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  1. basic form validation stuff
  2. history object referenced from a frame??
  3. putting up a forum or discussion page on my web
  4. input type=image [!submit the form, NN4]
  5. Need Help
  6. JavaScript Cookies: Different page depending on user's preference
  7. Ok one more question using pictures in a frame
  8. How to alter this code to make popup open *another* popup onClick?
  9. I need help to dreate code to turn an image into a drop down or slide out menu
  10. How to disable F11-button?
  11. building cascading drop down boxes
  12. Mulitple Custom Error Messages
  13. Get input text background color?
  14. Writing Unicode with JS
  15. Creating printer-friendly pages
  16. Validation of an undeclared variable
  17. How to detect CDROM drive
  18. Can someone take a look at this?
  19. about how to detecting user screen size
  20. Random Image with matching background color
  21. Please Help Me!
  22. Lock select box
  23. window popup close window.
  24. Just Curious f this is possible?
  25. validation
  26. Changing table cell color dynamically based on url
  27. naughty frames and pop ups ;p
  28. Object.prototype help
  29. Two select boxes, remove the duplicates?
  30. Snug fit window.open
  31. Print another window from this window.
  32. Drop down menu & Save as....
  33. Help with read cookie function please
  34. Random Variable...?
  35. Javascripting resources
  36. IE error handling
  37. Newbie needs help with calculator script!
  38. opening link in new page
  39. cursor positioning within a text area
  40. selPackName1.0 is null or not an object
  41. combining javascript with VB.. ??? can I
  42. Form validation
  43. Access to source code?
  44. Calling array values from a new window
  45. Free server java pop ups...
  46. Drop Down Menu Multiple Targets. Yet Another Challenge 4 U
  47. Security in writing from one window to another
  48. Wierd Images!
  49. nextSibling problem in a form
  50. 'Eval' method Question?
  51. JavaScript not working on Mac
  52. Forms (submitting, manipulating & emailing) PS Complete Newbie :(
  53. Change BG color or <tr> when a checkbox is checked
  54. Spell Checker
  55. executing CGI from Javascript function
  56. calculate within form AND send the input
  57. Back Script?
  58. The buttons on the "post message" screen
  59. ALERT() fixs this weird problem???
  60. chromeless windows?
  61. Browser scrollbar transparency - is it possible?
  62. Outlook and JavaScript
  63. Date Problem
  64. Layer resize problem..
  65. NS 4.x anyone?
  66. Simple question (i hope): GETTING X/Y COORDINATES ON A WEBPAGE
  67. Creating interactive boxes
  68. want status bar to show urls when mouse hovers over links
  69. Finding duplicate numbers in an array?
  70. Hide SOME code (html) from N4.x (best option?)
  71. quick help needed with basic pop up windo
  72. check for null textfield when submitting a form
  73. Making Layer go away, when no longer has mouse on it
  74. Print all the unicode characters
  75. JS pop up into Word?
  76. temp internet files directory (image) recall query
  77. Textbox to appear when Option in dropdown menu is clicked.
  78. window.open scrollbars=auto problem
  79. I need a cookie
  80. blocking chars from being input in a textbox
  81. "document.thisform.num1.checked" is null or not an object
  82. I would like to make a form that simply take awy the border on the textbox
  83. Changing an image with onClick problem
  84. javascript warp
  85. Need help with seperating multiple actions
  86. Choose menu items display using an item popup list
  87. show folder contents in window
  88. :: will this script stop spambots? ::
  89. MacOSX Gecko userAgents
  90. Centering a popup help
  91. setTimeout()
  92. new window
  93. Error displaying message in an array
  94. Question about the best way to make one previous records in a table
  95. Remote fontrol using form
  96. submitting and printing a form
  97. Alert box question
  98. div and layers.. what browsers are they compatable on
  99. loading content into an object.
  100. Java security error with Netscape
  101. Java Script Editable Combo Box
  102. Java Script Editable Combo Box
  103. Changing the cursor to a 'hand'
  104. check a form with an idea and no name
  105. How to realize Drag and Drop the element in IE?
  106. Can anyone check my drop-down menu pleeaaasse?
  107. Auto Resize
  108. OnClick stops gif?
  109. Change the font of Popup Script
  110. help with autosubmitting to a javascriptted page
  111. browser window size javascript????
  112. Menu appear/dissapear
  113. browser redirection
  114. event handler within document.write
  115. Iframes and reloading them
  116. Random Java Redirect?
  117. Stopping a layer from resizing
  118. Overflow in layers won't wrap text
  119. automatic text colour changer
  120. preload my images
  121. I am having peoblems with this options drop down box
  122. Can u emove the Dotted Box Around IMG Link when clicked?
  123. Calling up an external .js file from within a .js file.
  124. :: automatically making all select boxes go to default value ::
  125. Cursor replacement
  126. How Get Bottom Frame To Print All Records?
  127. grid control in javascript
  128. Dynamic Dropdown menu problem HELP
  129. how to change usemap value along with src?
