PHP, CSS, HTML, and SEO skills wanted to take my website to the next level. It has a great domain name in Spanish and business oriented categories that I created in Spanish. Every country is represented in Latin America with their main cities. The site is up and running but needs many tweaks with php, css, html. If you have these skills put them to use to have ownership in a start-up!!

I can explain what is needed for the site and am open to listening to your input since you will have 25% ownership in the site if you are the right candidate. I feel this will motivate the right person to make it a success. The potential is huge as Latin America is an emerging market. This site can be also used by major newspapers as their classified engine in every country, so much potential such as ads and revenue from ads representing a market of over 400 million people...

So if you are interested in a side project with potential, and have the skills then let me know. Please only reply if you have php/css/html/seo skills as this site is a start-up and I strongly feel it will be a successful start-up with the right person. Again you will have 25% ownership, I will even include an option to up it to 40% if the site reaches x amount of revenue.

The site is called Aviso Listo and here is the link to the site, did tons of work on it but it still needs lots of work... if you like what you see so far and think you can take it to the next level please reply. Thanks!