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  1. Strange Runtime Error
  2. Delphi Issues
  3. Arithmetic Operation Problem
  4. Assembly beginner help
  5. How do I get a dattime format in C# that will look like this:
  6. C++ coding competition?!
  7. Help in a project
  8. vc++ help to update / insert access DB
  9. Visual basic Help
  10. Make it so browser auto-redirects?
  11. Final Year Project university
  12. executable file to copy TS3 program files
  13. Assembly Noob
  14. Remove paragraph spacing / line spacing in CString
  15. New member
  16. Need Programmer to Interview
  17. I have a question about Silverlight on the Client Side.
  18. Need help bad!
  19. [C++] Program makes random connections
  20. Programming tools
  21. Help With Visual Basic Coding Issue
  22. Automatic Fax sorting
  23. TextBlock wrapping of text in Silverlight XAML file.
  24. Help working with classes
  25. Basics
  26. MySQL ad PHP tutorial books
  27. [VB2010] Email addresses from datagridview to textbox
  28. Algorithm Timing
  29. What's inspired me to learn how to code
  30. Trying to convert PDF to Excel
  31. CRC24Q implementation
  32. Running multiple threads in C++
  33. C Programming Switch Help
  34. C# Byte array to String
  35. OOP help
  36. Resolved C++ Please Help MEe
  37. error - missing required architecture in i386?!- using xcode 4
  38. VB.NET > Read Pointer from Memory
  39. Help With Simple C Program
  40. where to start? Noob!
  41. Suggestions for self teaching myself?
  42. Online Poll
  43. What Programming Language to Learn First?
  44. C++ Pointers
  45. Is COBOL still exist out there?
  46. using c# to join two or more tiny .wav files?
  47. How do you create an item inventory in batch?
  48. Best programs for low intensive graphics games
  49. Dissambling file...
  50. why so many stupid programmers? seriously!
  51. Python- range vs arange vs xrange ?
  52. What do you think of Web based IDE?
  53. VB Code, don't get it
  54. Differences Between Programming Languages
  55. Python-mean of image array from a file.
  56. Build a GUI to send keystrokes to Mac and windows applications
  57. Get Hardware information in c++
  58. Need help with VBS!
  59. C objective/iOS coding Youtube Channel
  60. sending a form to multiple locations on your own site.
  61. How to make a password cracker
  62. Client and server
  63. Help with OpenCV in Visual C++ 2010 Express
  64. [HELP] C++ compiling error with code
  65. C++ - Generating Different Random Numbers off of one seed
  66. Resolved C# passing variables
  67. Not sure of program difficulty
  68. Excel macro to get final urls?
  69. Which one is easy and best language for programming ?
  70. Windows Command Line Help!
  71. VBA/Excel Type Mismatch part the way through a For loop with identical data
  72. Just a few general programming concept questions that Google couldn't answer.
  73. What is the correct sequence for bliting surfaces to the screen in pygame?
  74. My Xcode tutorial
  75. DateTime Data Problems in Silverlight and C#
  76. [C++] - Array of names
  77. programming advice
  78. VB.Net | work with Active Directory
  79. username auto change help
  80. magnifying glass feature in Silverlight
  81. .Bat Copy command Problem
  82. Help needed with C subtraction
  83. .Bat Copy command Problem
  84. How do I tell if the browser window is Maximized in Silverlight/C#?
  85. making a program.. T_T
  86. How to begin with computer programming, taking the first step?
  87. C / C++ code for Database connectivity
  88. Registry programming question
  89. Beginning to Learn Programming Advice
  90. Updating C code
  91. OpenCV Segfaulting
  92. What to do?
  93. Change IP Address in PHP
  94. C++ or C#
  95. Where to start?
  96. What should I aim for?
  97. Should i use UDK
  98. where to write a script
  99. Simple Project? or will I need to hire help?
  100. Questions about programming.
  101. "Press any key to continue..."
  102. k means document clustering using C#
  103. Total Newby looking for a program.
  104. Out of shape programmer entering junior year
  105. C: Read from file and write to file
  106. how to sell software in pen drive with protection?
  107. What should i do - with bad marks
  108. C Sharp Question
  109. how did u learn computer language
  110. C++ - Files Not Linking Properly
  111. Where should i start?
  112. C: What do you think of my fancy user input function?
  113. Advise on what languages to learn
  114. 2 questions for a beginning programmer
  115. Execute C Program without main() function, Possible?
  116. C: How do I overwrite data at a memory location without memset?
  117. C: How do I eliminate stack space or determine exactly how much I have available?
  118. what is wrong with my (easy) code?
  119. EASY intro programming question
  120. Reference issues?
  121. C# SIP SMS example
  122. site maintaining
  123. Automatic generation of Thumbs.db file. Windows XP
  124. Pass-by-Reference and Pass-by-Value
  125. How to make this program in visual basics?
  126. How Hard is Python?
  127. Changing a field in a datagrid in C#
  128. Blackjack
  129. How do I add a counter to a C++ Bubble Sort?
  130. VB.NET: Convert an Array of Structures to an Array of Bytes?
  131. Noob developing Casino Game, what program do I use?
  132. seg fault!
