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  1. using one function on several, unpredictable items
  2. form validation
  3. I need Help
  4. Upload pic and text to new html file
  5. Need help with two radio buttons controlling on Div hide/show
  6. Help with some code for onClick="Start
  7. login page help
  8. closing a popup window if it's open?
  9. Preload Images?
  10. Center Window?
  11. Can you send javascript results via email?
  12. Problem with an array date object as a while condition
  13. Script does not work onSubmit button.
  14. Cookies
  15. how to check a POST value
  16. concatenate object collections
  17. Dropdown menu hiding
  18. Mandatory Fields
  19. Find px height of iFrame, post in DIV on parent frame.
  20. Date validation and more
  21. Mouse coords without event.clientX/Y?
  22. adding fields to a form in JavaScript
  23. want to change focus to parent window
  24. Asp.net & JS, drop down listbox population
  25. Need clock to be 1/2 hour difference
  26. Submit button woes.
  27. Trying to work a COPY data form function?
  28. How do i create a hovering text box using mouseover?
  29. +=
  30. Help needed on Layer Hide
  31. Question about horizontal scrolling
  32. Javascript work in email
  33. Menu Question (based on brothercake's menu)
  34. HTC >> XBL
  35. difference between Msxml2.XMLHTTP and microsoft.xmlhttp objects
  36. DISPLAY part of a form based on user input
  37. Huge Problem: Different domain IFRAME calling function in parent page..possible?
  38. ? code help please
  39. link for closing window
  40. Help needed with coding please
  41. Can the 'mouseover slideshow' have crossfades?
  42. Remove tag names before submitting
  43. Custom Right click menu
  44. Calculate field onChange
  45. Text On Image
  46. Help with cookies
  47. Connection
  48. MIDI control
  49. help plz - js error cant track
  50. Simple Math Script
  51. Need help with image gif submit button to call on .js file.
  52. Problem With Switch Statement?
  53. sending multiple email with form tag
  54. Print problem
  55. Form Transfer
  56. Image resizing questions...
  57. script that hides <div>s causing weird layout bug
  58. Duplicate form submissions?
  59. How to show/hide layer off same link?
  60. In javascript giving iframe a target
  61. script clash - drop down menu & link referral
  62. stop next page loading??
  63. Need Help with OnMouseOver java script
  64. Count Down Timer working in IE, but not in Mozilla browsers ... why?
  65. Java script Menu
  66. Change layer in popup window
  67. form Problem
  68. convert multi-byte URL to string
  69. window
  70. Javascript Desktop publisher
  71. I'm trying to create a random image displayer with other parameter :)
  72. prevent typing characters
  73. help with my script
  74. I need help with window size
  75. HOW to speed up very complex JS based applications?
  76. Opening links into current window & frameset?
  77. Image Gallery Question
  78. HELP! I can't figure this one out!
  79. How do I redirect the page with selection box thing?
  80. Window Closing
  81. Change Script to work with Radio Buttons
  82. Send Radio Button Form Results to Two Email Addresses...
  83. Making a script that will swap text for images.
  84. error: "has no properties" in function
  85. Autoformat Phone Number
  86. email response from an emailed HTML page
  87. Assistance with a global variable.. (?)
  88. please help with js for dhtml menu
  89. Put Event Handler in Submit button
  90. Need help w/script -- a validating function
  91. Can't get text to center
  92. Can anyone figure out what's wrong with this code?
  93. Refreshing pages and resubmitting forms
  94. Calling a JS file based on browser detection
  95. parseInt(abc)
  96. how to create a chained selection ?
  97. cookies
  98. Can anyone tell me the problem of my SCRIPT ?
  99. Print page (launch print version document)
  100. help with radio redirects
  101. Need script testing..
  102. Show/Hide Divs
  103. Unwanted redirect in script
  104. Passing Values
  105. Strange problem adding variables
  106. Loading page script?
  107. Adding values from a drop down list
  108. can some one give me a point in the right direction
  109. Need help badly!
  110. hiding javascript
  111. Autofill form text field with a cookie variable
  112. vert. scrolling text time delay
  113. How to move an div tags using javascript?
  114. alert message when password is wrong.
  115. go to specified position in another page
  116. inverse of hex value
  117. Display font size - detecting
  118. JavaScript help - My IF, Else Statements not working
  119. Question about the Right click menu script
  120. Is there a way to dynamically alter the URL string w/o refreshing or redirecting page
  121. Loading the table content after the page loads???
  122. onsbmit wont work?
  123. After Making Drop Down Choices, User is sent to appropriate Link
  124. dynamic form
  125. javascript read/write .txt files on the server
  126. validation
  127. determine position of an ordered list item
  128. accessing a pasword protected directory
  129. date validation
  130. Convert input text to uppercase as user types
  131. My javascript picture handler needs tweaking...
  132. decent browser detection
  133. submit url to iframe from input text field
  134. how to customize javascripts alerts ?
