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    Method explanation?

    Just wondering if anyone can help me decipher this method? I know it creates an empty array and while its empty push a value into it as long as that value equals the input? The second part - I think pushes values to the array and deletes the last value in it?



    def explain_me(inputs)
    my_array = []
    while !inputs.empty?
    value = inputs[0]
    inputs.each do | input |
    if input < value
    value = input
    my_array.push value
    inputs.delete value
    return my_array


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    See the comments

    Here is the description on the code

    def explain_me(inputs)
      my_array = []
      while !inputs.empty? # while has any item on inputs array
        value = inputs[0] # put the first itom of inputs array into value variable
        inputs.each do | input | # this loop find the lowest value of inputs array
          if input < value
            value = input
        end # now value is the lowest value of the inputs items
        my_array.push value # this lowest value is putting into my_array
          inputs.delete value # and deleted from input array
        return my_array # return my array
    end # def explain_me
    Do you see?

    Have a nice day.


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