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  1. Countdowns not working in Firefox
  2. Detect Javascript document.form.submit is complete
  3. Need help with Expandable/Collapsible menus
  4. javascript reference to form elements with [] in name
  5. Help with form calculation please
  6. Countdown help please
  7. Problems adding a level2 drop down menu.
  8. Recursive call from external js
  9. passing variables through two pages
  10. Calling a function with an argument
  11. Set selects, selected, by link or checkbox
  12. [Resolved] How to Trim Last item off Delimited String?
  13. Script bug- a basic calculator
  14. Avoiding Double KeyUp/Down Events in Safari
  15. How to insert a html code into an iframe (IE)
  16. JS Import .reg file
  17. permission denied error
  18. Finding Date difference between two dates
  19. Extanding functionality need HELP???
  20. 'document.hexval.colorform' null or not an object
  21. Opening a new window and setting scroll position?
  22. Replacing One Image For Another with Javascript
  23. Creating an easily browsable webpage
  24. Display negative number as a positive?
  25. Help! Hacking Up a Tag
  26. createElement radio name bug with IE
  27. passing php to javascript arrays
  28. Problem with form appearing over drop down text box
  29. Dynamically added elements question!
  30. Running 2 Scripts Of The Same On The Same Page
  31. IE's cell-width / colspan bug...
  32. js math problem?
  33. scrolling left and right...
  34. top.close closes the window before responding to alert in child frame
  35. Loading exe browsers.
  36. Additional Select Fields
  37. Edit send url
  38. A Javascript for sending emails by using a form on a webpage?
  39. setting DHTML list height
  40. Add a variable graphic
  41. Mouse X,Y in a DIV [ gratefully SOLVED ]
  42. Is internal JS secure? (is external?)
  43. Change the font, size, and color of script.
  44. focus on clicked input field after submit
  45. windwo.open plroblems
  46. MM_setTextOfLayer problem
  47. Auto Complete Script
  48. How do I Get the Current Server URL & Path?
  49. txt file line retrieval
  50. dropdown under select
  51. Login to Router
  52. Turning a typed address into a popup
  53. new to DHTML and having problems
  54. Redirecting
  55. Help with reset button
  56. Image in dropdown option
  57. Make my web on top of everything/copy to clipboard
  58. compare problem.
  59. getting more than one kind of snowflake falling
  60. code to reload table cell - help please
  61. Can I cast the value of style.backgroundColor to a hex value?
  62. IE = Insane javascript, or insane coder ?
  63. Windows Media Player jukebox...
  64. Javascript Won't Work on a page already with Javascript
  65. custom windows folder, video preview
  66. Expand Div
  67. Tabbing through a Form
  68. All JavaScript
  69. Looking for help with Price Quote Script
  70. Google Local on my site
  71. Can a cursor be slowed down using Javascript?
  72. How do you replace animation with new animation after first has loaded?? anyone.
  73. Unable to get id of image button
  74. failing to retrieve target in FF
  75. RegEx that works in PHP but not Javascript
  76. how to prevent slideshow from resizing images of different sizes?
  77. Unable to apply <style> to <div> tags
  78. Scrolling without a Scroll Bar
  79. Generating a word or phrase based on drop-down menu ...?
  80. Problems in IE (AJAX Code)
  81. how to use multiple if statements, no not else if
  82. Extremely Simple Question
  83. wierd prob, should be simple but isn't
  84. Possible to define variable as integer?
  85. Simple Question about document.getElementById
  86. Adding numbers in real time?
  87. Modal window
  88. Rollover Menu <div> help
  89. Displaying different background images on the same menu level in this Drop-Down Menu
  90. what color pixel?
  91. Close popup when I reload parent
  92. Is it possible to set designMode on a specific element in Mozilla?
  93. Set Form Value to Unescaped URL parameter
  94. PASSING Variable into IFRAME call...HOW, arghhh...
  95. javascript dropdown question?
  96. Getting innerText bewteen node in XML document
  97. multiple fields with same name?
  98. My js works in Mozilla but it doesn't in IE
  99. Java script for IE
  100. Rollover Images, Additional Image and Sound
  101. NEED HELP ASAP w/ mouseout argument
  102. search button and enter button.
  103. a better way to pass in the objects?*fixed*
  104. Function to return to original frame.
  105. Can For/In Loop have Index Start From 5?
  106. Changing the look of a disabled button?
  107. Syntax/Code Check Request
  108. Bringing Window to front?
  109. How to do this amazon.com javascript
  110. Controlling .swf with Javascript
  111. Help with time stamp on submit
  112. need help figuring this one one.
