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  1. what is wrong with this javascript code
  2. Variable get's "lost" if obtained from mysql database.
  3. Help! A grade 9 student has an error in his code!
  4. why does setTimeout only work in Firefox?
  5. Pre-selecting a value in a DropDownList in JS
  6. Coloring the fieldname when the cursor is placed in an input box
  7. setInterval and for loop confusion
  8. problem resizing image
  9. Javascript calculations for "more" fields
  10. Dynamic Menu from folder tree
  11. Apple Script
  12. Iterate through LDAP data (string)
  13. Help needed for newbie
  14. Determining the operator from a string using javascript
  15. Basic fee calculator
  16. Open link in new window, but make it just like opening in original window
  17. Help: Geting div value in form input
  18. From jquery to javascript project
  19. Javascript test urgent help!
  20. Some kind of Javascript error
  21. Help with forms inside tables
  22. Scan removable disks.
  23. Removing a part of Java Script
  24. Unicode Display question
  25. Audio played once only in Google Chrome in html
  26. Icons on implemented Google Map not showing correctly
  27. BUTTON THAT SUBMITS FORM DATA TO A NEW WINDOW; without modifying the form tag.
  28. Simple JS function doesnt work all the time?
  29. Form Action to submit to self, JS not working now!?
  30. HTTP Long polling
  31. get position of an array inside of another array
  32. Very Simple Word Game Code Executes As Text :(
  33. Need an action confirmed on a button press
  34. Need to add a separator to results
  35. Assitance needed JavaScript
  36. how to auto change ( arget="blank )title with ( javascript )
  37. Javascript doesnt work in a modal? Why!
  38. looking for a way to change table contents based on form drop box
  39. How do I Debug JS and Check for Errors?
  40. How can I open a TXT file and add text to it
  41. External Javascript does not work
  42. Noob Looking For A Little JS Help
  43. Why can't I manually change cookies that I set?
  44. Cannot Write Contents of Tags Using innerHTML
  45. Instance of existing object?
  46. Changing the headers, that are in an iFrame, that are sent in a request
  47. Updating Page Title not working as expected
  48. trying to change background position with onclick
  49. External Javascript - can't get to work
  50. Increment image filename and update width and height
  51. Resolved How to draw charts and dynamic chart?
  52. table update
  53. can't initialize form field values
  54. simple javascript (or alternative?) to preload image then redirect after X seconds?
  55. innerHTML firstChild.value works in IE9 IE8 but not IE10, firefox, chorme
  56. Anyone got any idea why this doesn't work?
  57. Highlight text in form textbox
  58. Adding and Deleting Elements of a Webpage Via a Script
  59. Resolved Javascript scope in multiple object instances
  60. iframe, opening a link in the parent frame
  61. mouse follow
  62. Event Handler For Checkbox
  63. please help
  64. Is it possible to send cookies via a form in a GET request?
  65. Youtube JS API
  66. Navbar from BGR.com
  67. need help with running total and applying percentage discount
  68. Drag and Drop Div
  69. Putting CSS in JavaScript
  70. Reusing same window using window.open()
  71. Resolved HTML form using arrays and keys
  72. Anyone help debug my code 100% correct but no alerts?
  73. How to convert XML date to java data object
  74. Toggle not operating as expected in accordion menu
  75. Posting form element value to cookie
  76. Help
  77. Is it Possible to rotate objects?
  78. pass variable/trigger function on load
  79. Constantly rolling over button
  80. Need Messy dense input help
  81. Creating PDF
  82. Get Id of Element Being Clicked
  83. Mobile redirect for dummies
  84. login form that loads content into page
  85. Possible web attack - need advice please.
  86. AnimatedCollapse error: Not Defined
  87. Help stopping tablets overiding mouse click
  88. Not work in IE
  89. Help making javascript guessing number game
  90. Help with JSON and/or Node
  91. Codeacademy Javascript help.
  92. [HELP] JavaScript Auto Message
  93. Auto scroll to bottom on new entry
  94. How to Do Simple Movement in Javascript?
  95. Argument not defined
  96. Validating pizza form
  97. Link and onclick sound event
  98. Icons on implemented Google Map not showing correctly
  99. accessing application Cache data from online page
  100. Should I use an array of object literals?
  101. Unexpected end of input?
  102. Duplicate a hightlight in second textarea.
  103. coupon
  104. Integer array question
  105. Blackjack in javascript
  106. Removing specific tags in textarea
  107. Question
  108. date should appear in the Date field
  109. Javascript Regular expression help , trying for hours!
  110. Need help with Javascript! - Basics
  111. Help!Trying to embed a webpage inside another webpage for 3 hours without success..
  112. Comment box button that posts comments below the box on the page
  113. trouble getting fallback video to play
  114. How can I grab the contents from a PHP file that is opened in my browser?
  115. Made a javascript program that accesses a random url but a problem! Help!
  116. Change title in image in maparea onmouseover
  117. Audio.js
  118. Need help making a solution button and list strike through
  119. Not sure how to tweak this code
  120. simple use of 'this' to change color has a quirk
  121. Date and Time Won't Display
  122. Setting a cookie on Wordpress site
  123. Resolved Submit button
  124. Resolved Missing ; before statement
  125. .mp4 & .ogv loading times
  126. How to Calculate time in minutes and round result
  127. Form zip code linking without database
  128. Pulling tweets for website.
  129. I am a newbie and need some help with Javascript please. :-)
  130. Collision detection, inheritance and prototypes. Am I doing it right?
  131. Equals signs giving me a hard time
  132. Help with tally script
  133. navigation menu for mobile devices
  134. Passing an expression via ajax
  135. Cannot print PDF in iframe using IE9
  136. memory leak?
