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  1. How do I redirect according to the time of day ?
  2. Can't get a Confirm Window to work!
  3. bbcode maker with browse button
  4. Need a list of the numbers for the keys on the keyboard
  5. Photo Gallery, Netscape issues, and some wee IE ones too :)
  6. Validation woes..
  7. Using OnChange Event in Selects
  8. adding lines to innerText
  9. Navagation Scripts
  10. Knowing which submit button was pushed
  11. Multiple mouseover actions
  12. Creating one string from another using a RegExp??
  13. Dynamicly naming custom object properties
  14. Netscape Javascript Problem - DHTML
  15. Dynamic dropdowns
  16. want to open window from within frame
  17. array
  18. Preloading layers.....How?
  19. Disable Right Click - Please Help
  20. onSubmit to call a function and another script
  21. text link to drop down
  22. URG: Changing fontFamily and fontSize of another frame
  23. Problem with popup in IE 5.0
  24. Creating Javascript Objects??
  25. Invalid procedure call or argument error
  26. Triple combo boxes
  27. Graphing Programs
  28. get background color
  29. rollover div change
  30. Bug in Advanced Email Check
  31. How to change an image?
  32. Look at this clock script....
  33. Popup 20+ different links on the same page... possible?
  34. Sometimes, web-pages does not appear in Netscape.
  35. Image Map Not Working in Netscape
  36. If statement (Is this possible)
  37. Change class of text inside a TD
  38. calling a function? document.write
  39. how to display the name of textfield wenn clicked on it(in Netscape 4.x)?
  40. accessing strings/variable?
  41. Want to learn about resources and include .js files
  42. TD background changed onclick
  43. how can i update span in parent document from iframe
  44. Bookmarking problem
  45. PreLoad Images handler...
  46. Every month an other page
  47. obj.style.cssText for Moz?
  48. how to remove a div element?
  49. Need a question answered
  50. Different image depending on the number value
  51. I need a GOOD reference site
  52. Preloading
  53. javascript password - how good?
  54. Click a table cell, and redirect???
  55. Selfdefined Objects and Events???
  56. Can anyone tell me why this script doesn't work
  57. Js
  58. adding numbers
  59. Radio Button addition form
  60. Copying New Code
  61. How do i add multiple java scripts on the same page
  62. Changing the Z-Index
  63. help with onClick event
  64. Not much response @ General web Publishing for SITE REVIEW, so Im posting it here.
  65. Trapping Enter key
  66. Auto Refresh
  67. Password Proctecting....
  68. Images Switching
  69. Swapping background images in tables
  70. My "Drop Down Message" script does not reflect the changes I put into the code
  71. Interesting effect
  72. background image
  73. Convert to netscape 4.x workable
  74. Deleting the Toolbar from the current window, Is it really possible?!
  75. Js
  76. Backround Image on a DHTML Dropdown menu
  77. Dhtml Menubar
  78. Controlling a Flash movie with Javascript?
  79. History
  80. same script twice on a page?
  81. syntax question
  82. javascript error
  83. Js
  84. URL jump box help!
  85. disable textfield entry using JS?
  86. selected index of drop down...real easy?!
  87. Urgent! Deadline Tomorrow!
  88. Trouble with Script!!
  89. The number of radio elements in a form
  90. Server-side Javascript?
  91. "Fill-Out" form that posts to page...
