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  1. Radio Button Validation
  2. Autocomplete loading xml
  3. Basic rotator script
  4. I finally got the hang of self referent object instances
  5. script to talk to backend php server script, using httpRequest and JSON
  6. Free Slider Module (IE Shim needed)
  7. Alert by CSS 3
  8. Index of Words by a tiny stand-alone js file.
  9. (Just started learning!) How would you check only alphabets, and plindromes?
  10. "Adding Machine" for Non-Metric Units
  11. Rotate table header cell content 90 degree
  12. Setting Velocity With a set Speed and Angle
  13. Calculating Distance Between Two Points
  14. Dragging Objects
  15. Cool Random Object Generator
  16. Index_and_3waySearch
  17. Take back control of where links open
  18. USSD Sender Hacktool 1.1 (Finished script All by myself)
  19. Adding sequential numbers
  20. Remove duplicates from an array
  21. parseInt and isNan example
  22. using JS in shell and batch files
  23. sticky table headers and sticky left columns
  24. Selectbox generation for 'matching' quiz.
  25. JS2DX - simplified UI programming
  26. Countdown JavaScript... Then redirect!
  27. Random number prototype and tab columns
  28. News Web App - Early Version
  29. HTML5 canvas 2D to show 3D objects from every angle !
  30. show, edit and add comments
  31. Multiple delayed objects by ID
  32. Security worried about authen by pass and any other form of attacks
  33. modal alert and confirm dialogs
  34. echo varialble in confirm box
  35. simple parser / tokenizer
  36. Synonyms and Antonyms from inside MS Word
  37. get age from dob
  38. free javascript collaboration tool from mozilla
  39. Updated Silly Clock from 2001
  40. the "ZyberCoreX"
  41. handy forum code viewer
  42. move an input field through a table using the TAB SHIFT-TAB keys
  43. Very Simple jQuery/Javascript Slideshow
  44. nanoEditor ; just an other Editor
  45. Dragtext JS
  46. Teaming up javasacript and HTML5 canvas.
  47. Vertical scrolling marquee with controls
  48. RacoonJS - Simple HTML5 Canvas Game Egine
  49. ObjectRange: "Between these two numbers, I want this object"
  50. Add Textbox Dynamically using jQuery
  51. Better than NOSCRIPT
  52. Web Browser Kit (Finished JS Script)
  53. my first Canvas game
  54. formatted time from seconds
  55. Press a Keyboard key and make an action
  56. easy javascript-disabled preview
  57. Data Analyzer: HTML Table to Chart
  58. custom javascript keywords
  59. JS++ cool idea and technique!
  60. 3D wireframes - plot, rotate, pan and zoom
  61. Getting info from another page using ajax
  62. Self-adjusting slider for jQuery (Mobile)
  63. Script to load and display external content
  64. Script to keep table header in view while scrolling
  65. Smooth async requests
  66. One common function to retrieve group element values
  67. Quake 2d game in javascript
  68. Replace variable value in textbox or textarea or div by another value
  69. viewing non-iterable properties
  70. Canvas and movement... Enjoy
  71. Javascript Map
  72. Local Storage DB
  73. Multi Combo Tripleplay Select Lists - improved/extended
  74. jQuery.url - easy URL parameter retrieval
  75. Maximum value in an array
  76. puzzle bordem
  77. Display Element Details
  78. get external script url from within
  79. YAPTT: Yet Another Popover Tool Tip
  80. Canadian Social Insurance Number SIN Validator
  81. Tracing Cells and Editing contents
  82. Performance test - comma delimited string
  83. PageAnalyser
  84. easy numbered array generation
  85. pXY.js - pixel analysis for HTML5 Canvas
  86. Checkbox value storage
  87. Add a fade effect transition to a slideshow
  88. Use javascript to develop an othello game
  89. Display style details
  90. html5 canvas: Store/Read text in image color channels
  91. Formatting dates for display
  92. Event Delegation
  93. Sorting tables by date or number
  94. JS clock using canvas
  95. JavaScript x86 32-bit Assembler
  96. Live clock using server time
  97. Logical conditions
  98. Hash abuse: avoiding server side processing
  99. prime-number-generator
  100. JS Timer
  101. User load local and/or remote images
  102. Creating and using custom script blocks
  103. Topdeck Popper Script updated
  104. Javascript WordCloud Implementation
  105. Shuffling Arrays
  106. "Pop quiz, hot shot"
  107. Make dropdown menu with javascript
  108. How many Days in a Month
  109. TUT: Spoilers for HTML
  110. JavaScript sleep function
  111. Javascript Date Engine Ver2.1
  112. JsDE Clock
  113. Floating Background and Text color edit Interface
  114. please help to add google plus and i like icon in this file
  115. snippet: jsDate. All functions, add 2 dates, subtract 2 dates and lot more...........
