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    A Site to Review - In It's early stages

    Could you please have a look at a site in its early stages, there is only 1 page there currently but can you comment on the colour scheme, layout and nav bar . . .

    I didn't want to go too 'corporate' and not too 'cartoony'! so hopefully I've hit the halfway house.

    Go to : http://www.methos.biz

    Thanks, appreciated


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    well, lets see...

    In IE is has a huge black border that doesnt look nice
    in opera and mozilla it has outsewt borders which appear to be random in placement and dont join up.

    The navigation text is cartoony, and quite so

    The tagline on the header image is tiny and at high res will be unreadable, also the compression on the header image isn't very pretty.

    50% of your source is javascript, 100% of this is totally unneeded.

    It uses dreamweaver created tables as opposed to CSS and valid code, this on it's own isn't criminal but the site isn't very accessible, if i turn off CSS and images the site is till useable however, which is a plus.

    That seemed overly negative and i didnt really mean it to be.

    On the plus side the colours are ok if you lose the big black borders and at least it gets centred in the window
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    Quote Originally Posted by 01brclar
    Running Win2K - viewing with Firefox0.8 scrnres800x600

    You may want to set the background colour for the body of the page. I have my default background colour set to grey and it makes your colour scheme look a little odd.

    I find the black borders around the header to be quite heavy. Is the navigation bar supposed to be connected to the header? It is not in FF. There is a rather sizeable gap. (Aha, I just peeked at the page in IE and see that all the content is connected to itself.) In FF, there is also a sizeable gap between the navigation bar and the homepage section.

    While I'd agree that the navigation text is on the cartoony side, it doesn't bother me too much - as long as that (along with the header) is the only place that the font occurs. I gather that this site is to appeal to folks of all ages.

    The green stripes on the image on the header need cleaning up - add some antialiasing to smooth out the lines.

    There are a few errors (missing alt tags on images, for instance)
    Go to either of these sites to find the errors:

    This site may offer some help for getting the page to look roughly the same in the main browsers:
    (Please note that some of the links go to older pages - make sure you look at the copyright date on any helppage you look at.)

    Having said all that, I think your page has definite possibilities.


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