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  1. Are entities in the <title> tag valid?
  2. almost done with the layout, just some positioning problems...
  3. Urgent! Need help with a refresh problem.
  4. Table not fitting within window in IE and Moz.
  5. Assign keywords to images
  6. Getting page backgrounds to behave
  7. Two CSS glitches, one in IE and one in Mozilla
  8. frameset
  9. IE, fieldsets and background-color problem
  10. How can a certain piece of code be ignored by the style sheet?
  11. How to split a post?
  12. two dynamic-length columns with 100% height bg
  13. question about floats and widths
  14. any workarounds for Mac IE5 float bugs?
  15. How univeral is this code?
  16. source code for simple quiz
  17. Image tool tag removal
  18. Box Model Woes
  19. Site lagging in IE?
  20. URL to fill in form
  21. Form Help
  22. CSS span
  23. question | CSS - printing and float
  24. simple div layout's spacing affected by borders (please read for more)
  25. border breaks
  26. tabbing text?
  27. IE glitch with 2 column CSS layout
  28. Aligning Divs Horizontally
  29. positioning problems....
  30. radio button checked value not complying
  31. Object (Flash) in html - How to resize and other problems)
  32. IE makes my div tag too tall
  33. fieldset default css values
  34. DIV visibility
  35. Align images
  36. 100% jpg height?
  37. Table Question
  38. downloadable music files
  39. Submitted form emails
  40. css examples
  41. can someone explain the Clear thing in CSS?
  42. CSS div aligning problems in NS7.0 and most likely others too...
  43. non absolute position?
  44. I could probably find the answer to this question in a minute, but im lazy, so....
  45. Does valid CSS really matter?
  46. making text box atleast 50 letters?
  47. Scrolling Inside Of An HTML Table?
  48. Frames leaving small gap where scrollbars would be
  49. Aligning text with images in a horizontal list
  50. borders
  51. pictures unable 2 highlight
  52. i am missing something regarding Absolute Positioning...
  53. No style, exept for this..
  54. text box text colour
  55. Welcome Message
  56. Splitting the CSS?
  57. div.classname: didn't apply rules; div#id: did ...?
  58. Text box transparant
  59. help:random links
  60. question about text alignment
  61. put an image on the another image
  62. on mouseover scrolling layers?
  63. I'm having trouble with Suckerfish Dropdowns and PHP
  64. CSS to format Numbers
  65. HTML print tag?
  66. 2 background images?
  67. XHTML Validation
  68. Best image Format for webpages
  69. css and navigation suggestions please...
  70. How to prevent a refresh from send GET form multiple times
  71. Style link help
  72. CSS Padding Issue
  73. float & centering problem on 2 '<ul>'s
  74. Very Large Table - Borders acting strange
  75. want to use to javascripts in an html page?
  76. Validation Problem: Two simple errors that aren't so simple.
  77. CSS Positioning an unordered list in lower right of div
  78. Need color change on hover
  79. wads the code for rollover image?
  80. quote in list-style-image!!!
  81. bar/restaurant menu: tabular data?
  82. Code/Markup Optimization (minimalism)
  83. How about this?
  84. Hold my hand with My First Try CSS Site Design
  85. Better way to do the following with CSS?
  86. Stylesheet problem in Moz.
  87. Stretch an image to width of table?
  88. encrypting pages
  89. how to get 2 css things on the same line
  90. theory: do you apply <p></p> to hidden fields within a form?
  91. Auto resize frames
  92. css border question
  93. Problems with margins in ns and Opera
  94. how to!! urgent!
  95. Help!!
  96. Help me in CSS
  97. HTML: Making two <div> columns inside a TD! Please help!
  98. Image resize?
  99. Found quite serious IE bug!
  100. <div> spacing.. problems with default margins?
  101. provide larger image to suit viewers resolution.
  102. alt Versus title
  103. Web site functionality
  104. Good source for multi-CCS usage
  105. using %20 in image names big%20house.jpg
  106. css: text shadow doesn't work
  107. frames
  108. How can I make this all line up
  109. Display of html src code in the browser
  110. Book for Fiance and Myself?
  111. Three Column layout problem...
  112. Back hyperlink/button
  113. frames
  114. fixed size table exceeds printer margin
  115. how can you make th .gif move, even the user clicked a butt on the page??????
