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    Programming help

    I have a project I would like to do, but need the help of someone who is more expert at programming than myself.

    Our city is being researched for Uranium mining, and with so much cancer in our area, I want to set up a program/website to track the cancer and see which areas are most effected.

    I want the website to be set up so we can somehow track streets and areas of the city of those with cancer.

    Someone would go to the website, and add their name, address, city and state. Type of cancer, when found, end result of cancer; work history and background to track possibilities of factory exposures; family history with cancer if at all; length of time lived at residence. As I think about this I will have more things to add.

    I want to have a section where someone can look up a street to see if there are others with cancer? Or have a place where someone can look up a factory and see the records of cancer?

    I don't want others to see names of people, and necessarily the street number of others, so some of the information will be hidden for the viewers.

    I hope this makes sense. This is going to be a interesting project but I need someone with more skill than myself to get this to happen. I hope to open this up to other localities, eventually and this will not being a website where people will be paying to add their information. I just want this to be a project to open the eyes of our city and other cities eventually. Hopefully this will make a difference in the lives and health of others generations.

    If you would be willing to look at this or code this, or have questions, just let me know.

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    I am going to move your thread to the project collaboration forum.

    Keep in mind with a project like this that correlation does not imply causation.

    You might want to also look into the privacy laws in your area to make see if there are any particular things you have to do when storing this kind of personal information.

    Good luck on the project.


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