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  1. what are sprites and how do they get added to code?
  2. Launch a window on pop-up?
  3. Can a single a:hover effect multiple anchors?
  4. form not in right possition in IE7
  5. IE display problem
  6. css z index problem with drop down menu
  7. Zoom Problem in IE
  8. Beginner needs help - IE6 removing text from pages
  9. horizontal placement of links within main div
  10. IE 6 Messing up CSS Pull Down Menus!
  11. IE 6 Messing up my Search Bar!
  12. Horizontal Line Becomes Vertical
  13. CSS contained within the XHTML file?
  14. Header Align Issue
  15. Experiments With Scrolling Tricks Using Fixed BG - This Could Be So Cool, But...
  16. Adding a caption to the main image.
  17. Content slides over header
  18. Newbie with ? float ? problem.
  19. compatability help Project due TOMMORROW!
  20. CSS Image gallery not working n ie6
  21. Useful Gallery type program.
  22. Would this work?
  23. my comments wont show
  24. IE6 swf problem - again!
  25. Internet Explorer Form Handling
  26. Problem with css and div code
  27. IE Flickr, and Floating UL problems.
  28. Images disappear in IE
  29. How would I make a margin collapse?
  30. Safari padding bug?
  31. underlined link problem in firefox
  32. footer
  33. Resolved Transparent/Translucent tables, And how to preload images
  34. I need some small help with CSS id's/classes... its not working :(
  35. blur, transpareny ie ff issue
  36. Footer - to the bottom, please.
  37. reducing sidebar width
  38. Resolved Unexplained extra space between thumbnails
  39. IE will not show, FF does show my header
  40. Adding a nav bar to my site. Need help with code placment.
  41. Need help with Message Form and Images
  42. How do I incorporate Joomla into my Website?
  43. fix div auto height
  44. Dynamic Update of CSS "Frame"
  45. window resizing issue
  46. Resolved Ie 7 & css
  47. Advice required on HTML form submission
  48. ul wordwrap problem
  49. height:100.03% doesnt force scrollbar in ff anymore
  50. css
  51. a:link when hovering moves 1px aside
  52. small blank target window
  53. A non bold link?
  54. style sheet for good printing
  55. Resolved IE compatibility issues
  56. Programmed for Firefox but needs to work in IE
  57. How to set the tab size for a TEXTAREA?
  58. 3rd Column moving?
  59. Seeking CSS Unconfoundedness
  60. CSS Navigation
  61. Need help with alignment on project
  62. How do I get my text to align with the rest of the page?
  63. Text Box causing problems in IE7 and IE6
  64. Resolved How to put pictures in the thumbnails.
  65. Layouting web applications
  66. Styling up internal scroll bars
  67. Help with a form design
  68. Div problem in IE7
  69. i need to know how to put a commeting part in my webpage
  70. i need to put a page on my website to put comments from users
  71. Resolved CSS Help with images
  72. BG breaking when scaling window. (limited repeat in IE)
  73. sidenav not showing correctly in IE6
  74. Scrolling Div Horizontally
  75. bordercolor of tr using javascript
  76. Rollover or scroll through photos
  77. cross broswer div width help
  78. Why will this not work in IE?
  79. 100% div in table cell
  80. help centering layout
  81. gif file alignment
  82. Really good <div> tuts
  83. adding space between a background & its border
  84. How is this done?
  85. column layout problem in IE6 only
  86. easy W3C Validation question
  87. Footer width
  88. need help with a 3-level menu
  89. frame stress
  90. Live Page Editing
  91. Site Won't Read CSS
  92. Float Issue (spot the error?:s)
  93. IE repaint issue - tried all the hacks
  94. text going over the edge of a div
  95. Formatting/aligning form elements.
  96. IE compatabilty issue. Firefox showing pages just fine.
  97. little help?
  98. 2 Div's above eachother on the left and another one on the right.
  99. styling input elements?
  100. Alignment in Safari browser
  101. div problem
  102. CSS within a pop-up Window?
  103. center aligned and absolute positioned swf IE6 issue
  104. Resolved Css image issue
  105. CSS Wrapper and BG Colour
  106. Form Text Box problem
  107. layout problem with xhtml and css
  108. nested div issue
  109. Dreamweaver cut and paste issue?
  110. Horizontal Div Problem
  111. How do i make a popup appear on top of everything?
  112. Frame problem.
  113. Opacity Technique Question
  114. Input changes not effecting IE6/7
  115. Scroll box anchor links within a cell
  116. IE6: float clearing problem.
  117. Body padding problem (mainly IE)
  118. making <div> element fill a cell in a table
  119. How to implement a "cycling" news item on refresh/reload
  120. clear: both; & <br clear="all" /> - Strange Behavior
  121. mailto link no longer working in IE6
  122. Designing custome Joomla css templates?
  123. align div's and images horizontally
  124. Whitespace problem in IE6
  125. Stretching Height of div
  126. css div 3 columns.
