Hi there,

I have an established S-Corporation business with some long-term hosting contracts established. These contracts are business-specific niche areas where my clients are unlikely to find the functionality elsewhere. I am trying to market the business areas out further, but spend too much of my time on web front-end design and can't keep both sides of the candle lit (front-end / back-end development).

The company has positive cash flow (not a lot, since I'm invested in enterprise-grade hardware/failover), but has a lot of expansion potential with 0 extra cost - aka - I'm not asking for a $ investment - more a share of the company and it's potential.

We can talk details if interested offline - I'm looking for an excellent front-end designer with good experience with (any of) jquery/prototype/dojo and HTML5 design skills. The backend is a java / spring enviro with decent usage of DWR toolkit. My company ("me") has the infrastructure in place, so not looking for $ - just excellent design/integration skills. Don't care about programming experience (php, etc. - I use java exclusively anyway!)

If we can come up with a general agreement, I will pay legal fees to protect our interests. Looking for business continuity in the future as well.

Please contact me at psantt15@aol.com for further information; I run this business on the side, so the more information you can provide me, the better I can filter, review, etc.

Local US only, Chicago-area preferred to have a physical presence, etc.