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  1. JavaScript code - can't figure it out - also convert to HTML?
  2. IE7 & Pop Under Window II Script, Error Messages
  3. Help, looking for this javascript
  4. looping through divs ?
  5. output to txt file
  6. Falling snow script - snow falls behind certain objects
  7. how to insert php code inside javascritp
  8. validating fields with radio buttons
  9. fading effect
  10. Simple script doesn't work
  11. Why does this not output?
  12. Meta Search Box
  13. How To Set Increment Speed ?
  14. passing parameters between 2 web pages
  15. Need help with some standard Java
  16. Creating and positioning DIV's
  17. Question & Answer Form
  18. getting information of user's operating system
  19. Append a querystring to the URL automatically
  20. alternate change img src
  21. Preloading .JS Files - Possible?
  22. myslt has no properties
  23. Variable assignment question.
  24. Help with script for a website
  25. Attaching Custom Methods to JavaScript Elements
  26. Konqueror and Opera Problems
  27. Tooltip follow cursor
  28. looping through dom elements
  29. Refresh automaticlly when new results come in.
  30. Go to page form for lots of options
  31. help with if/then
  32. problem of drop down menu over flash
  33. why my coding is not working? can u help me?
  34. pop up text on mouseover link
  35. Javascript calculated total: setting it in a session?
  36. Inserting CSS inside a JS script, in diferent skins, for ProBoards Forums
  37. Javascript checkbox accesskey password
  38. Problem with Typeahead Combo
  39. Stylesheet problem with generated nodes
  40. AJAX issue in Internet Explorer 7
  41. Can I use Substring in this context?
  42. Help required with this datepicker
  43. Detecting if Excel is installed locally
  44. Bizarre problem with date difference script
  45. help with link method
  46. Advanced toggler
  47. onKeyPress JS alert
  48. Security cookie and cookie checker.
  49. Submit content from a div tag
  50. how do i concactinate a identifier?
  51. a weird bug in PC's clock
  52. responseText encoding
  53. on blur validation
  54. Pi
  55. Adding 3 Values From Prompt
  56. Nice continuously loop for submit-button-value: wait. wait.. wait... wait....
  57. Drag and drop from multiselect to multiselect?
  58. Can I call a html file from javascript
  59. Using Javascript to detect if Adobe Reader is installed?
  60. Need Help on this function ()
  61. Dynamic Functions
  62. Strange problem with Focus()
  63. Stuck on my Javascript
  64. onMouseOver Slideshow help
  65. Stopping a onload script
  66. error with script
  67. Javascript conditional statement.. need help
  68. Increment/Decrement input field with arrow keys.
  69. Getting the parent id of a clicked linked?
  70. java help
  71. Need Help With Dynamic Row
  72. Alphabetic sorting
  73. How do I prevent a line from executing before previous event is complete?
  74. adding text boxes
  75. Show/hide pannels
  76. Edit JS to work as onload event
  77. Printing an HTML page scaled down to wallet size
  78. Cutting off an iframe's content
  79. Retrieving value from javascript prompt box
  80. checkbox count is undefined
  81. Hot to have Static Table Header<THEAD> with Dynamic Scrollable Table Contents ..?
  82. Validation Without alert()
  83. Form <br> tag
  84. addevent OnClick!
  85. Viewing history in javascript
  86. How to write OnClick with Validation and Hidden Layers
  87. Can anyone suggest a good JS tutorial?
  88. Javascript square root
  89. Match() String help
  90. How do I format text
  91. Error: array.splice is not a function, and more big fun
  92. IF statements
  93. Vertical scrolling newsbox
  94. displaying highlighted text from an inline page
  95. Passing javascript variable to vbscript
  96. Dynamic Select Lists
  97. Only 15 instances allowed for Javascript (for Firefox)?
  98. Time counter that is based on another planet
  99. Embedded Media Player Controls.step(-1);
  100. validate checkbox group
  101. Error: Invalid Argument in IE7
  102. Which of these two cases involving a variable would be faster?
  103. CSS vertical-align property?
  104. Mouseover for one element instead of many
  105. loading progress bar
  106. How to get Confirm before leaving in HTA
  107. how to populate parent window form using child window....
  108. Populate text boxes via drop down lists
  109. "Help!" JavaScript Link Target
  110. drop down window
  111. Challenge
  112. Use italics in a Javascript alert box
  113. Onclick question
  114. Find and validate field names
  115. Rotate background image of a div
  116. Check if true help
  117. prevent iframe from scrolling parent
  118. How to get a Confirm alert BOx with "yes", "no" and "cancel"
  119. keep the div in the same position
  120. Using Select options to change hidden input field values
  121. Zoom in and zoom out
  122. Assigning things inside braces to a variable?
  123. Table background change using Javascript
  124. trying to table sort w/ AJAX
  125. JBscript to Javascript
  126. Help with progressbar.js, it looks good in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox.
  127. focus(); help
  128. how to slide a div Left and Right?
