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  1. C arrays and pointers etc. Help!
  2. Automatically send an email from Outlook
  3. Is there something like this in c++?
  4. challenging to program?
  5. Decent book to teach video game programming...
  6. How to UNDO last in VB.Net
  7. Where do I begin
  8. teleporters
  9. eVB for Pocket PC
  10. C Question
  11. c++ stringstream
  12. C Compiler
  13. Restrict the download of a file to once per IP address.
  14. Using malloc to dynamically increase the size of an array in C
  15. interface help for touchscreen till to online db.
  16. Video game programming
  17. [looking for] Dll Web host
  18. C# Pulling Process ID
  19. C Parsing
  20. MS types to standard types
  21. Where to start application coding
  22. What are manifest types? [solved]
  23. C - GNU regex library---trouble matching subgroups
  24. REG ADD with a .bat
  25. c# simple combobox
  26. .vbs script help- compare parent/child folders, move up & delete if identical names
  27. Learning C
  28. how to print only N numbers of string
  29. Making a .jar file
  30. Editor to remotely manage C++ code
  31. Simple parsing script help
  32. Help on template function in C++
  33. Printing from array function
  34. Conflicting types in array function declaration
  35. some vb help needed (6.0)
  36. Binary Tree Help (c Lang)
  37. C - trying to dynamically allocate an array of structs...
  38. VB Code To Update An Entry Based Upon # of Copies
  39. new to the forum, need homework help :).
  40. I need some help making a program...
  41. M$ Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  42. wysiwyg program maker?
  43. C loop, giving me trouble !! Can anyone help..?
  44. Mencoder for linux
  45. Find out if something is inside a given area.
  46. C++ So odd problem with connection from Form1 "is not namespace name... "
  47. C# MySQL and Datagrids...
  48. Data extract
  49. C Structure Arrays
  50. Need someone to double check a script
  51. How does scanf works?
  52. Finding the computer model
  53. C# and WPF
  54. Cron Expression
  55. manipulating text in visual foxpro
  56. is it possible to convert the access database e,g abc.mdb into the mysql tables
  57. Looking for free c++ simple profiler
  58. MySQL++
  59. sorting data saved as text in an access database
  60. Looking for free win32 gui (resource) editor
  61. Creating an undeletable file on Flash Disk
  62. writing and appending to file lots of times takes to long how to improve ?
  63. socket help?
  64. Log off Script
  65. geting full path of files and folders (boost::filesystem)
  66. Math
  67. web page script
  68. c# put a string in an integer
  69. c# reading and writing files
  70. VB Express & Databases
  71. C++ static variables loading in wrong order
  72. BATCH - Strings
  73. Makefile Optimization
  74. Whole Lines of Input
  75. GTK+ Application help (saving a file, copy and paste, and scrolling behavior)
  76. Advanced Sorting - Text file spaced out in blocks
  77. List All files recursively cross platform
  78. a bug in code for PIC microcontroller-help to debug
  79. How do I use a hyperlink in 1 VB WebBrowser to open a web page in another?
  80. "The memory could not be "read". "
  81. can i force connecting to local web server via internet network ?
  82. Binary Conversion from a SPI Temperature Device
  83. C++ Regular Expressions Library
  84. Total beginner
  85. Assembler
  86. what is the best url to check internet connection
  87. Password Program not Working
  88. C program for terminal keeps on shutting down.
  89. Help settle This (PHP, not script question)
  90. Info needed
  91. C++ window keeps closing
  92. Questions to Programmers as a Profession
  93. FStream filename being a string
  94. What about Visual Basic?
  95. how to format bash shell text?
  96. Port scan detector
  97. text program help
  98. Weird Error In Using Proxies C# .Net 3.5
  99. C/c++
  100. recommendaitons about MySQL -v- Oracle.
  101. anagrams recursion
  102. Python or C++ for windows GUI program
  103. Postscript Renamer Utility
  104. Having trouble with VB and SQL database for Deleting, Saving, Navigating etc
  105. Windows API programming - where did the style go
  106. Is C++ old fashioned ?
  107. C program stopping prematurely
  108. FTP using Sockets in win32
  109. detecting a keystroke?
