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  1. how do u change the background color of a java popup window?
  2. Random order image link
  3. Two function in one input field
  4. Dynamic TabIndex
  5. newbie needing help (simple i hope)
  6. Spinner, first onclick lost and how to listen for onclick events?
  7. Input into textarea
  8. help me fix this
  9. Swapping Contents of DIV onClick
  10. I need javascript code to eliminate ascii/letters from text field
  11. strip string to certain length
  12. folding menu with img how can i have more then 1 img & menu
  13. Session cookie not ending in IE
  14. Mouseover Mouseclick Mouseout
  15. I need some help :)
  16. array validation
  17. while loop
  18. drag help
  19. changing the "data" of an <object>
  20. Image flip with sound
  21. Changing all classes in html on mouseover
  22. Need to add a function to an existing script
  23. Hide browser toolbar on page loading
  24. The Javascript Quiz Don"t Work
  25. Values of 8 and 9 are converting to 0?
  26. object Error - IE only - when using array.slice
  27. asc2i
  28. JavaScriptKit.com Multiple Choice Quiz - Question
  29. replace certain part of string
  30. writing javascript with php correctly
  31. Scrolling the content of iFrames
  32. ) expected
  33. Need help desparately
  34. Need help with QuickTime script
  35. can i build a javascript based updater?
  36. document.write where I want it
  37. new dimension
  38. Data Base?
  39. New User Needs Help
  40. Javascript Function List Site
  41. open url
  42. Javascript stopped working
  43. Javascript stopped working
  44. Hex code from backgroundColor in firefox
  45. CCS hide and show not working in form
  46. Need to multiply a checkbox value.
  47. Are you allowed to call to javascript body onloads on a single page?
  48. Know a simple code to find a name in directory page
  49. Definitive answer to cross-browser window.onunload event
  50. Basic Array Help
  51. is it valid to use [ or ] as identifier ?
  52. error check
  53. onFocus inside SCRIPT tag
  54. Text only fields
  55. Ajax help
  56. Targeting Flash, Different Frameset
  57. Javascript Error in Firefox
  58. Update Price
  59. area onMouseOver browser is giving me errors?
  60. Play Sound after X Seconds?
  61. Advancing form focus on enter
  62. How to pause javascript from scrolling on status bar
  63. Adding script to document.createElement()
  64. to torrent Girl
  65. parent.location versus top.location
  66. Cryptic problem with Firefox and middle aligned images
  67. url detection
  68. tooltip
  69. how to connect javascript to PHP without ajax
  70. Make <div> to <a href="">
  71. Get popups to open with target
  72. Highlight link with numeric keydown, then go link with Enter
  73. Need help with form validation using regular expression and test method
  74. parsing xml in JS - deleting whitespace in mozilla
  75. Read URL of the page
  76. Auto click when open site (Grase Monkey)
  77. addToFavorites()
  78. Help with encoder.
  79. Flexible Image Slideshow - how to do multiple instances on same page?
  80. Mouseovers?
  81. self.location
  82. Calculating dynamic form fields
  83. Cross site javascript
  84. Frame Reload
  85. show/hide function - radio onClick
  86. ICQ JavaScript validation
  87. Client checkbox to disable auto refresh timers
  88. Help with Form *Required* fields
  89. use of java script when popup are blocked
  90. A go-to text field
  91. How to animate visibility for mulitiple div statements...
  92. Pop ups different padding depending on browser/platform
  93. Javascript css class change
  94. submit() to _self problems
  95. Date object: getting wrong month (august and september)
  96. To Jay Stang
  97. Syntax error
  98. popup window help
  99. AJAX Help! (PHP involved)
  100. getElementsByTagName How?
  101. How to get full source of an iframe into variable?
  102. Dynamic Page works in firefox but not IE... ?
  103. Why is <a href="javascript:myFunc();">click here</a> bad?
  104. setTimeout on privileged methods
  105. ajax response is slow (any hlp plz)
  106. Opening a WSH file
  107. setting a drop down value based off another
  108. XMLHttpRequest: Using readyState == 3
  109. Need querystring hlp
  110. Trouble with mouse-over popups in IE
  111. problem with popunder window
  112. Aborting XMLHttpRequests in FF
  113. Disabling a radio button
  114. javascript warnings
  115. Downloading exe files
  116. Intranet site search
  117. Scrolling text problem
  118. delayed mouse-over effect
  119. multiple auto-slide shows on 1 web page, help please?
  120. Problem with encoding the Ellipse Character (…)
  121. html generation
  122. execute function1() when function2() is complete
  123. Loop Text Box Value
  124. edit the contents of a textbox via a link
  125. Refresh Problems
  126. passing variable to multiple divs
  127. Pass Multiple Values - Reset/Clear Textarea
  128. write in textbox url on selection of 2 listboxes
  129. make info bubbles
  130. way to have window.sidebar.addPanel() *not* open added bookmarks in sidebar?
