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    Navigation review ..


    1: i got the site up and running at www.pindiplus.com .Now i got a problem on the top horizental navigation . I want to add more categories in horizental lines. any suggestion about that.

    2: The subscribe mailing list i added recently in the left sideed vertical navigation . Does it look good where it is or i should change its place?

    3: site Downloading speed if any one can point out .coz i got no perfect tools..

    4: site colors i haven asked few times to make them a bit dark..any other color combination suggestion?

    and any other thing any1 would like to point out. .will be helpful.

    Move on....

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    Yeah, I would definitely move the form for your mailing list. It looks like you've got a lot of information, and the form is down at the bottom (800x600res). If people were going to go through the information they probably wouldn't get down there where they'd see it on their first visit, and that's what you want. I'd say the top right corner...but then you'd have a huge space between it and your title graphic. Maybe there's something else you can use to fill the gap, or make it where it doesn't look so awkward.

    You might want to try two lines for the horizontal nav bar. Put <hr> between them (or is it <hr /> now?), and make it a color that won't conflict with the page.

    Colors are fine, except for the flashing update things, but that's probably just because they're flashing (I feel like I'm gonna have a seizure).

    No big problem with speed either, and I'm on a pretty slow connection.

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    Tables, tables...


    Your menu is pretty full as it is, so to free up room for more menu options, you could shorten the texts ("pictures" instead of "pindi pictures", "articles" instead of "articles collection", etc.). Another option would be to make it a two-layer menu with a top layer and a sub-layer; that would mean grouping some of the current menu options together, and I have to say I wouldn't know which or what to call them.

    About the code itself: you employ six (!) nested tables, which must be considered bad practice no matter how you look at it.
    I'm sure you're aware of the strong move towards standards-centric design and the use of CSS rather then tables to create layouts, but even if you're not up to taking that step and want to remain using tables for layout purposes, I strongly recommend, nay urge you to cut down the number of table nesting levels to the absolute minimum, preferably none.
    Using IE5.5/Win on a fast (corporate network) connection, it took a noticable time before the browser figured out how to render that whole stack of tables.

    If you want some pointers, please let me know; I'm reluctant to invest much time in it untill I'm sure you are even open to suggestions in that direction.


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