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  1. Submit Button and .submit() question.
  2. Help with homework...
  3. Having trouble with this scipt
  4. remove white spaces from validation
  5. reference problem in EventListener
  6. Detect if ActiveX is disabled
  7. Checkbox to give hidden field value
  8. Problem with javascript - null or not an object
  9. Having trouble figuring this JS out
  10. jQuery and JS, is that possible without coliding
  11. Help!!One Error ( illegal start of expression)
  12. Help needed on intervaled img movement system
  13. Substring Reading e:
  14. jsLoad
  15. Show/Hide Div footer below it not adjusting consistently in IE
  16. Order of Code Execution
  17. Can't Get JavaScript to Work on a Messageboard
  18. Search table
  19. REALLY simple question
  20. Calculations in JavaScript
  21. limit the size of text in table from radio button
  22. Using javascript form/function to hide and display <divs>
  23. Passing form input data from one page to another w/o control of the receiving pag
  24. Form validation tweak
  25. [Help] getElementByID("") with online src iframe
  26. date anomaly
  27. Resolved Simple countdown timer help.
  28. Resolved can't remove previous select options from a dynamic array
  29. Conditional SELECT element - determined by original select element on page load (??)
  30. windoe.open in firefox 3.0.10
  31. JavaScript/MySQL integration
  32. Simple Question - Please help!
  33. Substitute for wildcard *
  34. return true and setTimeout
  35. setTimeout() function not supported in an IE version
  36. Permission denied error while savinga XML file
  37. Percentage Slider
  38. Javascript help Please
  39. Ajax + global variable undefined until alert called
  40. Close box per session...?
  41. Adding text to a textfield ... Problem!
  42. Working around ActiveX controls?
  43. Set the right divID for the right CSS div!!
  44. Unknown runtime error.
  45. JavaScript Image Help (Please ;))
  46. Function
  47. Beginner in javascript
  48. Function Interrupt
  49. Play/Pause Issue
  50. Probably a simple fix - javascript onMouseOver in Firefox
  51. tinyscrolling animation won't work properly in FF/IE
  52. help with video script
  53. Need help with perl cgi and javascript syntax please
  54. A strange timing issue?
  55. https to http Canonical?
  56. Help with loading HTML structure quickly.
  57. Troubles with sortTable.js
  58. activate Lightbox-type script from within an iframe
  59. Need Javascript Slideshow-Type Code
  60. Dropdown Filled Textarea
  61. need help using variable to get elementID
  62. Getting the size that a box would be
  63. Resolved Intervals and Auto Refresh (not AJAX)
  64. Problem with Confirm box
  65. Resolved HELP!! Javascript Calculator
  66. Couple of questoins regarding JS syntax
  67. Help Needed Finding Javascript
  68. Capture the ip address of a visitor and SEND IT
  69. How to Use HTML Inside a Text Area Box
  70. pop up window with "don't show again" checkbox
  71. need javascript Coding
  72. javascript help required
  73. Resolved JS not working properly in IE
  74. parse parts of a URL and insert into form fields
  75. indexOf to recognize part of user input
  76. SELECT input not being read correctly
  77. Looking for a good Javascript date picker
  78. Resolved Scroll Position, Start and Restart
  79. A simple input form (i hope)
  80. How do i stop execute this logic ?
  81. document.write("style..........
  82. ddtabmenu.js-Error on Page-Line:78 Char:5
  83. Calling Javascript function from PHP class
  84. onclick show/hide divs
  85. How to write a resulting value to a list in new page
  86. JS menu - works in Firefox 3 but not in IE7
  87. Show the submit button only when/if count = 200?
  88. updating href of link with shadowbox & flash
  89. Default image using javascript
  90. Weird if statement problem
  91. onClick function running a PHP script, not opening a window
  92. doubt in javascript programing
  93. How to return value from javascript to perl variable in cgi file
  94. Iframe image resize
  95. Javascript autosuggest problem
  96. FileReader help
  97. Resolved Button to increase or decrease var speed
  98. Validating forms using javascript
  99. About to punch a hole in the wall aka onmouseover help plz!
  100. Wrong offsetWidth value on IE
  101. script to get ID then continue to page.
  102. xmlhttp doesn't update
  103. Resolved Image of text in place of text.
  104. Making a Table in JavaScript
  105. Help transfering PHP array to JS
  106. Direct url to a page with iframe (Using Redirects with iFrames)
  107. Javascraipt stylesheet switcher help to improve
  108. Understanding multiple image fetches in Firebug
  109. Javascript question
  110. help a girl with some javascript stuff
  111. 'active state' for a navigation bar
  112. increase size of alert
  113. How does ebay's image upload system work?
  114. Calculator
  115. Show as default! Help!
  116. Visibility Issues
  117. Why is this code not working?
  118. Java+form+input data and output
  119. Switching objects
  120. Javascript table issue
  121. Getting values from multiple radio sets
  122. Resolved Help refreshing iframe?
  123. convert function to string
  124. Adding dependancies between select lists
  125. setting of text field value to that of url
  126. Submit two forms with one button
  127. Firebug - breakpoints ignored
  128. Setting a text field to the url on a page
  129. window.onload = init; - need a little help understanding
  130. gap apearing on hover
  131. js reference to a PHP variable
  132. Using checkboxes to open links in new windows.
  133. Validate price textbox
  134. making links with index?...