  135. How to pass a value to add to the url of a pop-up window
  136. Netscape "fading" problem
  137. is there a way to set form field text and put the cursor after it?
  138. slideshow/image swap
  139. wait screen
  140. Submit button - send form to email addy
  141. Simple Pimple Password
  142. Iframe and form question
  143. Js + Php
  144. Static Page Element Problem
  145. calling function from iframe
  146. Collapse link in Netscape
  147. javascript prompt
  148. Need to reset a variable if user hits 'Refresh'
  149. JavaScript for real time video file compression
  150. can i create an array to hold the paths of various files?
  151. Vertical Text Scroller background problem
  152. Passing a Javascript variable in a form?
  153. preloading sound
  154. Browser Window Resize
  155. Button Onclick Event Passing Value to Variable
  156. adding cookies
  157. student --guessing game script problems
  158. Really,Really Easy Problem
  159. Is there an efficiency impact of using "arguments"
  160. Image and Table Attributes Help Needed
  161. Help!!!! Please
  162. preventing an image call to load? is this possible, if hardcoded into page?
  163. I need javascript code please
  164. Calculating fields and totals
  165. Disable field via Drop Down Selection
  166. Drop Down Image Selector I
  167. How to create an optimized regular expression?
  168. <Form> Javascript for "same" user entry?
  169. How can Imake a cookie to save the user data in this script
  170. Help with breadcrumbs please
  171. using multiple languages in javascript/html pages
  172. Question regarding dynamic pop-down lists
  173. check another checkbox when checked
  174. Simply to redirect form content on Another Page
  175. button background color
  176. problem with arrays
  177. Script Problem that i just cant see :(
  178. is there an onScroll anchor ?
  179. Help with forms
  180. closing a child modal window on a submit
  181. Can JavaScript function detect J.S. disabled?
  182. random numbers
  183. question on break statements
  184. Random Link
  185. Javascript Questionnaire
  186. Can someone PLEASE Help with JavaScript login/pass access to restriced directories
  187. onload="fadeLoop();" problems
  188. highlight text, click on a button and add bbCode in textarea
  189. Faking cookies
  190. Button Onclick Event & Switch Statement
  191. Windows Media Player controls
  192. Circumnavigating javascript password system
  193. Allow One Check box checked..
  194. Screen resolution detection and relocation
  195. constantly refreshing page question
  196. Javascript fundamental question
  197. Question:how to display Alert when people asking you by using prompt?
  198. targeting multiple links syntax & Opera
  199. Simple calculation standalone app
  200. checkboxes to check/uncheck all
  201. Adding Cascade to Existing Menu
  202. RegExp compare strings problem
  203. Would this be possible?
  204. Are you tired of document.write() statements cluttering up your code?
  205. Confused on getting input from textarea
  206. Code Challenge!
  207. Changing user form input
  208. password protection
  209. Javascript "Click here to open OR close"
  210. site update code problem
  211. Auto submit form after value
  212. Javascript to "open"up a form after part entry?
  213. Need help - please analyse my code!! Thanks!!
  214. if (somevar == undefined) {
  215. changing some properties on load
  216. Using Javascript to change .html document
  217. can i get a js popup window script to show a custom scrollbar?
  218. JavaScript question
  219. document.write problem
  220. OnFocus - works in IE not in Firefox :(
  221. Help using the responseText property of Microsoft's XMLHTTP ActiveXObject in IE6
  222. text size help again...
  223. Problem populating table dynamically
  224. a loop that only runs while mouse is down?
  225. FireFox: document.body.onload=function
  226. window.location.reload
  227. ProScroll - text url not working
  228. How to not allow user view my javascript or .js file???
  229. I want to do some validation for speacial character...
  230. Help me with this code
  231. I need another pair of eyes, please...
  232. can i use document.write & onmouseover="status=''" together?
  233. text size help (not HTML)
  234. where can i find basic script for expand menu
  235. Accessing the value of a document.write()
  236. Script won't work in IE
  237. How to pass auto numbered objects in a function
  238. HOW-TO common parts of an HTML page
  239. Script Required That blocks all popup windows or ads
  240. Controlling browsers
  241. Control of text pt size?
  242. Text from Drop Down Menu
  243. flash player j/s call problem - ok in ie/pc, not in firefox and ie/mac
  244. script generators
  245. body onLoad/tooltip display difficulties
  246. onMouseOver/Out: can it be changed using JS?
  247. temporarily disable onkeyup during event
  248. Adding an if() statement to a countdown function
  249. shortcut keys to place text in textarea?
  250. Unselecting radio button value

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