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  1. Help with validation
  2. Any way to have colored alt codes...
  3. <ol> and <li>images</li>
  4. remove space around button contents
  5. Help with Hyperlinks
  6. submit returns false with enter key
  7. Hiding a Print Command Text
  8. Wow
  9. external javascript link
  10. How to hide text for alt tag?
  11. style="width:100%;"
  12. width attribute doesn't work in SPAN tags in NS7?
  13. Indiviual <div> Link Styles
  14. background="" in <table> ?
  15. mimicking html object border with css
  16. such thing as commenting in stylesheets?
  17. Correct code to use for a pop-up?
  18. Why won't this validate for XHTML?
  19. Floating Page
  20. IE6: is padding on images broken?
  21. dotted <hr>
  22. Sound file
  23. Help with Forms!!!
  24. HOW TO: make a table layout without <table> tag
  25. Centering Problem
  26. HELP: What is causing my Doc to render incorrectly?!?!?
  27. How to make javascript image rollover activate css a:hover effect?
  28. Table Drop Shadow...
  29. Assigning colors for bullets in css
  30. Links
  31. Help with DHTML and webpage stuff
  32. Caption oddity - just rendering glitches?
  33. editable select (combobox)
  34. resolution recogniser
  35. center data in table row
  36. Web design SW?
  37. CSS two-columns problem, clearly stated
  38. Can HTML be saved with information?
  39. Your opinion needed!
  40. IE6 re-sizing problems on new(bie) site
  41. Web page acting very strange with text field
  42. ifame contains xml/xsl sliding funny inside frameset
  43. Abt Iframe
  44. Image Map Overlapping ?
  45. CSS positioning in ALL browsers
  46. CSS and PDAs
  47. setting space between <LI>?
  48. A css layout question
  49. html help
  50. Newbie Question - Hiding / Showing Layers
  51. HTML and HTA
  52. Prompt for page refresh
  53. Text Size
  54. Abt Resolution
  55. float: left don't work
  56. name
  57. block-style with a <span>
  58. Making buttons a certain length
  59. where to down homesite?
  60. .htmx? Never seen that before.
  61. using imageless-images
  62. Forms - Text Box Colour
  63. Force black and white print
  64. hiding select drop down
  65. video not loading in NS
  66. short videos
  67. HTML (or CSS?) Dilemma
  68. wav file size
  69. strange: images jumping in IE6
  70. Password Protection
  71. onMouseOver and iframe
  72. Define class in a <br /> tag?
  73. 100% confused
  74. Valid CSS with XHTML?
  75. vertical-align and divs?
  76. Changing the <hr /> tag into an image?
  77. link question using frames
  78. Scroll bar down a frameset
  79. HTML & Strings
  80. Opening Excel from Web Page
  81. Is this possible?
  82. line breaks
  83. CSS: where's the bottom?
  84. HELP!! SWF loading
  85. forms
  86. Table height not cooperating
  87. browsers
  88. XHTML + Table caption alignment = invalid
  89. Table & Column widths
  90. Abt the Filters in Combo Boxes
  91. Abt Filters
  92. Define default A targets with CSS?
  93. Alternating colors via CSS
  94. Background image
  95. body { margin: 0px; padding: 0px; }
  96. Simulated button w/ <a href>
  97. a:hover cross browser
  98. How do I change My Link Color?
  99. New Design
  100. css margins in ie
  101. CSS Problems
  102. what makes this content centered?
  103. make site to work for different resolutions
  104. border-right problem
  105. Odd behavior: bad CSS or rendering glitch?
  106. Efficient CSS
  107. width:795px; is not the same as width:795;
  108. Centering Iframe Content
  109. 100% width not working so well in IE
  110. quickie html question
  111. The <EMBED> Problem
  112. Automatic Download?
  113. Rightclick menu
  114. bold or strong?
  115. Submit button on a form
  116. cursor: hand vs. cursor:pointer
  117. autoheight of an empty div???
  118. How do I make a page bookmark?
  119. Table Question
  120. Linking to file of same name in a different directory
  121. Script Modify
  122. Column problem
  123. How do I do an entire table cell clickable in a link?
  124. CSS doesn't seem to be able to replace the table
  125. Help!
  126. changing bacground-color with onMouseOver/Out in css?
