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  1. Protecting an exe from cracks
  2. [C++] Generate icon?
  3. Assembly dll editing memory editing
  4. [C++] Help with pointers: how to correctly return a pointer of struct?
  5. [VB.NET] Array help
  6. Finding object in RunningObjectTable in Vista
  7. Resolved Bit shift right... in assembly
  8. [C] Calculator help.
  9. DataGridView problems
  10. Bash script question
  11. application required?
  12. Bat file help!!
  13. DataGridView row selecting problem
  14. VB If Statement Help
  15. Need some help with a C++ programming project
  16. opengl C++ polygon class
  17. working on a project
  18. help in vbscript
  19. Stop Patching/Cracking
  20. Password and username - help needed please
  21. A Newbie Question
  22. VBA Excel and IE login info "Not Sharing"
  23. Fortran
  24. Advice for a newbie
  25. Visual Basic Print preview and Print problem.
  26. i get a proble....please help !!!!
  27. VB: A form within a form?
  28. Quick License Manager - Anyone used this?
  29. Visual C++ 2008 express: Help needed friends :-)
  30. Change IDT, GDT, LDT base with C or C++
  31. VBS Script Help Needed (Newbie) - Del Folder on EXE Exit
  32. Resolved VB 08 - IRC Connect [Quakenet]
  33. Coding Help [simple stuff]
  34. Newbie Question - Visual C++ or Visual C# or something else?
  35. RSA encryption in VB
  36. Noob needs help with QBASIC
  37. Can someone help me please with this c ++ problem!!
  38. Flipping colours
  39. C# Timezone test
  40. how to speed up long loop?
  41. Increasing the size to fit a window
  42. Mobile programming Java or C++
  43. Software design for HC12
  44. Responses based on user input?
  45. File Get Corrupted while manipulation of data
  46. *-1 to reverse output c++
  47. database vanishes like a David Blaine prop
  48. help with using something in file
  49. help with BindingSources
  50. how to add file info in CPP to compiled EXE?
  51. Software design
  52. Resolved How do I launch a program with a batch file and have the command line close...?
  53. help needed is C
  54. k2 algorithm
  55. batch file help user input
  56. C++ Links Help
  57. .NET Interop Outlook Filter mails with attachment/s
  58. Automatic Detection of Mail Status in Outlook using MAPI
  59. Computer science major question
  60. C++ compiler help
  61. Game design with C#
  62. Establishing a Free Trial Period
  63. C-Programing code help!!
  64. What is problem with this Matlab code?
  65. Visual Basic, vb.net, help.
  66. Looking for d3d and C++
  67. verilog programming help
  68. Normal game to multiplayer game
  69. Just a few questions about server-side development
  70. [Remoting] HttpWebRequest/Response isn't remotable?
  71. Arrays of undefined aize in C#??
  72. batch script back up
  73. Indexes in C#??
  74. Remember those days you didn't do your homework?
  75. Creating a username and password box
  76. C# -> MySQL via port80.
  77. wget file behind password screen.
  78. C++ (Deficienct, Abundant, Perfect)
  79. WIN32 Styles
  80. Circle animation
  81. New Programmer Needs Help!!!
  82. Need help on making some decisions...
  83. Help needed with web crawler in C#
  84. green-yellow-red colour curve
  85. C programming, function question
  86. Delphi finger print
  87. Some problems with hexedit (invalid windwows image)
  88. C++ return questions
  89. MS Access VBA Code
  90. help for c
  91. how to copy entire Visual C# solution?
  92. creating for loop for hourly pay rates
  93. computer game lines of code
  94. VB.NET Email Client
  95. Newbie - datagrid view
  96. open save and close extension with script
  97. C# help needed~
  98. vb.net help client and server
  99. Run application in IE (ActiveX)
  100. Windows XP Pro is a 32-bit op sys, right?
  101. How to get an Internet shortcut URL property
  102. Collection Reset
  103. Any other SQL or MS Access / OleDb databases available?
  104. Decompression of file data
  105. How to use the current time in DELPHI
  106. Programming for Windows
  107. Delphi... Please help me!!
  108. syncing/transferring data from dbf to mdb
  109. how to signal WinForm control input out of range?
  110. Where to start learning programming
  111. how to change WinForm controls' text color programatically?
  112. A newbie over here
  113. Measure signal strength of WLAN card code of an application needed!!
  114. Assembly Language (1 Error)
  115. Having some trouble drawing in a window
  116. Maths And Coding..
  117. easy way to format numbers to strings?
