Hello codingforums how is everyone tonight my name is Keston.J - Founder & CEO of PinSwap.

I am currently looking for partners to help me out on my social network whether it's from design, coding, infrastructure, or ways to grow the site as a business more.

The website: The website that I own is called PinSwap. PinSwap is a social network that connects mobile messenger users worldwide and is home to over 5000 active members. (BBM, Live Profile, Ping Chat, etc...)

Why join this project ? PinSwap is a great project to join because it works and there is a un-filled gap in the market that this website fills.

What's in it for you - The people that have skill that can be used on project PinSwap are people that I will like to hire as employees of this website as it becomes larger and I secure the websites first investment.

For those of you who would like more details on this website and further details on the project I may be contacted at msn/gmail - keston.e@gmail.com I may be reached at my cellphone # - please message me if you would like to contact me regarding matters of the site.