  116. Hard question..about my form
  117. Cellspacing in CSS?
  118. Centering help
  119. Problem with menu using CSS...
  120. need alternative or enhancement to rel="external" method for new window links
  121. changing the color of a font for a button
  122. Best way to make a menu
  123. website
  124. Trying to get table-like height using CSS
  125. IFrame.location
  126. slanted letter
  127. xhtml,frames,ie horz scrollbars
  128. Animated background?
  129. diagonal lettering
  130. why do more advanced developers seem to prefer "URI" to "URL"
  131. mailto form nightmare
  132. ie5mac: block level items extending past set width
  133. I-frame causes page to break.
  134. Div height problem in IE
  135. Moz and hand-type cursors
  136. image
  137. Two valid, support code snippets: one works, one doesn't...
  138. CSS - Replacing Layout Images, possible?
  139. CSS horizontal menu hover?
  140. making the text "bold type" in a textarea
  141. Hide scroll bars on page load?
  142. need direction with CSS layout for IE on Mac
  143. apply styles to option tag
  144. table or css?
  145. css issue with IE 5 Mac
  146. What's up with this?
  147. Form Submission
  148. CSS:text-effect and text-shadow
  149. text-align prob
  150. CSS: Image Borders
  151. How can you add a counter in http
  152. List Styling Woes
  153. scrolling DIVs and labels and beers, oh my.
  154. help on hiding my source
  155. Frontpage HTML pasted to eBay errors!
  156. backround :S:S:S:S:S
  157. border colours and imageready
  158. auto-submit form?
  159. Table to bordered divs
  160. Make the entering string in bold
  161. New to CSS
  162. code for css layout
  163. IE centering bug when width is specified
  164. <img/> support of padding:
  165. blog layout: works in firefix, but not ie
  166. Trouble With Page Validation
  167. Boxes
  168. layers
  169. Layout Problem: Works in Opera or Moz.. not both
  170. which browser to code for
  171. Quick margin question
  172. Css And Mozilla
  173. Php table question
  174. Are PURE css pop-up menus possible?
  175. spurious (X)HTML tags
  176. Doing table alignment and link targets
  177. no no no don't do that (img padding help)
  178. Input field border color trouble
  179. Positioning an IFrame over an image
  180. xhtml capitalization
  181. Image link to iframe problem
  182. Problem with text Selection
  183. empty alt attributes?
  184. odd table gaps in Moz/FF
  185. need to find an internal browser button for attachments (link)
  186. Background images in lists
  187. CSS to change Selection box Properties
  188. Have anyone used this layout template?
  189. Page transition failure
  190. internet radio
  191. internet radio
  192. Cursor solution needed
  193. css equivalent of "noshade"
  194. 3 columns, max height
  195. What do you use HTML, XHTML, CSS etc.
  196. Wierd 'relative, top' positioning in Moz
  197. Site Icons
  198. Trying to align to the right
  199. Mozilla layout problem
  200. How to Embed Windows Form ActiveX Control in HTML Page? O! Please Help.
  201. scrolling the body...
  202. Possible To Print Watermarks?
  203. How to Embed Windows Form ActiveX Control in HTML Page? O! Please Help.
  204. Need to dynamically submit a request to a server depending on a HTML Select
  205. Size issues %
  206. I frame problem
  207. valign text in css
  208. New to Web Development
  209. Why add forms in XHTML?
  210. CSS Problems?
  211. how to embedd a UserControl written using .NET Windows
  212. Adding space between text
  213. Jumping Div
  214. creating a two column list
  215. Customizing cursor trail question
  216. Is writing code in "canonical format" optimal for IE?
  217. downloading older browser
  218. HTML & CSS Frequently Asked Questions
  219. What happened to this?
  220. NORBOT error
  221. Transparency/Translucency in object tag?
  222. CSS - H1 tag and paragraph spacing problem
  223. css, th borders
  224. text with border?
  225. CSS Layout
  226. Order Form
  227. odd Firefox presentation
  228. Centering my site on the browser?
  229. CSS-based layout - equivalent to table height 100%
  230. Problems with a tabled site.
  231. Newline in ALT=""
  232. minor issue, but need help: <div> spacing
  233. Twitchy Scrollbar
  234. Any way to change round symbol in <li>?
  235. Help to make page validate
  236. CSS adressing in IE
  237. difference filter for images
  238. how do you center a background image?
  239. Making a series of radio buttons Readonly
  240. Newby...Help with printing different graphic than seen on page
  241. Skip a form object in tab order
  242. CSS for stretchy layout (best title I can think of!)
  243. help with homework
  244. Critique Request & Question
  245. How to make "Mouse Over" or "ALT" work on slides
  246. New IE6 CSS bug (feature? hack?)
  247. Word Wrap in a frame
  248. overlay text on image for printing
  249. Stupid images within links!
  250. Page automatically jumps up when hovering certain links...

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