  127. Margin at the bottom...
  128. No highlighting code?
  129. Switching text to image
  130. inserting html into a document
  131. How do I get vary width for subpage menu boxes?
  132. Style rendered - IE6 vs NN7
  133. how can i apply javascript in my site???
  134. New to CSS-- help with link color
  135. :mad:Table Nesting HELP WANTED :mad:
  136. HTML&CSS Documentation & References
  137. script issue - help please
  138. align text left & right on same line
  139. Relative font sizes in different browsers
  140. Creating a profile for each person
  141. Suggest CSS replacement for table layout
  142. positioning problem
  143. link color
  144. html question
  145. Cleaning Word HTML
  146. overlap frames w/ popup window tooltip
  147. Sound file with CSS
  148. opacity
  149. Stretching a Background Image
  150. flexible box height - how to via CSS
  151. div height and width 100% in ie???
  152. <object> for flash doesn't show up in mozilla
  153. Back to layout
  154. What is wrong with this link?
  155. Printing in Netscape
  156. HTML in email query
  157. including an html file
  158. CSS IE width problem
  159. overflow: hidden problem
  160. How do you change placement of the background image (repeat, not repeat, etc.)
  161. changing text links' colour upon rollover
  162. change submit button to an image
  163. Unsolicited margins
  164. OnMouseOver Sound
  165. Layout
  166. trouble with the alignment of tables..
  167. scrolling a <div> inside a table cell - how to prevent exploding cell in Netscape?l
  168. Transparency with relative positioning
  169. span vs Div vs iframe
  170. scroll bar color on a inline frame
  171. Please Help!! - problem centering a div in IE 5.0
  172. How to center a table using html 4.01 strict
  173. CSS layout problem
  174. Form word wrap with Netsape 7
  175. Urgent:textbox linked to database
  176. need help
  177. a question about tables, scrolling in a cell of a table, etc..
  178. Table border in Nutscrape7
  179. liquid design
  180. Tables to divs?
  181. swapping "id" thru javascript for image swap
  182. thead - tfoot - tbody - with border?
  183. switching an old layout from frames+tables -- to tabless+noframes
  184. Help On Frames
  185. table/ cell targeting
  186. Trouble Validating CSS
  187. go to text field first on page
  188. Variable recipients in Forms?
  189. css and frames
  190. why do combobox display on top of everything
  191. multiple includes of the same jsp
  192. custom scrollbars
  193. A Layer Re-size Issue
  194. centering a DIV within its parent
  195. Vertically centering text inside a div
  196. offsetting CSS
  197. Should tags with no closing tag have /
  198. is there is any ARM of CSS or HTML
  199. HyperLink to Word Document
  200. Sending Form field Via Href
  201. what is the html code for a single white space?
  202. Looking for a Mac Preview Program
  203. IFRAME Help
  204. Images
  205. font-family
  206. Minor table issue NS to IE
  207. Supressing the page status (url) info when printing directly from a window
  208. Div positioning problems, please help?
  209. table with fixed & resizing rows
  210. Simple fixed bg question?
  211. Help with popup on 'Submit' action
  212. How come these CSS columns don't work in Mozilla?
  213. hiding or encrypting data files
  214. Moving from Tables -> CSS
  215. onclick open template with selected image?
  216. ../ Paths
  217. Need Some help on sizing & Tables
  218. Link to specific section on a page?
  219. <select> menu appears on top of a layer...
  220. Liquid website design using CSS
  221. XHTML doctype displays page differantly from HTML...
  222. pdfs, iframes and floating images
  223. Definition lists revisited
  224. Floating element leaving its containg element
  225. Placing Images in Table Cells
  226. parsing text returned from script
  227. frameset splitbar image
  228. Hi I'm a newb and need some help on buttons
  229. Intial Window Size
  230. CSS derived values?
  231. Back Button
  232. Restrict table height / Prevent cell auto-expand
  233. Limit on meta refresh?
  234. I cant grasp this validation bizniss
  235. Books and Websites on CSS
  236. Designing a web page with frames
  237. centering using css
  238. changing background brightness
  239. Simple Scrolling Text
  240. style sheets not being read properly by mozilla?
  241. Really Annoying!
  242. removing CSS
  243. tables, html and winword
  244. CSS doesn't work sometimes
  245. How to forbid right click or save image on home page
  246. Understanding CSS Div Tags
  247. CSS and Different Resolutions
  248. Help with shtml
  249. css widths in ie and moz
  250. Are style definitions in the HTML body OK?

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