  131. write in textarea on checking
  132. Script for disable viewsource and rightclick options
  133. display/hide tables help?
  134. Problem validating form fields
  135. Matching and displaying text between html tags
  136. disable fields onsubmit
  137. getting HTML using responseText
  138. Help needed with JavaScript and IFRAMES
  139. Unterminated String...
  140. Dynamic Data Input
  141. flashsound
  142. Calling a function twice doesn't work?
  143. targetin a word or aphrase
  144. cookies are driving me crazy!
  145. Javascript Alphabetical Sort
  146. Switch languages eng to fr
  147. rewriten script wont work in IE
  148. How to pass the current element and event using a listener in a script file?
  149. Political Analysis Quiz
  150. checkform function?
  151. alphabetical sort of xml
  152. About resetting hidden fields
  153. windowWidth undefined in IE
  154. Javascript migration from J2EE 1.3 to 1.4.2 problems
  155. Form Validation: Drop Down Menus
  156. pop up calendar - xp-style
  157. Drop down date
  158. iframe table and auto change size
  159. counting clicks (no db)
  160. How to make 2 different transparent layers?
  161. Getting not defined error
  162. Radio button onsubmit show hidden div based on selected option
  163. A Top bar
  164. Passing variables to popup
  165. JavaScript 3D Game Engine
  166. Popup killer code automatically being added
  167. can't display a simple image
  168. deleting line break after div
  169. Form retaining data after reload on select function
  170. Firefox is KILLING ME !
  171. Random Image Slideshow help needed
  172. Only works in Firefox
  173. giving non existing variable a value
  174. popup window not big enough in Safari
  175. updating parent divs
  176. Creating mouseover for swap input image
  177. Help with Nav Menu
  178. Focus in Netscape
  179. Re: Fade-in for 'Multi image slideshow' by JavaScriptkit.
  180. submit() problem.. doesn't support property or method???
  181. How to automaticly put the cursor between brackets ?!
  182. Dependent DHTML Dropdowns
  183. Windows Media Player and javascript
  184. Cross-browser scripting
  185. queries
  186. Window resize and pop up problem
  187. $("sel_sortmethod")
  188. prototype library's AJAX.Updater gives me problem with PHP!!
  189. disabled fields
  190. Feedback (show correct answer) on the right side
  191. A Semi-Dynamic Drop Down
  192. re-striping alternate table rows
  193. Current URL in Page Content
  194. Popups work fine in FF, fullscreen in IE
  195. Defining variable names at runtime..
  196. Need Help--Random Content Generator
  197. code needed for clock countdown script
  198. Checkbox text change
  199. Newbiequestion "recognize word in textline"
  200. help please
  201. Conflicting document.all
  202. Factoring out Code
  203. script not running in IE4.0
  204. display confirm box on logout()...
  205. Extracting text between html tags
  206. appendChild to parent Frame from iframe in IE doesn't work
  207. Function works in Firefox, but not IE
  208. can help me change the coding that make image change while search other species
  209. Tree Menu shows text menu expanded (should be collaped instead by default)
  210. Applying JS to dynamically created vars
  211. Java Game
  212. I'm trying to make my values fixed to 2 decimal places.
  213. Setting a variable from data in XML file
  214. Javascript Function Dependency
  215. vwphillips / vic thanks!!!!
  216. need a quick hand modifying a key-catcher script
  217. help with dropdown menu javascript
  218. New Javascript Debugger: FireBug
  219. Calculate check box values
  220. External Links
  221. code check: passing variable not working
  222. Chromeless window titles: possible to remove http host path?
  223. javascript for scrolling a layer with the movement of scrollbar
  224. Confusing Runtime Error
  225. Can some body help me to change this functions to support in Mozilla?
  226. need letter generator
  227. Can Javascript create files...not like viruses, plz read for more info
  228. javascript code to grab image values?
  229. document.form.action problem in IE
  230. Credit card script
  231. Credit card + CVC/CVV2 validator script
  232. Adding URLs to swapped captions
  233. For Loop & While Loop
  234. Halting execution
  235. garbage collection handled in Javascript
  236. Disabling Radio Buttons
  237. Ajax, Apache and Plesk won't fly
  238. Help - Cursor Jumps to end of sentence in Textarea after insertion
  239. get the java dropdowns out of the .htm and into a .js ?
  240. Database Query
  241. checking javascript is enabled?
  242. How do I build a script like this one PLEASE
  243. Checkbox toggle
  244. document.location.length no good?
  245. Print only the contents of a UL?
  246. Tabbed Browsing with Mozilla/Firefox
  247. Javascript redirect...maybe?
  248. I'm a newbie...please!
  249. How to determine if/when an iframe with source from another domain has loaded fully?
  250. something similar to exit

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