  135. Collapsible Div popup error
  136. how to capture events from window with external content?
  137. Multiple Select Boxes
  138. iterate through alphabet in Javascript
  139. attachEvent change style
  140. Help with nesting onclick image swap events and image mapping
  141. Highlight lost IE 8 Execcommand when focusing on input -please help
  142. embedding youtubes like on face book
  143. Calender with time
  144. Javascript - Greasemonkey problem
  145. form validation check if email or phone number entered??
  146. changing 2nd or 3rd link css depending on page
  147. Checkbox Issue
  148. help me! coding! about IE filters not effect
  149. pass arg to function by value.
  150. Set the priority to all and not to the FIRST found
  151. Trying to force an ad click before returning a download.
  152. getting address using js
  153. Adding Google Maps with custom XML to this complex site
  154. How place the drop-down list in the right place?
  155. Menu: text block swap
  156. sound array how do i newbie
  157. variable undefined error in replace function
  158. Hide focus away from textbox
  159. Writing into text file
  160. Playing sound with mouse over
  161. Resolved Reading Original Div height using JS
  162. problems with javascript widget on publisher 2003
  163. problem on internet explorer
  164. Banner rotation script.
  165. JS Code Question
  166. Problem - please help
  167. several actions with one submit button
  168. Form effects: Number of options based on dropdown selection?
  169. Mistake? careless?
  170. Performance Issue with chrome/canvas
  171. Epoch Calendar works on IE but will not pop up in firefox or safari.
  172. Web page working in Firefox 3.5.1 but not in IE7 and IE8
  173. Remove autosuggest from input field?
  174. Block Capitals - HELLO to Hello etc..
  175. which button clicked?
  176. tab displaying errors
  177. Loading in background..
  178. javascript product configurator
  179. Resolved help changing background cell color in all browsers
  180. Code working in IE but not in Firefox
  181. Prototype pointerX and pointerY methods with event observer?
  182. Allow user to save image from whiteboard drawing via form processing
  183. Change Link With Jquery (or javascript)
  184. Javascript and <!DOCTYPE
  185. get selected input field in iframe
  186. Not submitting when validation is true
  187. Expanding Message of the day script to > 31 days
  188. combining two functions...
  189. Multiple Javascript menus in a php page - only 1 menu works?!
  190. Onunload (use with a trigger?!)
  191. check if page is loaded (URL is open)
  192. Need script to change the color of region in a image
  193. How to insert text into a text area within an iframe.
  194. Hello, need help with php load after x seconds.
  195. adding to dates from input box
  196. Resolved image mouseover problem
  197. Help on rotating images in 360 degrees!
  198. retrieving values from options with if statement
  199. Change Div Style Elements Onclick Question
  200. Effects of disabled Javascript??
  201. Append/Replace Text in Textarea Onclick Question
  202. Absolute Beginner Cookie help?
  203. Issue with Multiple Checkboxes and Turning them off
  204. IE7 Crashes ith select box
  205. How to make new page open in the same window.
  206. Looping through all form fields hangs the system
  207. Changing URL after every keypress?
  208. JDBC and ODBC
  209. Jdbc
  210. How to simultaneously open a window and call a servlet from a jsp page
  211. Resolved Date comparison in months
  212. Resolved Problem with <body onLoad>
  213. Problems with jquery's progressbar
  214. ViewImage JavaScript Not Working in IE8
  215. I dont even know if this is possible, auto resize text...
  216. Problem calling a function, to hide/show comments
  217. Javascript help?
  218. Never reach readystate 4
  219. How do I set a variable name from a function parameter
  220. change mouse icon on MouseOver() event
  221. How do you make a global variable from within a function so every script can use it?
  222. jquery: textarea - 'Write a comment...' and 'What's on your mind?' like facebook
  223. sequential function call execution
  224. Generating a URL based on two drop down box selections.
  225. I Am Having An Issue With The Random Number Operator
  226. Adding charachter counter to a form?
  227. Four textboxes in a ratio - Probably simple.
  228. object wont alert in a function that I call from a function
  229. javascript check before posting the form (including a botdetect check)
  230. Way to get stuff after url's "#" in javascript?
  231. for loop array wont alert?
  232. why ie doesnt preload images properly?
  233. "Help" Save values into database from dynamically created text field
  234. Trouble with return false on a form submit.
  235. Function causing .asp page malfunction
  236. Converting Decimals to Fractions
  237. javascript error missing ) after argument list
  238. JSP scriptlet and javascript
  239. Help to display javascript instead of execute
  240. updating a text field and drop down at same time...
  241. Resolved Changing H1 Header Text
  242. Issue with code that centers html elements
  243. Change onMouseover Event Question
  244. for loop not working
  245. name field required?
  246. Resolved script organizing question
  247. 1 radio button group imitating other.
  248. javascript select modification
  249. Open Pop-Up On Browser Close?
  250. Explode and replace

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