Hello everyone

I'm planning to start a professional website about forum skinning. Actually the site would be specialized on offering premium(and free) MyBB forum skins. So the site will have forums by MyBB forum software and custom pages like homepage an shop
The site would concentrate on selling professional premium MyBB themes and also on custom skin requests. Premium themes would cost from 10$ up to 35$.
We would also offer free themes and graphics(for forums like buttons, icons, avatars, group images, etc.).

Why do I need coder(s)?
I wouldn't be posting this If I knew how to code and do the programming. I'm still young and I don't know how to code in programming languages. I just know some few css codes which I learned in when I had small mybb forum long ago.

So I'm just working with photoshop. This is some of my work:

It's not long ago when I got paypal ( I was too young to get a credit card before). In last month I earned something above 300$(still looking for jobs and contests to win some money). And I'm planning to put earned money into this new site. Sure I would put alot into the site trough the process.

What does the coder require?
I need a partner/s with coding skills for a new forum skinning site. The coder would need to code from a full PSD and convert it into MyBB skin.
I need a person who is interested about this project, who isn't good in designing graphics and would like to code MyBB skins and being in the leading team of the website. I need a professional coder, which means he knows php,jQuery,css/html/xhtml/, flash, javascript etc. and has experience with website developing. And I'm talking about 100% partnership.

How many coders do I need?
I was thinking to find 4 persons who could code skins, but I would be already happy if I found atleast 1 for the start. 1 person is anyway needed to help me if there will be any coding problems with the site's theme.

How am I going to pay?
As said, I'm talking about 100% partnership here, we would split money:
The coder of the theme would probably get 55% and I the designer 45%. I think coding is harder part of the forum skinning, so that's why coder would get a little more than designer.

The name of the website is still not confirmed though...Well about the name we could discuss it with my "future coders" which I will find.

I need to get coders for the themes before I invest money in setting up the site and paying for the custom look. So that's why theres no site set up yet!

If anyone is interested, please post here or PM me.

Thanks in advance,

best regards