  118. Copy URL's of a page to database
  119. How to setup SVN when modifying different versions of open source projects?
  120. What shell program does XP use, how do I check?
  121. Simple C Question
  122. Why use delegates?
  123. Is my understanding of code generation in WinForm apps correct?
  124. VB.Net Questions (If statements)
  125. Intergrating my console program into a windows application
  126. flag quiz Visual Basic 2008 help
  127. Problems with scanf and characters
  128. Disc ID Calculation
  129. script to access a site
  130. VB Programming
  131. Problem With DataGrid and DataSet
  132. Help required
  133. Great site with math problems for programmers
  134. Where to Start?
  135. What language to make decent applications
  136. Assembly Language Error
  137. Deploying application with database
  138. using fopen - fails on Vista
  139. Assembly Language MIPS
  140. Driver Editing and Custom Keybindings
  141. Limiting pie chart display per percentage in vs 2005
  142. How to compile C in visual studio
  143. Deploying macros from central Excel file
  144. What compiler?
  145. DarkBASIC pro
  146. problems compiling first Windows application
  147. thunderbird extensions
  148. C++ Worthless?
  149. Project management and the Waterfall Model
  150. Mac Script
  151. position on a chessboard using C
  152. Help with arrays in C++.
  153. MP3 Frequency Analyzing
  154. Bitwise to check if byte contains byte
  155. The 3rd Template Type
  156. First C programming project - can you check?
  157. convert wav or mp3 file to text
  158. Visual Basic.NET exercises.
  159. CSV parsing - How to call data?
  160. I need a program to make in visual basic
  161. C# backhands programs
  162. Read from a text file [C]
  163. Visual basic listboxes on forms
  164. adding a file browse button
  165. throwing exceptions
  166. A dummy question
  167. new programmer in need of help
  168. Visual Basic Help Please?
  169. delegates and references to objects
  170. Need help with rather simple ASSEMBLY program.
  171. parallel port interfacing
  172. overriding VC# formatting defaults
  173. c++ sleep
  174. data structures in c
  175. identifying file types
  176. Web Based vehicle Tracking system
  177. help in verilog
  178. using .Net Reflector
  179. looking for some beginner resources
  180. Platform Builder and C#
  181. Batch file help
  182. Need Help With Formatting
  183. instantiation; and arrays & structures really objects?
  184. Verilog Help!!!
  185. I am so new to this PLEASE HELP!!!
  186. Hi all^^please help with me c programming of thumbwheel, thx appreciated
  187. Insertion sort C++ help
  188. C++ Tutorials and codes
  189. C++ Programming help!
  190. VBA Excel Select Case
  191. finding text files in C# console applications
  192. Timer
  193. Interest in Computers/IT
  194. instantiation
  195. the "this" reference & indexers
  196. Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
  197. Java Applet Help with BlueJ
  198. Using set and get in C Sharp
  199. Urgent Help Needed.. reverse a singularly linked-list
  200. What book would be recommended for C and C++?
  201. OSS for commercial use?
  202. Integration in c++
  203. C# console applications & highlighting output to screen
  204. How to start graphics programming in C++
  205. C#, kbhit & getch
  206. Is there a way to tell a program to do something a special amount of times? Help?
  207. F#
  208. i.p. identifcation
  209. Program that closes a process
  210. Need help editing a file in vb.net
  211. DLLs need to have a home in the lib directory
  212. Several Problems
  213. C# protected DB connection string
  214. DELPHI: A more graphical interface?
  215. missing function header
  216. C++ Help Compiling Programme
  217. send message from server to client
  218. i need help with a loop, please help
  219. Auto download file from webserver each day.
  220. C++ overloading stream operator
  221. I'm trying to send an email using VB Express, please help me!?
  222. I Need a bit of help.
  223. c++ second life help
  224. What is the best language for serial port programming?
  225. XML Formated Email ?
  226. Get User ID on Windows
  227. How to delete a directory
  228. Batch Questions.
  229. can you debug a constantly running process?
  230. C++ WYSIWYG Editor
  231. C++ with mouse click help
  232. quick question on how to set keys as clicks
  233. fscanf: using a constant as a format width specifier?
  234. HELP fixing coding please
  235. Change a desktop background using Batch?
  236. C++ Bubble Sort/Binary Search Help
  237. add keypress in a panel VB.net
  238. C++ Casting Help
  239. Looking for help converting a .bat to .sh
  240. Resolved Batch file help needed
  241. C++ trying to add decimal places
  242. C# dll
  243. DLL static data
  244. C/++ Programming
  245. VB Script
  246. Batch file help
  247. C++ Type Casting
  248. associates degree versus master's degree
  249. Windows .dll Versioning
  250. What is the starting point for a person who wanna learn programing

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