  133. Put my localhost on the web
  134. One Problem With Open Source Equivalents
  135. Help with user setting up file path
  136. cartesian coordinate system, calc change in position
  137. Modding Windows
  138. Open Gl program help.
  139. Proving a linear code exists
  140. Resolved Just Quick Question
  141. Help with FillRectangle in VB.net
  142. noob programmer needs help with easy code!
  143. question about machine language vs. computer languages that people use to code
  144. 2 DataReaders problem
  145. What Code Editor Do You Use?
  146. Xbox 360 Games
  147. should I be worried?
  148. Visual basic recognising numbers in a textfile??
  149. VB.NET: Structure, Object, or something else?
  150. Where does C++ fit in for web applications?
  151. .rtf > .txt
  152. Displaying values of a specific address.
  153. Any coder looking for a project (team)?
  154. Looking for someone to help me change a .class file in a .jar file
  155. Delphi 6 problem with Floats
  156. Please recommend a language
  157. Should i use c# or C++?
  158. Broken Formatting In Notepad In Windows XP
  159. Input file length
  160. is a new language limited by its compiler?
  161. Logic Warz - Program your own Bot, battle other people's Bots
  162. point on circle
  163. C++ Text Adventure assistance?
  164. Very General Programming Questions
  165. Append increments of 50 to end of lines of text
  166. create a program to organize docs in folder
  167. Create a program to edit/add to a MySql database
  168. Existing technology
  169. Simple question about IF statements
  170. Add a custom string property to a linklabel?
  171. Visual Basic (help?)
  172. C++ Copy Elision on Returned Arguments
  173. Streaming Decoder Sky
  174. How can I 1.exe + 2.exe = 3.exe make it to work ?
  175. insane c error on seemingly correct code
  176. C++ : "new" gives me the same pointer twice
  177. Help Needed With A Site About Compilation Errors
  178. Interview Questions
  179. 8088 Assembly help!!
  180. Coding and Debugging Workflow
  181. Python Issue, UnboundLocalError
  182. VB.NET: How do I create a printable report?
  183. 64 bit Basic anyone?
  184. Random number generator
  185. What would you suggest as a good text source to learn the C# language?
  186. How to develop a small program in c language?
  187. Help on dynamic allocation
  188. c++ printing a single word backwards
  189. multiplication table c++ program question
  190. beginner programming
  191. Open source project started for the Obix programming language
  192. Custom CMS or
  193. Script to download files
  194. New guy looking to build mobile apps/games
  195. Help with some C
  196. Help with formal specification
  197. Help with this program
  198. What's an ideal language to learn as a beginner?
  199. Infix to Postfix values
  200. Does this line of code really work?
  201. Need help with Microsoft Visual Studio
  202. C++ Code, Write To File
  203. Excel RegEx Question
  204. HELP FOR INFO - How to insert record from C ir mysql table??
  205. vb.net combobox help
  206. Problem with scanf
  207. So many languages, so little time. Advice needed.
  208. Continuously Repeating Cmd Code
  209. Should I use a database, or manage data another way?
  210. SPARC Assembly: smul/sdiv vs mul/div?
  211. Fixed GUI design.
  212. The illusive SegFault in C program
  213. released open source web crawler in c++
  214. I Need in writing this program
  215. Trying to Generate Random NCAA Tournament Brackets w/ Code
  216. I need help with VBScript out as columns...
  217. Proper OO Design
  218. Python, random values difficult!
  219. Python.. noob needing help!
  220. Best place to start learning object Orientated coding?
  221. Place to start Object-Orientated Coding
  222. Help with code.
  223. foxpro support library
  224. Translation Table?
  225. Code Applications With JavaScript
  226. VBS script "loop with out do" error
  227. Help with for loop rearranging
  228. Programming Software to communicate with hardware and which language to use for GUIs
  229. Mulitiplication program error
  230. Win32 Child Windows Not Displaying Properly
  231. Help in C program for Temperature sensor + Ethernet shield
  232. Data passing
  233. Need advice from coders
  234. Automation of MS Works on vb.net ???
  235. Is there issues with SIGIO
  236. Right section? wrong section? Couple questions
  237. Where I'm wrong in this C code
  238. need help with writing a script
  239. Well like many I have
  240. Win32 Intro
  241. Introduction
  242. college?
  243. Sorting
  244. Send information over IP
  245. Assembly Help - Interrupts in I/O
  246. [SOLVED] RegEx: "^\b[A-z0-9 \.]*$" Why does this allow certain characters ([]^`\_)?
  247. Any graduating computer science students? Need participants for my project!
  248. Masm project, don't know what im doing wrong
  249. A small assembly problem ;)
  250. C# DOS Character

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