!!
  193. Dev C++ and malloc error
  194. How do I run and compile using Visual Studio 2010?
  195. C++ help with writing function(s)?
  196. Setting focus to an IWebBrowser2
  197. New Hockey/Soccer Games
  198. Why would a program say num and den are not part of fraction? if the identifier
  199. (C++) Problem with strings
  200. Best Book for beginning CP?
  201. C++ modeling tool
  202. Tail Recursion?
  203. C Program: Loop if-else statements!
  204. IHTMLElement2 functions crash in IE7 when programmatically scrolling browser control
  205. Can code write itself?
  206. MATLAB Clueless Noob
  207. How do you convert an integer to two bytes in C#?
  208. Question About Computer Programming
  209. C Palindrome problem
  210. regex
  212. AT programming, sending DTMF(or key press)
  213. Started uni few question form first few labs.
  214. Counting age C++
  215. Leap year calculator
  216. Some Noob Questions
  217. HOw can I fix this W32DSM89 results to be readable?
  218. VBScript Assistance (Monday)
  219. How do I write an "and" statement in comparison in C++?
  220. C++ Complier Doesn't like gotos?
  221. Calculating PI
  222. C++ Parse a String.
  223. Resolved Pass by reference not working in C
  224. Batch file to read contents of URL
  225. what is your favorite programming language??
  226. Math courses for programming
  227. Delphi Open Source Project (Help?)
  228. High School Computer Club
  229. i need help! c program for payroll with double
  230. Reading from Memory in Assembly
  231. What is a model.cs file?
  232. Paradox Problems
  233. Numericupdown control in C#
  234. Need help in project ideas
  235. Help With C: Data Structures
  236. Need Computer Programmer to interview
  237. Automatic Number to Bitwise to Hexadecimal?
  238. [VB.NET]Problem with WebBrowser.
  239. What language to use for running a shell within cmd?
  240. Programming, what language to use
  241. how to start?
  242. Font and BG color
  243. Holy smokes, batch file help with concatenation in subroutine!
  244. Project from a newbie.
  245. Programming on Mac OS X
  246. Need Help with NSIS [Will Pay!]
  247. Trouble Working Through Kernighan's C
  248. Mail Checker?
  249. Downloading programming tool?
  250. Newbie needs some help..

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