  130. disabling refresh option
  131. -moz-opacity
  132. how to detect user click the "numeric" button?
  133. How to bind 2 or more arrays together?
  134. Data Transfer Between Windows
  135. Refresh/Update only once
  136. validating checkbox arrays
  137. Submitting a form with a link using javascript
  138. Using the Eval function.
  139. problem with preloader (Array issue?)
  140. Problem with onBlur in frame in Netscape- Veryvery urgent
  141. makeNewWindow function - multiple parameters
  142. Transparent Adverts!!??
  143. Trapping the Cursor Position in a text box
  144. Clock script doesn't work in Netscape?
  145. triple combobox: going back
  146. fade in page onload
  147. Need some right click menu help!
  148. Odd caching and cookies in Opera
  149. How to make textwrap around image?
  150. Identify User?
  151. "Outsourcing"
  152. Help to customise this code
  153. ack!
  154. FORBIDDEN error accessing files in cgi-bin
  155. I can't see chromeless popups in IE6
  156. Hot keys with alt or ctrl mod. to link to url ?
  157. using a form to add html to another page
  158. need help with cards
  159. I Need Help With My Form
  160. many <DIV>-s created by JS?
  161. .getBoundingClientRect() ????
  162. customizing this script...
  163. Implementing these into a site
  164. Is there a Javascript Debugger in Opera?
  165. Mouseover/Window.status
  166. document.getElementById()
  167. How to write to a document, not document's field?
  168. This should be easy but its not it seems...
  169. History List
  170. How to toggle two layers together?
  171. web poll
  172. Multiple 'Onmouseover' Commands
  173. Calling All Experts!!
  174. Page Counter?!?
  175. question on For Loop Formula?
  176. i need a script to convert html codes
  177. I'm a newbie...please help!"
  178. Java Script Onload Event Handler Problem
  179. Making a JS external???
  180. setTimeOut error:
  181. is there way to create MULTIPLE options
  182. Problem with onBlur in Netscpae 4.72
  183. Text changes based on date
  184. Right click or left click on an image
  185. JS Libarys
  186. Page refresh - number of times
  187. detecting flash plugin
  188. Conflict with No Right click + Status Bar?
  189. close after print
  190. Type ahead function?
  191. Redirect & Form Submit in one?
  192. Refresh popup window from main page
  193. check if a window is closed
  194. percentage loader goes past 100%!?
  195. Currently Active Users:? how is this done?
  196. onclick error, works on mac not in windows
  197. Using varables
  198. Pop Up on Exiit
  199. Input/Select Field Z-Index Question
  200. Large forms
  201. problem with netscape (variables)
  202. expression() for Netscape/Mozilla?
  203. fire a func automatic
  204. Dyamicly Changing Content of <DIV>
  205. switch cases and positions order
  206. plugin detection on MAC and UNIX/LINUX systems
  207. copyhistory
  208. IE 5.0 bug?
  209. Problems with Javascript & IE 5.5
  210. Have Column Headings Always Show
  211. Printing html docs
  212. can u solve my problem in javascript
  213. Applet re-init with new parameters
  214. Display Retrieved Data IN Certain No of Rows
  215. onfiltered event
  216. Option value made up of variables?
  217. "Home Hotkey" script - button value help?
  218. Detecting if JScript enabled ?
  219. Clear Text Box
  220. Frameset opener script malfunctioning
  221. NN- Can page reloading be prevented?
  222. JavaScript Multiple Choice Quiz - can I email results?
  223. opening frameset page with correct page loaded
  224. Cool Table Menu
  225. passing values in form fields
  226. Know Anything About Web-Based Email?
  227. submitting validation
  228. ASPExec help, Anyone know how to get it to work on Win2K?
  229. Email validation routine
  230. Help with Creating a loop in JavaScript
  231. Sever Date
  232. Override stack overflow?
  233. Can I add new tab in Mozilla from javascript?
  234. HELP!!!<EMBED ...> Question
  235. &lt;EMBED ...&gt; Question
  236. load the complete page when trying to open the framed page...
  237. browse for file in local system
  238. sound on my server
  239. Table...How do you freeze the top 2 rows
  240. Click a Form Button on Page Load?
  241. Need Help- Marks and Grades weightings
  242. bandwith script
  243. javascript probs
  244. Disapearing/apearing <div>
  245. Editor problem
  246. string to number
  248. showModelessDialog - document.write?
  249. Can some help? W/ "Double-Click Move Script?"
  250. How to store user browser data

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