  110. Strategy Help
  111. what is the best way to implement simple checking mechanism
  112. C Coding; memcpy not working as expected.
  113. Program Help
  114. Looking for light cross platform Threading library
  115. TCP/IP sockets program using C++
  116. Running a Batch File from a Command Window Launched from a C# Program
  117. C Coding; how do you return a int/char?
  118. C++ Heap arrays
  119. external SMTP server with authentication (C Sharp)
  120. Connecting Flex and Excel
  121. Vb6 & Datarpt Wont Deploy To 2nd Pc
  122. using borland C++ to write C code
  123. Learning String Comparison
  124. Problem with naming a queue
  125. A compute question ?
  126. HugeInt Problem
  127. VB problem ...
  128. best language to learn
  129. How to get data from a webpage that requires form completion to access?
  130. Restarting a VPS
  131. Regarding Dining Philosophers
  132. can anyone name some good toolbar makers
  133. coding solution
  134. Ambiguous Column Name
  135. how to code
  136. Incase sensitive
  137. Program closes straight away
  138. Excel Macro Issue
  139. getting .net version at runtime
  140. BSD Sockets Frustrating me
  141. VB 2005 Project Help!
  142. Interger Input with Binary Output
  143. Alphabetizing
  144. C++ arrays
  145. Count number of items in sql with vb6.0
  146. Autocompletion for a CLI application (C++)
  147. VB 2005 coding error help!!!
  148. VB6 vs Batch ip compare
  149. File Dialog
  150. Recursion Blues
  151. Picking a Language
  152. VB Help - Word
  153. Opinions/Advice Needed
  154. VBS script on a per user basis that shuts down the computer when i close ie 7
  155. Making a button go to a link on webbrowser in VB
  156. Geometric point as a text???
  157. Parseing Hex from C# and C
  158. microsoft virtual server backup vbs w/ auto deletion
  159. Greasemonkey rate all users fubar.com help
  160. Shortcut Help, C++, wxWidgets
  161. Best IDE for C++ these days (?)
  162. Delphi Procedure problems
  163. creating my own toolbar installer
  164. The Diceman Bus Tour
  165. Beginner
  166. Ideal language?
  167. Virtual Distributed System
  168. CGI Scripting with C++ - creating images
  169. Help understanding assembly (x86-64)
  170. Frequency Distribution
  171. For people starting C++
  172. Windows XP
  173. VAX Assembly Language - Do While
  174. Ideas
  175. Creating Your Own Language
  176. unsigned...
  177. Regular Expression help
  178. getch detect keys
  179. c data types
  180. Software Version Control/Auditiing
  181. C++ Coding Error
  182. Building Exes in MS Visual C++
  183. RESOLVED: Starting 2 different programs from a batch file
  184. code error
  185. C++ - uses in web development
  186. Get a substring from a string
  187. Slightly Noobish C++ question
  188. C# Indexed/Array properties
  189. Learning Programming
  190. Programmer Interview
  191. Fortran Tutorial
  192. Why does this work?!?
  193. Language Recommendation
  194. c input jump
  195. looking for good DOS tutorial
  196. C Strings
  197. Visual Basic or .net for Access Databases - im a beginner!
  198. Is there a better way to create this loop?
  199. MS-VB2008:needed 300-350MB on D: and 2.1GB on C:/> this c:/ will get free
  200. Learn VB or VB.net for Access?
  201. VB2008:common files will not be installed so I will conserve HDD space
  202. Getting the Process ID
  203. Multiple definition error.
  204. C strings and pointers...
  205. C# abstract classes and generics
  206. please please help me
  207. Human Interface Devices in C++ (Win32 API)
  208. one REG file with multiple tasks
  209. Getting a C# program with a manifest file to run in the debugger
  210. c problem
  211. Sudoku
  212. C vs C++ vs ASM
  213. What is this?
  214. Parsing Web Content From Servlet
  215. Macro to Mimic Double Click Event?
  216. string array
  217. include exe within exe
  218. C++ console. Image help
  219. Closing a Program using VBS Script
  220. Simple C++ questions
  221. C++ CMD menu help. How can this be done?
  222. C++ help, datatype problem? Using system()
  223. Any help with (legal) disassembly
  224. Visual C# Help
  225. Best photo album program
  226. Minesweeper programm plz help
  227. CONFUSE about Programing.Need Guidance!!
  228. C++ Arrays
  229. Automatic manual search
  230. C# Windows Forms, changing font help
  231. adding comma to end of each line for csv file
  232. y does this work?
  233. cscript + perlscript
  234. Which would be the best in coming years?
  235. uni Assignment help
  236. wanna learn new stuff, just need to know what language.
  237. Help
  238. Help Needed With Game Files
  239. Delphi:way around messageevent & procedure
  240. algorithm help ....need pointers on how to
  241. Build Errors.... (C++)
  242. Linux Programing language?
  243. Need Help
  244. VB6 Listbox Help, maybe?
  245. OCX + Scrolling Tabbar
  246. Java without runtime?
  247. Programmer vs Developer
  248. does not end the file?
  249. Help! Cant stop infinite LOOP, Computer beeping...
  250. How Do I USE my C++ Code?

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