  113. print preview of the content of an iframe
  114. help me ,i 'm a novice ,this is regarding java script and v m l
  115. please help me ;i 'm a novice , this is regarding java script and v m l
  116. How do you show CMD output on a web page?
  117. A calendar Problem!
  118. window.prompt(" ")
  119. How to pass a range of arguments of one function to the inner function?
  120. How to Set Function Name as Argument of Another Function?
  121. Disable backspace button (but allow text correction)
  122. Object Oriented Javascript Privileged Function Return Private Variable?
  123. can't get regex to work - search() function
  124. send page by email
  125. hover on link display text
  126. Detecting iframes
  127. pop-up parent refresh
  128. Text for visually impaired
  129. swap div styles with javascript?
  130. Error: 'window.document.mymovie.focus' is not a function?
  131. add/remove from array function problem
  132. simple location.href.replace question
  133. Size of a character
  134. Catch Cancel on Download?
  135. real time data help!
  136. please help me with this...page getting refreshed automatically
  137. Using display:none / block for <option>s
  138. Sub-routine error in interface between Datatel and WebCT
  139. Help <ul> and spacing the bullet
  140. Getting multiple scripts to run simultaneously
  141. Making xmlhttp requests to different server/same domain
  142. check box
  143. Changing Usernames for Java Game.
  144. Displaying Page Elements Twice
  145. A submenu for just one link...
  146. Printing a table using a JS loop...
  147. innerHTML fails with IE only
  148. Pausing a script
  149. onclick not working for td created using document.createElement
  150. Internet explorer ajax (caching?) problem (resolved)
  151. help JS bug?
  152. Run 2 similar scripts on the same page
  153. JavaScript Scroll Load Problem?
  154. Windows Folder Options - how to control by coding?
  155. Urgent Question, Would much appreciate help of any kind
  156. Is using XML a bad idea for this?
  157. :S fade in javascript effect for img on a mac
  158. simple link problem in a loop
  159. cookie filenames??
  160. simple changeimage script
  161. ajax - http.send(null) error
  162. Building a URL using a Javascript variable
  163. Really need some help with a script
  164. rotating image - delay issue
  165. Having a Problem with Global Variables.
  166. need help to count days
  167. Rotating Image/URL Question
  168. Stupidest ? Ever: IE anomaly on document.write?
  169. Replace eval() in a handler
  170. Missing Images
  171. Populating an HTML select from a JavaScript function
  172. Logic error?
  173. problem with JS and HTML - submitting a form
  174. Trigger event when input value is modified by javascript?
  175. Tabbed Content
  176. trival? Alter duration of ALT display for IMGs
  177. Forum point system
  178. Image handling based on orientation
  179. Doesn't work in Netscape 7.2
  180. how do i evulate an array value as an variable
  181. How do I achieve this please?
  182. php to javascript
  183. How can I create these variables in a for loop?
  184. Help with easy Javascript PLEASE
  185. I need help
  186. Javascript Confirm Box help
  187. random number
  188. Need help urgently ! something wrong wif my scripts
  189. A random generator problem where the second field ends up blank.
  190. where is..?
  191. write() and writeIN()
  192. Javascript not reading css - animation not working
  193. Can you use a variable in this statement...
  194. Building Javascript Using +
  195. open window in IE maximised without title bar?
  196. I feel so stupid - need form help for EASY problem
  197. detecting psuedo class in IE
  198. Switch content with tab?
  199. Javascript Textbox questions
  200. Two unknown Scripts
  201. Javascript + cookies driving me nuts!
  202. automatically index pages in a directory
  203. MouseListener/KeyListener in Javascript?
  204. HELP.. no right clicking ... no view source
  205. is there a function to search an array
  206. Need to perform some cleanup before manual browser close
  207. Syntax error constructor not found
  208. Trying to sort by date
  209. FireFox: Different Port = Cross Site Scripting?
  210. Help me Netscape function...please
  211. pls help me :(
  212. disable dropdown menu
  213. Need code to refresh page and load a random page
  214. Need code to load pages into a frame using an external file
  215. Using javascript css and asp to hide divs
  216. HELP..need..Random cursor onload event
  217. Separate the fields from the radio buttons
  218. Simple Question on How to extract a portion of URL
  219. Online Instant Price Quote Script
  220. large sections of output
  221. frame preview
  222. Fading Image onMouseOver
  223. loop question
  224. New Window problem
  225. Refreshing to a new page via popup window close
  226. setAttribute failing
  227. Need help w/ function (select)
  228. Online Calculations?
  229. how do i pass "&amp;" through a url
  230. Need help with error
  231. Bookmarklets and Privileged Code?
  232. changing maxLength in Opera.
  233. Lists of exeCommand commands
  234. Multiple Drop Down boxes w/o duplicate values
  235. Retrieving Info From a Form Post Request
  236. Form Validation Problems
  237. Very newbie help please
  238. mouseover frequency
  239. Locating drop site for drag/drop
  240. navigate to edit URL
  241. Adding to and restoring context menu??
  242. Surpressing enter key
  243. Formattable text boxes
  244. Can I Force Onload?
  245. returning value to <select> box in IE..
  246. delayed popup
  247. check if variable is null
  248. Language Display Problem !!! PLZ HELP
  249. help about keypress
  250. searching files in a web folder

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