  129. How to dyamically change content on page?
  130. How can I position an image in terms of x and y?
  131. Re script a dropdown
  132. Please help everyone
  133. resize a pair of frames
  134. Please click the submit button instead of using enter key
  135. Help ,Ajax,and php (Updating data)
  136. Help with AJAX + input fields / event is not defined.
  137. php, javascript rotation-beginner to javascript
  138. Capturing Windows login name
  139. Layout Help (Using gridbaglayout most likely)
  140. javascript calculation problem
  141. please help me... pretty please? (drop down menu)
  142. Need to modify boldText() script for multiple textfields
  143. Could really do with a hand
  144. urgent
  145. Doctype "breaks" javascript?
  146. photoslider js question - multiple photoslides on one page
  147. sound played by time of the day
  148. Pop up check / 3 conditions (help)
  149. Unreadable Characters
  150. Pre Populate Form
  151. Rating System/Poll
  152. Creatring a function to test validity
  153. Another JS calcutation question..
  154. AJAX getElementById problem
  155. Push in the right direction please on a word guess game I'm creating
  156. If browser or resolution then change property of layer...?
  157. XMLHttpRequest problem
  158. Form help, checkboxes and field values
  159. validate a form field
  160. splitting text file into strings and then entering into array
  161. img resize
  162. Timer Help
  163. Object Required Error
  164. Making images appear in Javascript either side of the cursor
  165. Dating problems:
  166. how to use innerHTML for preview in Kevin Roth's rte
  167. talking clock for fire fox
  168. Ways of doing things
  169. javascript function(checkbox)
  170. Ajax enabled browsing
  171. Google Internal Site Search
  172. clipboard
  173. pop up window and parent window
  174. adding a function to test validity of another function
  175. Change value displayed depending on select list
  176. passing button name and value via submit()?
  177. image is used as a button..,whn v click on a image v should have a feel of button.
  178. i can't hide my div?
  179. DHTML / iframe problem
  180. Validating selectlist in an array
  181. Validating selectlist in an array
  182. help.. mouseover!
  183. how to delete records by using checkbox?????
  184. darkening a whole page like Lightbox
  185. help with my calculator please!
  186. dropdown menu pushing text down
  187. first page of records not displaying in JS/AJAX app
  188. Newbie..Need Help with Form Calculations
  189. Pop Up Variables to function in Parent Window
  190. Close pop-under on site exit
  191. Form checking ... again!!
  192. Problem with Returning Large Strings Via Ajax
  193. Unsure what this JS code does
  194. need some help on a JS function, image rotation
  195. I just don't get Javascript
  196. Javascript calculation help..
  197. Validating a variable is declared
  198. Write to excel
  199. XMLHTTP post Request - Page Headers?
  200. Repeat region validation
  201. Using Select Controls to enable/disable another select
  202. Form submit re-direct
  203. Style switcher with conflicting javaScripts
  204. Javscript Timers, Memory ?
  205. File path/href dynamic discovery
  206. toFixed failing in IE
  207. Why script does not work...
  208. Javascript/Flash Integration
  209. Floating menu doesn't work with DOCTYPE
  210. Sorting XML data
  211. PHP Forum - onMouseOver
  212. How do I convert vbscript to jscript?
  213. Using button to open page based on field value
  214. Script for Google search not working
  215. is it simple to apply alternate CSS style IF resolution > X,Y?
  216. Require Alternative to Strip() function
  217. checking source and giving permission
  218. Streaming XML with AJAX
  219. launching a new window
  220. Help Needed: Onload to Resize Image
  221. Rounding off decimal places
  222. Array of fields
  223. huffman dynamic compression
  224. How to make a textBox invisible using javascript
  225. OnFocus not working in IE7
  226. focus popup onload
  227. Scriptaculous effects dont work all the time.
  228. Calculate No. of month based on start date and end date ?
  229. Force maxlength
  230. Input & Popup.
  231. Input
  232. help needed to modify a URL parameter
  233. Changing headers and body contents (newbie question)
  234. history of source address
  235. Man Alive - I'm such a noob!
  236. Expert Javascripters help needed on validation short script
  237. top.frames not recognized by firefox?
  238. getElementsByTagName('select') Issue.
  239. Slideshow is fading out but not in
  240. IE 7 Error - Works fine in FF | Javascript with XSL, XML
  241. How to navigate using radio and next buttons
  242. AJAX returning javascript problem
  243. JavaScript Search Engine - Drop Down Menu???
  244. New Alert Information Box
  245. A Popup and Redirect on One Page
  246. onload flash image, PLEASE URGENT
  247. Email Validation Question. :)
  248. Date js script
  249. Javascript image flash when page loads
  250. Need this script edited

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