Hay all,

So basically we have started building (on WeBid) a free social trading script, instead of launching a .com and hoping for the best we have decided to find a bunch of talented people willing to launch their own country's version.

Basically the site will be based on the whakka social framework (Registration and login will be done via whakka API allowing display of social feeds and chat).

What we are looking for is enthusiastic people ready to jump on the chance to be part of their own social trading website as well as a bigger social project.

The sites will earn money based on users, social users are worth around 4-5$ each (below 100k site) and about 10c (below 10k users) so we will be more than happy to walk you through the social marketing and ads publishing side of the site (using whakka ads)

Let me know if your interested, hosting and domain provided, all we need is people ready to give us time and effort!

Add me on MSN, imthebanana@live.com or email the same address