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  1. Adding a countdown timer over an image
  2. after a translator widget
  3. "this" keyword not working
  4. chrome browser trying to download the page?
  5. need to convert datesfrom mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy
  6. Problems with Date object
  7. Javascript function not working correctly
  8. Games
  9. Form Problems
  10. Javascript onClick event listener
  11. How can I prevent accessing my .js file from unwanted sources?
  12. Programmatic Navigation in gfslideshow
  13. how to close web browser when clicking a button in firefox?
  14. IE8 slideshow issue all other browsers ok
  15. need a script that if a code is displayed tab will quit.
  16. contact form lightbox scroll problem
  17. Convert a 1D into a 2D array and then save to server
  18. help with lightbox please
  19. how to assigning values for child window?
  20. Javascript Lightbox and Animation Header
  21. onclick with radio button and image
  22. How do I get a "More" button that loads additional content?
  23. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined
  24. onClick help with changing a variable
  25. genvalidator and checkboxes
  26. Any way to store an OBJECT in LocalStorage?
  27. Resolved list/menu a:visited ??
  28. pls help
  29. Beginner needs help with hide/show
  30. Need help moving div
  31. Resolved Calling a function to show a quiz
  32. Grabbing variables from a confirmation page via javascript - Please help
  33. document.getElementById("<%=prevImage.ClientID %>").src = file.value is not working
  34. Sum of array elements
  35. New web page scraping tool
  36. Resolved Calling a function every second
  37. Adding Options to A Selectbox
  38. new Date code
  39. why should I keep html, js & css separate?
  40. Keycodes
  41. Multiple variables addition not updating properly
  42. Javascript game?
  43. Resolved First quick ok, but 2nd, 3rd etc is not - Have to click twice, instead of once
  44. arrange variables using "if"
  45. Textfield counter + coloring onchange problems
  46. jQuery IE Problem
  47. Resolved dynamically call external script?
  48. Trouble with a simple if else and while statement
  49. How to run a script
  50. Minor Validation issue displaying NaN
  51. getDate help please
  52. How can I output my variable value to a textbox
  53. Facebook code
  54. noscript and form
  55. Changing URL on mouseover
  56. Question please
  57. create multiple functions with
  58. Javascript 2 problems
  59. Positioning A Rotating Header - HELP!
  60. help displaying an associative array into an html table
  61. validating radio button groups
  62. Javascript display image
  63. dropdown changes text elsewhere on page
  64. get Return value of java script
  65. Java script question
  66. How Can I change img with if statement (not with onclick etc)
  67. javascript table help
  68. Using Firebog to track unobtrusive javascript events?
  69. Help with an action to instantly post a visitors input to a directory
  70. Live Updating incremental values
  71. Input to Another Frame, Box Intact
  72. Help... Java Script question
  73. Resolved Converting Txt file to array problems.
  74. Css Positioning
  75. Sliding panel to be automatically opened
  76. Users in IE are not getting script/ActiveX warning
  77. display(objXml.responseText) problem =(
  78. IE not recognizing dropdown selection in JS form
  79. Resolved 2 Level Navigation not displaying on IE
  80. Help making Slide-Show Fluid
  81. How to get Document Property values in FireFox?
  82. Code Access Between Frames
  83. getElementByID with calculation difficulty
  84. Mouse dragging script not working with FF and Chrome
  85. 1031 exchange calculator java script
  86. Please Help: JS textbox validation
  87. multiple jquery script conflict?
  88. sending encrypted time in url paramater
  89. Changing the date and time format
  90. How to resize an iframe from the page in the iframe?
  91. Distinguish between pageReload/pageRefresh and pageClose
  92. countdown timer using Javascript and php
  93. Help with onended event handler
  94. Progress bar !
  95. Form Input Box to URL, PLEASE HELP
  96. Cycle Div Contents
  97. iframe refresh from parent window
  98. problem in taking values from multiple forms (nooby question)
  99. Use jQuery and Fancybox to Open up Window
  100. Analytics code
  101. Script works locally, but not live. Ideas?
  102. Using objects as object-keys
  103. Pull Text off a Page
  104. Javascript Cleanup
  105. Redirect URL for region
  106. Submit button doesnt work on first click
  107. Javascript Help - function executes only once (instead of twice)
  108. Change font color in javascript code?
  109. need something added
  110. JAVA help simple
  111. Javascript show hide divs onchange select menu
  112. Pattern match and condition check
  113. Java script coding error - 666
  114. Timer using PHP and Javascript
  115. Javascript Body onload and Windows.onload event Probelm with Firefox
  116. Script needed for scrolling DIV with particular features
  117. Please help. How to create a working contact form
  118. Linking an external js file?
  119. Having trouble directing output from a form
  120. 2 combobox in one page (2 level and 3 levels)
  121. Stuck! Please help!
  122. Hover over text to change image
  123. Javascript encoder and obfuscator
  124. window.onload
  125. Factoring Quadratics (Finally Finished)
  126. Video Playlist Error
  127. Javascript code not working when I upload it
  128. Video Playlist Error
  129. javascript validation Sentence Case
  130. Changing Browser options dynamically using Javascript
  131. Text fade in/out on hover help
  132. Fade in when user inserts text into form field
  133. validate values greater than 8 hours?
