I am looking for help with some php code. I am helping with a website called OHMS Gaming which is using wordpress. I am using a plugin called stray quote which works well for storing and display simple quotes. One thing they want though is to allow voting and commenting for the quotes. Of course that isn't in there. I have been trying to add it but I am not that good with php. I am looking for someone to help me make this features to go with what is there. I will help all I can, I know basic php, and other languages.

http://ohmsgaming.com/quotes-from-last-session/ <-- this is what I have so far, I have modified the plugin to make things look better but that has been all I have made so far.

More info:
-The ideal thing is to have it when u click reply for a quote it opens that quote with its comments, similar to a post, and the comments are paginated.
-The voting thing would just allow up and down voting of a quote, though there might be a need to limit the users voting count, I don't know. And display the vote count near the quote.

P.S. take a look at the plugin I am using http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stray-quotes/ <--- the css that I made was by modifying the functions.php.