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  1. Drawback of Cut-&-Paste Javascript!!
  2. Can someone help adapt this Fireworks script to work with proboards?
  3. Preloading other than images?
  4. How can I create leading zeroes in HTML or Javascripts
  5. Countdown script is off two days...
  6. Newbie - Getting information from a form, into an array.
  7. How do I include the character " within a variable...
  8. Redirect Via URL String
  9. Moving text from a text box to a java applet
  10. Disable swapImgRestore temporarily?
  11. Timed Image swapper
  12. submitting using href in Mozilla Firefox doesn't work
  13. Credit Card Validator problem
  14. function won't be passed...
  15. Form element
  16. Javascript Loop
  17. modifying a dynamic menu script to accept two capital letters
  18. ie problems with drop down and mouse wheel
  19. Hide/Show Data In two areas
  20. This code does NOT work in Mozilla / FireFox
  21. Javascript Help
  22. how can i check if a string contains an image?
  23. Problem creating new page with javascript from scratch
  24. Querying a DB Table Using Javascript
  25. Activating a textfield
  26. Display the IP of Linux webserver on page
  27. Javascript Function Not returning:
  28. Get content of a site
  29. Drag & Drop
  30. Missing document.referrer
  31. I think this has been answered, but...
  32. Onscreen Keypad
  33. browser problems
  34. "Add To Favorites" text link
  35. center window on onLoad?
  36. How can I make my clock live?
  37. Your Own Address Bar
  38. Cookie Problem
  39. Table cell Mouseover swap image/background color
  40. Frame Question
  41. breadcrumb problem
  42. Popup off .cfm page
  43. convert lbs to kg in table?
  44. Help with JavaScript picture gallery
  45. Intriguing IMAGE Preload & Display - Your thoughts
  46. Why is my pop up window opening twice?
  47. document.write and using onClick
  48. php/rss link target
  49. Add this page to desket top
  50. Changing a <td color.
  51. odd javascript+textarea problem
  52. Timed redirect with option not to redirect?
  53. Playing Sound with onSubmit
  54. how do you create an "add site to favorites" button
  55. Little problem with Javascript Browser sniffer...
  56. appending text for game
  57. Using replace to remove '&nbsp;' characters
  58. How to move a div to an anchor with Scroll function?
  59. Noob: Would like to send email using external smtp server
  60. Image Scroll Help
  61. Image swap
  62. Pop Up in this script?
  63. determining selected text
  64. form validation
  65. Rollover Menu Operating in Mozilla, but not Explorer
  66. requested info display script
  67. Looking for a Page Customizer Script
  68. Center popup window
  69. Newbie to javascript - need help on a script ASAP!
  70. Client Side Connection Test
  71. Question about anchor-links
  72. window.open By Using onClick in <option> tag?
  73. contentEditable in Gecko
  74. Problems with insertbefore method
  75. Combine Hightlight with Add and Delete Selected Row
  76. Change background for different resoloutions?
  77. Document.getElementById() has no properties
  78. Add and delete rows dynamically to an HTML table .... ?
  79. script does not work on Mozilla FIrefox when doctype is on the html code
  80. smart menu
  81. write to an html file dynamically?
  82. FireFox doesn't recognize history.go(-1)
  83. Changing e.keyCode (e.which)
  84. Clearing a range created by element.createTextRange()
  85. UPDATE: My mouse over pop up question
  86. I am having problem with this script!!!
  87. Creating Handlers
  88. "Login ID" pass over to subsequent pages visited
  89. Checkbox to manipulate Form Field
  90. can not call click() in Firefox or Mozilla
  91. Trouble with Status/Progress Window
  92. tool tips, alt tags, and javascript
  93. test for i.e. less than v5.5
  94. HELP!! Browser Detection with JScript
  95. Window.Opener.Document.getElementById("name").innerHTML - update problems
  96. Inserting Multiple Records into MSaccess Database
  97. How to find local user settings with Javascript
  98. validate a textbox
  99. Chromeless, Containerless or Frameless window using showModalDialog
  100. How to have an elert that not allow people enter anything in the input box?
  101. Javascript and mysql
  102. Help with Javascript
  103. Strange explorer bug that hangs javascript
  104. Print in Javascript
  105. xul & Javascript
  106. start application on PC
  107. help: full featured Keyboard
  108. need help
  109. Inserting Dynamic Text/HTML into a Paragraph
  110. How to retrieve file and list out in a list box?
  111. dyanmic drop down menu unknown errors
  112. continuous right-clicks brings new alerts, then close window
  113. Selecting random data from an array
  114. Layers Question
  115. layer over drop down menu...is it possible ?