  137. Accordian Wrapper
  138. moving element to top of stack
  139. wanted: 2 short vids
  140. Calculate Day (as in Monday or Tuesday etc) from Date
  141. Looking for a little help understand collision, specifically 2d vectors
  142. Code for updating live stats to a website
  143. trouble matching { and } and )
  144. JS Timer - directs to next page
  145. [solved] wrong text string length
  146. page slider problem
  147. simply want to delete hide/show js event
  148. trouble getting vids on website to play properly in chrome
  149. Trying to hide/show website content for a few hours on certain days
  150. dynamic div with links
  151. Help with a Purchase Order Form
  152. Automatic Line Break
  153. Drop down menu 'protuding to side' on IE7
  154. Menu help/advice
  155. TextArea Validation with Word Wraps
  156. Function won't work when parameters fed from another function.
  157. function showHide
  158. Putting function in variable calls it.
  159. link formatting problem
  160. OOP create instance of same type
  161. selecting a non repeating random number from a range
  162. Javascript functions suddenly stopped functioning across the whole website
  163. Preload Images for slideshow
  164. want to prevent fade if moused over.
  165. DIV top is into my window screen 20% .. do this???
  166. Outputting Count in Alert Box
  167. javascript trans-file variable changing
  168. disable all refresh events using javascript
  169. Need help designing Form with messy input fields
  170. Need help designing Form with messy input fields
  171. "LOG: Error: Access is denied." in the console
  172. Button to Perform Two Functions (and Google Maps API)
  173. js nivoslider GET undefined 404 not found
  174. JQuery Mobile/Google Map issue (polygons)
  175. Javascript running on an html form problem
  176. ipad and .load issue?
  177. Resolved "No-Cache" only works for HTML code??
  178. Trying to learn webWorker
  179. Need to do validation in js(im terrible)
  180. :hover state in certain area of the image.
  181. Having some trouble with basic email validation
  182. Why does my game loop not work?
  183. How do you set bounds of canvas?
  184. Get email information through javascript?
  185. Fading Slideshow with Clickable Buttons
  186. Require/Restrict Text Input
  187. Photo change on click script (Help please!)
  188. multiple condition while loop
  189. Help with Script Change
  190. please help me in java script
  191. I need a Free Javascript countdown timer that does not rely on client's computer
  192. Need to edit in a todo list
  193. Form and dropdown box question
  194. CSS & Java Script Menu Functions
  195. Internet explorer and javascript!?
  196. javascript order form caclulation help
  197. Can I convert IDs dynamically into classes
  198. Parameters GET or POST on MS Smart Screen (IE 10)
  199. Problem with selecting the correct pop-up
  200. Fading out an element
  201. JavaScript form Help
  202. Javascript as a glue language
  203. Extremely basic collision detection
  204. Javascript If Empty Input Field Help
  205. Show div on selection
  206. Color Palette
  207. How to creating a loop and restart loop on errors
  208. How to make a widget (script) work in same page/window or iframe
  209. javascript function help should be easy
  210. Drop Down Box linking to layers in a PDF
  211. Slideshow Script
  212. Help needed writing two java programs!
  213. append class if...
  214. changing the background colour of a table cell permanently
  215. Need help with a pretty basic function
  216. Homework help
  217. Javascript works on server but not on local PC
  218. Pleaes help on debug!
  219. Show Image Depending on Current User Selection
  220. How to filter or avoid duplicate data?
  221. ammending variable
  222. How to make an image change when clicked
  223. for loop
  224. Validation woes...
  225. Needs some basic validation help
  226. onclick to form & sending $_POST issue
  227. form submission outside the form
  228. I need to open new fixed size window
  229. tutorial search bar
  230. Variable button name.
  231. apply class to parent of clicked item?
  232. Help sort table using javascript
  233. Need little help
  234. 2d Canvas side scroller issue with prototypes
  235. Executing Java command to another device
  236. Help Changing Image Background
  237. Problem with mouse scrolling
  238. Javascript function call doesn't work
  239. Javascript on tablets and smartphones ... question
  240. Need help converting V-Basic Script to Javascript
  241. Image swap based on page in frame
  242. Need Help with an if and else if statement
  243. Highlight links that dynamically builds a chart properly - how?
  244. JFlip - Flipping a Div
  245. Javascript: Writing a function to accept two integer parameters
  246. using javascript to disable submit button
  247. loop problem
  248. Easy help with GEO Random URL Redirections
  249. Contact form code
  250. Resolved chrome.storage.sync.get not getting the value

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