I'm looking for a PHP developer to partner and assist in maintaining and adding new features to our site.

Our 2 man team currently consists of our customer relations & marketing manager, and head honcho & front-end dev. This is where you come in, we have a clear gap in our team.

The store is still currently in construction and depending on when you join, we hope to be online by the end of august - late september of this year. But we would rather spend more time ensuring the store is in full working order before going live.

Both of our team members work from home in the United Kingdom. So someone from the UK is preferred but its not a massive issue if not. Contact via Skype text chat or voice is a high priority and therefore knowledge of the English language is a requirement.

To give you an idea of the sort of work we will require you to do. We are looking to add a support ticket system to the store, as this will be heavily implementing into our current site we don't want to use an off the shelf package and rather have something tailored to our needs.

Something else we are looking for is a feature that generates an embed code for products on our store. So when users click on the graphic whether it be on a forum, or on a website, you are taken to the page on our store. The graphic would hold the product name, image and price.

So if you think this is something you could do then please get in contact with me. Include information like, how long you have been coding, when you are available, what country you are from, recent projects you have worked on etc.

Thank you very much