  116. Javascript Date Engine Ver2.0
  117. Two small randomizing functions
  118. snippet: convert months to numbers (when you fetch it from DB or something)
  119. document.getElementById() shortcut :)
  120. Practice Script - Iframe Interaction
  121. document.getElementById() / innerHTML; An alternative snippet to document.write()
  122. Practice Script - Opening a Window
  123. Character Limiter
  124. Sidebar Hack in Javascript
  125. Simple way to sort a table
  126. Javascript Date Engine Ver1.1
  127. Empty function script
  128. Javascript Date Engine
  129. Screen Size, Scrolling, viewport size
  130. My Ajax Abstraction
  131. DimensionalMap 1.0 Alpha 1 Release
  132. I-Chin widget
  133. Generated Melody TAB Lines with audio for firefox
  134. Simple Text Adventure Parser
  135. simple text button-based room crawl
  136. Alternate Animated Image Script
  137. Roman Numerals
  138. reMarked.js - client-side DOM > markdown
  139. Question about .asp form
  140. rule based response for location.search
  141. Scripts for calculating dropframe video timecode
  142. IE version testing from within your script
  143. AutoSave Jquery Plugins
  144. Just Try It jQ starter app
  145. Countdown timer.
  146. Did you know...
  147. Just Try It
  148. First 'x' day in the month & Last 'x' day in the month
  149. textarea tab
  150. Pointerless Array Rotation without use of Indexes
  151. Get Days in a month
  152. Leap Year?
  153. tween dates
  154. Open and center window function
  155. Flashing Background
  156. jQuery Image Fading
  157. Bookmarklet to Dim / Raise the "lights" for any online video
  158. simple list filtering
  159. Example of a very basic inline table cell editor
  160. Javascript based MathsPad - a dream or nightmare ?
  161. Hide / Unhide table columns
  162. Object and function "browser"
  163. JQuery function to show validation errors with minor animation
  164. Simple preload image function
  165. Minimal selector engine
  166. Text Field Depending on Radio Options.
  167. Collecting survey data using js
  168. Media Player
  169. prototype Date conversions & single digit padleft
  170. HTML5 Javascript Game Engine
  171. A new way to Position Things
  172. easy timestamps
  173. Full Directory Image Pre-Loader (uses PHP aswell)
  174. Simple Graphing
  175. Single Row Thumbnail Rollover Galleries
  176. Send <div> content as form element upon submit
  177. Random Color Changer library script
  178. Simple FormBuilder drag and drop form elements
  179. Horizontal Scrolling Thumbnail Galleries
  180. Card Guessing Game
  181. Blackjack Game
  182. A less-simple state-driven simulation
  183. Simple Guitar Tabs
  184. Simple Unobtrusive JavaScript Quiz
  185. Create simple state-driven simulations
  186. Micro Metalanguage Messages
  187. Convert string to date
  188. checking for the existance of cookies
  189. Mechonym automation
  190. Form Validation Functions
  191. javasctipt two function call
  192. Draw line over an image
  193. Bubble / Balloon Tooltips
  194. Magic jQuery plugin
  195. jPaq - A Fully Customizable Utilities Library
  196. Random maze script
  197. JS.Class - library for creating and extending js.classes
  198. Zeller's Congruence
  199. Multi onload/onunload in a single file
  200. Stop motion for beginners
  201. Calling VBScript from JavaScript
  202. serial number generator
  203. JavaScript html entities
  204. VBScript to Javascript Converter
  205. ezjax
  206. PHP forms with Javascript Validation
  207. Basic img preloading script
  208. Upside-UP page using DIV tag
  209. DIV tag mimic for CLASS object
  210. Validate UK VAT Registration Number
  211. Window Boot Loader and Javascript Include
  212. echo for any types including associative arrays / objects
  213. I've coded strong javascript search engine
  214. Image Viewports with panning
  215. DOM Ready solution!!!
  216. Scrolling PictureBox using DIV tags
  217. Streched images, how to change 16:9 to 4:3, javascript coding
  218. quick lists for mvplayer
  219. Display time of last visit
  220. Network Diagram Technique
  221. Javascript submit buttom issue
  222. How To cal url using javascript
  223. Stopwatch error at 7 seconds
  224. mapping items from one select box to another by using buttons
  225. Input Current Date
  226. Custom Formatting Numbers
  227. Auto link Parent div with child A's href
  228. Convert number to American Dollars, a gift for you.
  229. Enumerate - Class for walking over collections in JScript
  230. Javascript HELP Clear Entries
  231. Javascript Compression
  232. List Box interface, gotta be something simple
  233. How to Save Dynamically Created Elements
  234. html and javascript help
  235. Auto-scroll to bottom with new input (such as in a chatroom)
  236. Changing Style with JS
  237. 2D drawing using HR tags.
  238. mvplayer a url-list player widget Part 3/3
  239. mvplayer a url-list player widget Part 2/3
  240. mvplayer a url-list player widget Part 1/3
  241. saving a conditional value inside a loop
  242. Use a back-slash for line continuation
  243. Two very useful things for javascript coders.
  244. Fullsize image window popup script.
  245. Automatically generated escape code page.
  246. Gets time and date, generates a date based hash.
  247. Looping
  248. A simple to use Unobtrusive FadeShow Object
  249. OOD Javascript Joystick
  250. facebook like site needed

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