EveryVote.org is an open-source, non-profit, global democracy facilitation platform crowd-sourcing development now.

For a short video introduction to EveryVote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGl6kt39jw4

Primary features envisioned for the platform include:

1) Users can vote for or against any official, candidate, user, group, or legislation on the site
2) Elections page automatically lists the candidates of all elections –federal, state, county, local, etc– the logged in user is eligible to vote in
3) Election and registration deadline reminders to help prepare users for election day
4) Users can learn *at a glance* (simplified to a total + or -%) how the officials, candidates, users and groups they support or oppose are voting on every bill in their legislative body
5) A democratic social news system (like reddit’s) that allows users to see which stories are most popular to supporters and opposers of a person, group, or bill
6) Ability for users to facilitate the legislative and electoral process of their own organization using EveryVote

Our short-range goal is to have the site at least testable in advance of the United States 2012 federal elections in November, but our long-range goal is for the EveryVote platform to work with any government or organization that has legislative and electoral data available online.

For more information, here is a .pdf walkthrough of the EveryVote design documents as of 06/21/12: http://tiny.cc/i3ibgw

If you know any computer programmers or graphic designers who are passionate about increasing voter participation, please pass the message along. We have a small group of volunteers, but it’s a very big project so the more the merrier.

Any questions, feedback, advice, or offers to help would be much appreciated and can be sent to contactus@everyvote.org.

Many thanks,
The EV Development Team

Twitter: @everyvoteorg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/everyvote