  92. Searchable database...
  93. Cookie Problem Reposted
  94. Click on link to play background music!
  95. stripping out certain characters
  96. page not showing on mac ie 5
  97. Help with a script please!
  98. JavaScript
  99. passing variable between functions
  100. Can you take a look at this code and tell me why it isn't workin....
  101. Advanced pop up question
  102. Custom Objects, Anonymous and Nested Functions
  103. how to achieve <tr>.onclick=<func(arg)> thru javascript
  104. opening ascii text file without an extension in browser
  105. I need help combining these two codes.
  106. the ok / cancel box
  107. why doesn't this work? calling javascript from a button
  108. Menu Question.
  109. Pipefitting Game
  110. JavaScript catalog
  111. send query string onClick
  112. Printing the contents of an IFrame
  113. Putting variable in HTML
  114. Loading a list of images into an array
  115. window.opener <- the object doesn't exist
  116. Drop box properties
  117. Putting Javascript into Javascript?
  118. Replace Ascii Characters from text area.
  119. on load event window.open not working
  120. Windows Media Player effect... help please
  121. Looping alpha filter
  122. please read.... chatroom
  123. create, modify, and append a IV element not working
  124. Sorting a table that contains buttons
  125. How do I string sounds together?
  126. www.35mm-photo-group.com (help)
  127. Onclick image swap?
  128. Drop down will not work in Netscape
  129. Test for an object
  130. Creating dynamic form controls
  131. Help Me, Me Newbie, Pop-up Trouble
  132. preloading
  133. How to show div overtop form element
  134. need addtional code to center and size
  135. Hide the javascript from the view source
  136. Validating Form Inputs
  137. I've forgotten how to get a field to allow only integers
  138. My pop-up doesn't come up in the specified seize
  139. Javascript generating an error, used to work
  140. Pop under once per session
  141. Form: count # of words * $ amount = ?
  142. Function does nothing when called?
  143. Sections Sliding Open & Shut
  144. getting values from another form in another location when window loads.
  145. Code Check on Cookie Problem
  146. Sort list
  147. Detect flash plug in
  148. simple popup question
  149. Please help me. I'm a newb at this.
  150. hiding empty data fields
  151. Popup menus: "location"=open a child window
  152. iFrame refresh problem
  153. redirection script based on date
  154. NEED Java Golf Scoreboard...HELP
  155. Frameset Fix
  156. New window scripting problems
  157. Positioning of the page in a popup window
  158. Improving these two scripts
  159. onClick question
  160. Random appearance
  161. Random pop-up windows and cookies
  162. time in 2 digits
  163. printing an html page
  164. frames and updating form combobox objects
  165. javascript code problem
  166. js script and ASP sessie
  167. PsychoJava
  168. changing icons
  169. Sniff for Opera 7 and up
  170. make sure checkbox is selected before sending
  171. Reducing JavaScript size
  172. Letter To Number
  173. How do I find out what is at the top of a scrollable division?
  174. Not working in netscape
  175. Javascript Challange/question
  176. detecting IE 6.0.2600 from 6.0.2800!!
  177. JSE Search Engine Help
  178. Links to open new frames page AND specify frame content
  179. Script not executing in a frame
  180. HELP on F5 (Refresh)
  181. manipulating Current browser settings
  182. How do you make a search spider?
  183. DOM appendChild() fails for OBJECT and EMBED
  184. return double array - 2dimensional array???
  185. generating an invoice number????
  186. Is this possible?
  187. URL Script to Frame HELP!!!! Very Simple I think!!
  188. How do i insert audio within a script if statement?
  189. help with dynamic dependent list boxes
  190. Calendars & Counters
  191. Printing through self.print() shrinks the printing
  192. Javascript and ASP
  193. internet explorer icon
  194. window.dialogArguments length limits?
  195. Floating DIV or IFRAME?
  196. Conflicting Javascript
  197. How do I test if a button is present?
  198. Disable F5 / Refresh button for Netscape Browser
  199. Dates problem
  200. Confirm windows is not working
  201. Uploading text file
  202. Adding HTML Font details to Javascript
  203. displaying different text depending on time.
  204. TD with changing background
  205. why does this srcipt work on one machine and not another?
  206. Open new window but close main one
  207. Image screen problem
  208. Background image stretch
  209. Perfecting Results of a Quiz
  210. Problem with Popup Window with a dropdown box inside
  211. cookies problem
  212. I really wanna know this????????????
  213. counter
  214. Dont know if its possible
  215. Calling all rpg players, need calculator help
  216. Detect "Open Link in New Window"
  217. Confused about "OPENER" passing data to parent from child
  218. Pop up from a pop up problem
  219. is there a way that these to codes can be combined?
  220. CSS wrecks onclick in NS4
  221. no result showing using with (math)
  222. changing the color of a table cell
  223. Another Forms Submit Question ...
  224. problem with JS automatically escaping characters
  225. document.write an html file
  226. Please help, I'm new here!
  227. How do I trigger a Form Action using Javascript?
  228. When is window.open a pop up?
  229. Background
  230. Transparent but not....
  231. Non-Java re-direct
  232. Menu
  233. brightness control ----->
  234. Display lastmodified of another page
  235. How to check if field is focused
  236. Operator logic problem
  237. How can I call ActiveX Control in java script?
  238. hyperlinks and frames
  239. sum Form Fields
  240. Line breaks in dialog boxes
  241. form validation shouldn't submit
  242. Adding another pop up drop down.
  243. Netscape vs. Javascript problem
  244. Urgent - How can 1 form handle for DISABLE and Able?
  245. Two-part cookie script needed
  246. Forward User to Page Based on URL...
  247. Parent wants to wander
  248. simultaneous keycode detection
  249. How would i make a playlist?
  250. Auto Resize

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