  127. How to Italic individual words
  128. margin: auto problem in IE
  129. Div positioning
  130. Menu does not work in IE
  131. Resolved CSS Parent's child?
  132. Resolved Position Problem "IE" Vs "Firefox"
  133. strange problem with IE positioning
  134. Drop down menu issue
  135. How do I change the height of an Iframe
  136. Background problems !!
  137. Is it possible to import text into HTML?
  138. Total Newbie Question about "there is no attribute "align"
  139. Color blind help please
  140. Resolved Mark a link visited so that it stays marked.
  141. Linking in CSS?
  142. can I put a form in email?
  143. CSS Drop-Down Menu?
  144. Printing problem
  145. how to stretch a css background image height ways
  146. Resolved Will having a height on the page make the page extend if there is more content?
  147. Resolved Sidebar is centered. How do I align it to the left?
  148. Probably a stupid question...
  149. Transparent JPEG??? One I didn't declare!
  150. New styles aren't showing up
  151. center background image
  152. I want to position something, but don't know how
  153. css coding problem
  154. Using dreamweaver to embed FLV video
  155. Centering in Safari and Chrone
  156. New to CSS - having trouble with <ul> and sprites
  157. Best way to put banners into a site??
  158. spacing issues in Safari or Firefox
  159. <p> tags in a stylesheet
  160. Weird problem in internet explorer - White highlight line through center of page
  161. Need help with emailform
  162. multipart/form-data best practice
  163. What HTML should I place my php include inside?
  164. I'm trying to validate a page with an flv player in it
  165. defining...?
  166. why does a page contents get misplaced when window resized?
  167. Having a hard time!!
  168. css/html help!!
  169. DOCTYPE (again!!)
  170. Small footer question
  171. simple css drop menu not working
  172. Safe use of class to override margin default?
  173. IE Rex X Image Problem
  174. Limited Cookies
  175. myspace music player alignment HELP!
  176. background image in 3 column layout not showing
  177. links in css
  178. CSS (IE/FF)top property problem
  179. Resolved masking domain
  180. How do i reduce horizontal space in "li"
  181. Easy question about positioning.
  182. Placing footer on the bottom of the page?
  183. PNG fix for MSIE 6
  184. More Queries about Floats (Experiment Results)
  185. firefox padding on hover
  186. Images don't show
  187. :hover for a table row?
  188. Images don't appear on same line in IE 7
  189. Navigation not staying in frame in IE
  190. Code does not work
  191. IE6/7 unexperienced block display errors
  192. Layout problem
  193. Ordered Lists
  194. body in css
  195. font in css
  196. Static and Dynamic part of a page using css?
  197. A (New?) Question About Floats
  198. Horizontal menu centering in IE
  199. CSS gurus, what is wrong with my page ?
  200. IE won't render inline code
  201. Creating Custom Stylesheets on the fly
  202. IE working; other browsers are not
  203. Background size
  204. Margin/padding issue in FF only
  205. Problems validating
  206. IE css 4 pixel margin bug?
  207. projects in css
  208. I cannot change the text color.
  209. dropdown menu doesn't work on ie7
  210. Print CSS File
  211. All Levels Navigational Menu issue
  212. Can't Validate!
  213. Transparent image issue
  214. Validating my site... it's tricky!
  215. css vertical menu problem
  216. Why oh why is it doing this!!
  217. browser target CSS without hacks?
  218. How do I set up Contact form Email Authentification?
  219. Adding images to webpage
  220. Unexpected behaviour. What is wrong? Was OK.
  221. Resolved Image Gallery: Looks Different in IE & FF
  222. IE vs Firefox alignment difference
  223. need help with the resolution!
  224. EXTREME IE weirdness!!!
  225. Resolved porblem in html/css code or in browsershots?
  226. DIV and External CSS
  227. Resolved Just Created External Style Sheet: Something's Wrong
  228. Background
  229. Footer Width Display Problem
  230. Background image not showing in FF, but is in IE
  231. Resize Background Image
  232. div problem
  233. CSS Height Problem
  234. CSS problem - help needed!!!
  235. CSS centering on smaller parent element
  236. 100% height! yay!
  237. Resolved CSS postioning
  238. newbie with sore head!
  239. Pure CSS hide/display content
  240. Still having trouble using a timestamp to show time and date of update to my server
  241. Issue With Dropdown Navigation In CSS
  242. Handing overflow, having trouble.
  243. IE7 hover image CSS problem
  244. issues with my design
  245. div height 100% with the content
  246. Style Changer
  247. Link to an Instant Messenger...
  248. Problem with line-height and background-color
  249. How can I use a positioning method to lay elements next to each other?
  250. Scaling a div

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