  116. DHTML menu scripts are not working, asking for ";" past the last line
  117. history.go(-1) in hta
  118. When saving dynamically generated documents, the parent document is the one saved.
  119. Need HELP with menus
  120. js loaded images causing moz to continue loading after page is finished
  121. new variable
  122. Credit card validation not working
  123. problem in fetching value from list/menu
  124. Object Z-index Woes!!!!!
  125. Simple Swap Numbers Function
  126. form
  127. Graph
  128. How to delete null?
  129. generating html with javascript
  130. debug validation code
  131. Dynamic multi column menu?
  132. Iframe problem in Mozilla
  133. wtd: drop down hyperlink menu
  134. Detecting MediaPlayer version in Netscape
  135. Cookies and forms
  136. Menu Z-Order
  137. Form refresh on input validation error
  138. <tr> bgcolor change w/ checkbox
  139. how to self-cancel window.setinterval ?
  140. Iframe problem in Mozilla
  141. Icon in Address Bar
  142. listbox show/hide script help
  143. Google image in address bar
  144. Image Co-ords and actons...
  145. Checking entered value against Database Value ... best solution???
  146. Easy Content Updating
  147. Subtracting to leave the balance
  148. JavaScript Title help!
  149. Why the message is not pass to the body of outlook express?
  150. Transer ASP variables to Javascript Popup?
  151. Date and time
  152. Seek script to open thank you page after submitting a mail-form
  153. Slideshow isn't working in Netscape
  154. background stays while rest of info moves
  155. adding rows to table
  156. changing the background of frames to match the main window
  157. Slideshow Help
  158. Code not working in Mozilla
  159. window.open(...) WORKS: FireFox, DOESN'T WORK: IE
  160. Stop Scrolling behavior to the onmousewheel event
  161. Alternating html code?
  162. image map
  163. help with form counting
  164. How do I pass a parameter from a function to a pop-up window?
  165. Frames!
  166. Cookies Cookies and well, cookies!
  167. Stop Scrolling behavior to the onmousewheel event
  168. How to get checkbox values?
  169. spellcheck a text area
  170. How to save a HTML page?
  171. Have you seen this?
  172. Shortcut on Desktop
  173. Bookmark Question
  174. Select Box Pop-up Code help
  175. Script problems resulting from cleaning up code.
  176. Find User's Operating System
  177. forms and input fields
  178. My Random Image Rotator code doesn't work in different browsers
  179. How do I ensure a new browser instance on a help page?
  180. onclick to change the content & the image correspondingly
  181. Mouse Over Gives Popup
  182. IE security messing up my site!
  183. Help with removing child nodes
  184. Mouseover/out Image Map HELP
  185. needing a code editor!
  186. Form1.submit() works in Mozilla but not in Internet Explorer
  187. Image load problems across platforms
  188. Detecting the Stylesheet in Use
  189. Linking to a page and then scrolling that page with JavaScript
  190. when page loads it displays hidden area then hides it
  191. 2parts-text area, and js alerts, how do you...
  192. please help me
  193. Per Word Auto-Complete
  194. Cookie Question
  195. Advice
  196. scrolling iframe with mouseover
  197. hierarchical dynamic menus
  198. Date selection field population problems
  199. Simple Cookies
  200. code for IE - can it be converted for NS?
  201. Copy form info from Javascript to Perl/CGI
  202. hi I have a problem
  203. Game Source Code Explanation?
  204. If submit button is clicked then do this
  205. Select box error
  206. Problem with onchange
  207. count the number of rows in the table
  208. for (var s in i) question
  209. Simplified: How to pass selections to Textarea?
  210. OnMouseOver- button color change-
  211. need help with a submission form
  212. Can you tell me what JS is used on this site?
  213. Printer Friendly Webpage
  214. Feeding customized stylesheets depending on screen res
  215. keystroke to image ...
  216. How to access selections from combo box?
  217. How do I assign the contents of an array to variables?
  218. How do I create an array with random numbers?
  219. combine table sort and alternate row highlighting
  220. Seperate common functions across directories
  221. need to hide js menu in print view
  222. For loop for searching for the selected Item
  223. Making A MSN Site Search Script (Needs Tweaking)
  224. Access denied error (Needs Print functionality)
  225. Body on load tag using Javascript
  226. getelementbyid?
  227. How many is too man DIVs
  228. Show text after selecting something from a listbox
  229. passing an object where it should be a value.
  230. Static menu - work in IE & Netscape4X but not Netscape7.1
  231. Forcing only numbers with .0 or .5 only
  232. Alert on top of other windows
  233. Sniffing Child Window URL
  234. checking multiple checkboxes by clicking on another check box
  235. Sound Loop Problem
  236. importing new <form> tag
  237. how do I make a webpage reopen itself on close? #2
  238. Pass variables between frames
  239. assign a variable to textbox
  240. Writing a simple cookie
  241. getting value to create a new iframe
  242. Apple Mac problem
  243. CSS positioning and z-index?
  244. combo box
  245. backspace in form field
  246. Creating lists, variable list items
  247. Back button doesn't work on one page only.
  248. Javascript Question
  249. Formatting a Number field that can be modified later on
  250. Check internetconnection

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