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  1. Retaining the data in the html page when it is refreshed
  2. Help with simple slideshow
  3. Help with simple JavaScript page for school?
  4. return index of array?
  5. window.location= 'file:\\\c:\sharefolder'; is not working
  6. Help with script
  7. Huge Google Source Page
  8. Sending Images as Variables
  9. strings?
  10. How to dynamically iterate javascript map
  11. Question about adding votes in JavaScript
  12. Change Class of LI onMouseover
  13. Need help in function!
  14. Resolved Image preloader not preloading background images...
  15. is this a good way to hide elements?
  16. javascript expanding menu, document.ready *error?
  17. Search an XML file with Javascript
  18. SRC value in forms
  19. Just an onload quickie!
  20. Malfunction with Pull-down multi-level Menu
  21. dynamically inserting pictures after page loaded
  22. select a country then come out with some ralative city
  23. Phone Validation Javascript
  24. xml to html table script problem
  25. Dynamic styles help
  26. ie6 unknown error code 0
  27. JavaScript Slideshow Help
  28. 1 menu code - multiple pages
  29. Jquery slideDown navigation menu
  30. [solved] Understanding a tutorial
  31. clientHeight check not working in IE
  32. Help!!!
  33. populate an Acrobat field with a date only once?
  34. Personal Javascript RPG "calculator" help
  35. Closing a window using javascript in Firefox
  36. The best menu builder
  37. Drop down with JS & CSS won't work
  38. Trying to modify the CSS of a javascript from dynamic drive but I've hit a roadblock
  39. Navigation getElementById help
  40. Help Form Field GetElementById
  41. Getting 2 Javascripts on Same Page Dynamically
  42. Using window.open with image distorts table layout
  43. Countdown but different
  44. Change Variable Code Extremely Needed Help
  45. Help needed with javascript:openimage
  46. Please help with script
  47. javascript loginbox for domain
  48. content loading at bottom, repositions to top once loaded
  49. Generating random images with no repeats
  50. Cut & Paste Document Text Resizer
  51. SelectedIndex Help With Dropdown
  52. help get links to open in a new window, and timming issiue
  53. validate that name has 2 names
  54. Disable the values from drop-down list after first time write in it
  55. serialize Jquery Portlets help
  56. Could any1 of u to help me out the code on mozilla doesnt work
  57. Unknown Runtime Error IE 7
  58. Rezing image to popup issue?
  59. Why does this work in IE and Firefox, but not in safari?
  60. Urgent!!!
  61. Resolved Works in FF but not IE
  62. How to validate a radio button in a form
  63. Markup Validation W3C
  64. dynamically set readonly
  65. Reveal the answer.
  66. Javascript regular expression problem
  67. Sub-menus showing up wrong
  68. javascript submitting forms x2
  69. Redirect ALL visitors ALWAYS to index.html
  70. Trouble setting document.referrer from Firefox
  71. Javascript for web form and action...(warning: newbie here)
  72. Media Player popup
  73. Looking for UI idea... Slider?
  74. newbie wants to learn...
  75. Animation works on IE but not on Firefox
  76. Stop page from scrolling on an onclick
  77. Inserting JS value in form
  78. probably easy support, but im stuck lol
  79. Are these doing the same thing ?
  80. Help with java!!
  81. IE7.js, IE8.js Iframe
  82. Text Changin Event
  83. upon pressing the [enter] key, the submit button isn't selected
  84. Random Words from Array in Hangman
  85. MUSIC Player HELP
  86. MUSIC Player HELP
  87. onchange event doesn't trigger when for a drop-down list
  88. Disable drop down
  89. Authorization Page Help
  90. Newbie question on simple script
  91. Select Menu (onClick simulation)
  92. Tags around selected text and on mouse cursor.
  93. How can I close my window in 3 seconds after submit is clicked?
  94. Best Beginner Java Coder Download
  95. JavaScript to clear & load the TextBox contents.
  96. Retrieval/extraction of data from rss feed through javascript
  97. Writing function output values
  98. Password Requirements
  99. Popup box that won't close
  100. form wont post
  101. How to Handle Unicode Characters
  102. How to build a javascript show / hide submenu
  103. A little advice/help would be great...
  104. Executing script.
  105. problem in calling servlet from javascript using xmlhttpreq
  106. Multiple selected drop down box issue in mozilla
  107. adventure game
  108. Passing counter into loop
  109. complex grouping from array data
  110. blinking problem with onMouseOver
  111. IE6 waits before triggering onload
  112. Script to Diplay random images.
  113. JavaScript Tile-Based Game Engines?
  114. show/hide submenu
  115. Referring by Elements ID problem
  116. IE7 weird AJAX element update problem
  117. mini menu script (programmer required)
  118. To Link dynamic dropdown to a sidebar
  119. Problem in printing an iframe in javascript
  120. Text Box Invisible Help
  121. Best way to make a geographical search tool?
  122. lightbox opens off screen
  123. <select> menu onClick
  124. Want to send multiple selects as one input.
  125. Jscript in Quartz Composer.
  126. Are There Any Good Instant Messaging Scripts?
  127. Dropdown not working in IE - good in Firefox
  128. what am i doing wrong with this getelement script
  129. Resolved Help modifying draggable <tr> script (changing and keeping row bold)?
  130. setTimeout("FuncName", 500); gets is not defined
  131. Drop down menu problem
  132. redirect with image/cookie load
  133. Over-riding Functions
  134. Keystroke Commands
  135. Whats wrong with my GetElementById
  136. Why doesn't lightbox look right?
  137. change "donated" amount field on web page when Google Checkout form submitted
  138. Javascript on input buttons
  139. Bit of code needed to pass a variable to a URL.
  140. Editing drop down lists
  141. JavaScript image gallery linking question
  142. pull variables from URL and post in document code?
