project details:
Basically is a social network aggregator at face, it puts (hopefully) all the networks into one steady stream, shows all chat (MSN, FB etc) and has its own bookmarking and advertising network scripts.

what I'm looking for in a partner:
A coder obviously ;p .. The ideal candidate will be an adult with a strong interest in java (jquery) and social networks, php would help, but most of all we are looking for someone who believes in the idea of an aggregated internet designed fully for ease of use.

What you can expect in profit:
Basically we have no idea how big the site can get, everyone and their uncle is after creating the next Facebook but all we are aiming for is to connect the world via existing networks. Sites like show you just how well something like this would do!

What you can expect from the team so far:
Basically team so far is filled wit various freelancers, 2 coders (1 fulltime)+me (i do a bit of coding) 2 graphic artists (one me), and one PR/SEO guy.

additional info:
There are a couple of contracts you have to sign when you join, a software partnership agreement and a privacy agreement.

contact details:

MSN (same for email)
or here via pm