Hello everyone

I'm a website designer specifically looking for a web developer (strong knowledge in PHP) to launch a variety of website ideas I have and consistently create that I think have potential to generate a strong revenue.

I am looking for at least one person, but, more people would be welcome aboard (in most cases)

I would handle all business aspects of our projects, as well as the initial website design, content and management. Whilst you would manage the back end of the website, with mainly the PHP coding for the functions we would need.
However, we can both contribute to one anothers roles, as we are a team.
I'd like to add my PHP knowledge is poor though...

Anyway, it'd be great if anyone is interested. We'd do a 50/50 cut of all our revenue from those successful (if anyone was wondering).

I have a few ideas already, but a discussion would be good.

Thank you for reading,
Kind Regards
Owen Ayres