  143. Form Validation in JavaScript File Rather than HTML File
  144. Ajax Autocompleter
  145. option tag with javascript in IE6 issue
  146. Writing question
  147. Add element script
  148. 'Code' is undefined error
  149. Embed code from linked external page
  150. Help with a timed Swap Image and auto redirect
  151. change "donated" amount field on web page when Google Checkout form submitted
  152. display item using java script
  153. alternative to validation error with 'onChange'
  154. reload without refreshing page
  155. new object name
  156. onClick
  157. How do you disable Google Ads from revisiting site?
  158. Need help with shopping cart javascript
  159. How to run a js file from the address bar
  160. Onkey enter keypress
  161. Drop Down problems when published
  162. onresize firing on page load
  163. validate both the Radio button and the Select Option box
  164. Multiplying Form Fields
  165. beginner - game coding
  166. Complex Regular Expression
  167. Validator problems
  168. PNG Transparency in IE6
  169. Resolved Draggable Table Rows script..limiting it to certain <tr>'s
  170. Resolved Anyone know why this would raise an exception?
  171. Good JavaScript editor
  172. Javascript Help for checking Max Size
  173. onreadystatechange
  174. Including javascript files in my website
  175. Pre-Loaded Combobox Function
  176. I need help desifering this code.
  177. Run javascript help please!!!
  178. Layer images show each when link is clicked?
  179. Javascript form validation when submit button is pressed?
  180. getElementbyID / innerHTML issues
  181. Help with thumbnail coding (javascript i think)
  182. Help With JavaScript and Tables
  183. VERY beginner application of APPLET advice.
  184. eval() alternative
  185. Multiple IF statements in Form Validations
  186. Suspicious Code found in web page
  187. Triple Combo Box w/description
  188. Rotating image script help?
  189. Help with Java Validation
  190. tooltip for calendar
  191. window.print() not working in popup (in IE6 )
  192. Differences between browsers...
  193. Resolved IE8 Beta 2 Message Event Problem
  194. Help with validation.
  195. Resolved Automatically Scroll To The Bottom of a Div on Overflow
  196. Keeping info?
  197. Getting Div size with Javascript
  198. onMouseOut on a DIV being triggered by div's scroll bar
  199. Create Random Arrays...
  200. log downloads
  201. always returning true?
  202. Issue with Javacript function .focus not working
  203. Help with putting an image in a cell - Pacman
  204. for loop wont return highest target but end of list
  205. [JS] How to save data in the table?
  206. [JS] How to save data in the table?
  207. Passing variables from pop-up window to frame in parent window
  208. Problem with my onmouseover
  209. Inserting option with pictures to td row
  210. DIV changes position on keypress event
  211. How do I run more than 1 function onload ?
  212. javascript not appearing whit slower net
  213. Validating help
  214. Can't get <input type="text"> width
  215. Display my Iframe1 height in textbox1 Width intextbox2?
  216. Assign values from text box to drop down
  217. Window "resizable=no" fails in Firefox 3
  218. One keydown event multiple actions problem.
  219. how I can convert a string from a given encoding to utf-8
  220. Alert Window Help
  221. ms access query for adding column with default value using javascript
  222. Creating a HTML able using javascript
  223. Out of memory error? What should I do?
  224. Need help learning Modulus
  225. Cannot play sound.(continued from webdeveloper.com/forum/...)
  226. IE7 external javascript from php problem
  227. adding form inputs on button
  228. Write out <SPAN> for Slideshow
  229. How to correctly format a line of code.
  230. Following Javascript issue
  231. Non-coder wants easy way to scale up widget
  232. List Builder?
  233. Newbie looking for button script
  234. Problem with multiple <span> tags using JS
  235. Resolved enum
  236. Script works in I.E. ... not in Firefox?
  237. Split screen into 3 div containers
  238. round up a number
  239. Validating checkboxes which are generated automatically via PHP
  240. Print an Iframe in javacript without the URL
  241. Problem with javascript, Help Needed
  242. Need rotational Script
  243. onclick vs. javascript: for linkable rotating banner ads
  244. Script Help
  245. Checkbox not triggering onchange event
  246. Drop down menu-- can't see it.
  247. Help on xml load 'activexobject is not defined'
  248. Need a basic image cycling script with transition
  249. Running script on webpages - please help!
  250. need help

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