  134. a script similar to the google map api?
  135. JavaScript
  136. The guessing game
  137. jCarousellite--remember slide position
  138. need to duplicate Nav area
  139. Resolved puitting JS text in HTML "title" tag
  140. External js file -remove it - what happens?
  141. help with address bar
  142. wildcard
  143. Fatal error: Call to undefined function Javascript/PHP
  144. Script to change cell color when clicked and back to original when other cell clicked
  145. RSS Feed Catcher
  146. Tip of the day
  147. Slide Menus Not Working?
  148. setting an <a> id to array index through innerHTML
  149. What is the fastest way to check whether a specific UserID exists in the array.
  150. JS not working after switch from chrome 9 to chrome 10
  151. Javascript value from Prompt to build a link
  152. Declaring variables within HTML
  153. window.scrollTo(0,0) problem in IE
  154. Refresh Page after a Post call
  155. Changing visibility if site=etc..
  156. Struggling with Floating Div Layer in Internet Explorer
  157. Javascript & HTML5 canvas - Image Mask
  158. Change input to currency format after calculation
  159. Transfer text to links
  160. HOW TO: jquery form - if option is selected slidetoggle div?
  161. Load and Unload content
  162. Positioning Rotating Items and Banners
  163. decode obsfucated js files
  164. Help needed. Radio button --> combo box
  165. Interesting coin change programme
  166. vlookup in javascript?
  167. Submit button linking different pages
  168. I want javascript Guru to correct final form validation.
  169. click hyperlink from function
  170. onMouseOver and onMouseOut Help needed
  171. changing jqtransofrm radio buttons with javascript
  172. Bookmark Web Page That Uses Ajax
  173. Posting HTML in WYSIWYG - need ideas/advice
  174. Multi-Login Script - Help
  175. How to check arrays with FOR loop
  176. pls help me on this coding
  177. parent or opener
  178. Resolved onsubmit stop form display error message
  179. Please can someone advise what this script might do ?
  180. Help With Javascript code
  181. location.href or location.href.match for a specific folder / directory?
  182. Help: rotating display
  183. Javascript Help - Creating a Times Table from user input
  184. Help request
  185. Mootools Datepicker ignores accents
  186. Need Help with onMouseOut and onMouseOver Events
  187. Help! Hide menu not visible.
  188. alternate DIV rows but in specific section
  189. Help with code - cycling links
  190. factoring code doesn't work
  191. Calling CSS in Javascript
  192. Putting a javascript String to PHP
  193. Get code to execute inline instead of jumping to top of page?
  194. Jquery menu with seperate bg images
  195. Javascript - Swap an image within an expand/collapse effect
  196. Switch image on expanded content.
  197. jQuery show/hide
  198. Reacquainting myself with Javascript, need some help?
  199. Help with compound css selectors creating image rollover to fade-fadeout
  200. i dont know the name of this content style.
  201. Help with removing option if a != b (for loop?)
  202. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  203. looking to add a 'help' icon that shows an overlay text not a popup window.
  204. Need help in using array variables with jquery
  205. Text transfer
  206. Help with looping
  207. Image as ElementalValue
  208. get value in jquery
  209. How to apply CSS gradient background for IE
  210. Javascirpt / AJAX iFrames
  211. Please help on form validation.
  212. Simple if ... else problem
  213. help javascript html
  214. Do location replace and JAVASCRIPT keeps running
  215. Need help putting factors of X into an array
  216. Simple HTML/Javascript Form question
  217. iScroll column limit
  218. Array output from text input
  219. Please Help! JavaScript, XML, XSLT, IE6 & IE8
  220. jQuery.filter(expr, [i]).r is undefined error HELP!
  221. Easiest utility to test Javascripts?
  222. javascript and php conflict?
  223. JavaScript Call to display a html file
  224. I Need HELP!!
  225. blank field validation ignored by FF and IE
  226. Help with changing content in divs.
  227. change a radio button value from a textbox value
  228. JavaScript Slider Issue
  229. Javascript: Open password protected page in HTML website frame
  230. highlighted div
  231. New to Calling Functions? (easy)
  232. NaN popping up in total on form
  233. need help finding my solution wrong
  234. Depending on The Option Different Image
  235. division
  236. Problems adding Javascript to my site
  237. simple php validation problem
  238. Help with moving an image across the screen! (JS)
  239. I am desperate!
  240. Have a post in the MySql forum need it moved?
  241. Checking for invalid data in an input
  242. Javascript ! In need of help !
  243. Need to get a string from a url
  244. Page Redirection Upon Cookie Recognition
  245. Help with rounding
  246. Java Program
  247. script to change two styles in two different elements
  248. change one letter in a text string
  249. problems coding
  250. BBCode Textarea Insert

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