1) We need two people

PHP, AJAX Programming
Web designer

This is a business opportunity not a full-time or part-time programming position. We are looking for a skilled PHP programmer and a highly skilled web designer that has some experience with X-Cart shopping cart software. Both positions require some sophisticated programming and/or web design skills. For programming it will be both PHP and AJAX. You will be able to complete the PHP X-Cart programming part-time if your employed or on the weekends. The web designer will have to have skills in graphic design and some background with shopping carts. We do have about a 4 month deadline.

2) The financial payout opportunity is programming and/or web design in exchange for 3 years of an agreed upon percentage of revenue from the site or monthly payments for programming time and a percentage of revenue from the site for one year. I am open to hearing other payment arrangements as long as it does not include any percentage of ownership. If you do find that youíre interested in stock ownership we can discuss, but it will require a financial investment or an abundance of time programming.

This website will be the next big things in e-commerce so donít pass it up. If you meet up with me and you donít like the concept Iíll pay for your gas and give you $50.00 if youíre local. Or if you fly in I will pay for your ticket just so you donít think youíre wasting your time.

Participation does require you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with my company before we discuss the website programming details.

If youíre interested please contact me ASAP. And make sure that you include a copy of your resume in the body of the email. I will not open any attachments.: